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A Passion for Running

A Passion for Running
Posted on : April 16, 2007
random ruminations
So, since I’m into my fourth consecutive week’s worth of running, last night I thought it might be fun to take along my Garmin (gps speed+distance+googlemap device). Here is what I learned: I will not be setting any world records in the mile or marathon anytime soon. I now have a brand new benchmark for [...] ...»

runner is running
Long story, short: I’ve got three weeks under my belt, am running every second day and am now up to 60 minute continuous running. I’ll likely step things up to daily running within a week – alternating between 30 and 60 minute runs. Feeling good… and I hope you are too. ...»

One Hour
The weather broke today. For the first time in two weeks, no snow and no -20 celsius. So I got out and ran – for 64 minutes. Nice and easy. All is good! ...»

Still going…
I got a very nice, encouraging comment from Bruce, who wondered where I’ve been the past week. Well, Bruce - I’m here! I haven’t run the past two days because we’re absolutely BURIED in snow here in Edmonton (we’ve gotten about two feet in the last 10 days). However, I’ve been doing at least an hour’s [...] ...»

It seems to be coming back to me…
Tonight was my best run yet. I headed out expecting to have to plough through a couple of miles of snow like I did yesterday – and yesterday was a tough two miles. But, tonight, I only had to plough through about 400 meters of heavy snow. The rest wasn’t too bad. Tonight was also [...] ...»

Insert Creative Blog Post Title About Running Here
My consecutive days of exercise streak is now at six days, with five out of six of those days having been runs. In other news, I finally mustered the courage to stand on Lori’s scale and found that the news wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I thought I’d be between 215 [...] ...»

What’s this… a blog post?
I’m alive. And have begun running again. And this time, I will not stop. I really want to run again. I’m horribly out of shape. I mean horribly out of shape. Like, really, really horribly. But I don’t care. I’ve run three times in three days. Each one 22 to 23 minutes long. Each one [...] ...»

looks like i get to call myself a runner again
I got the “you can try it out” from my therapist on Monday so, today, I tried it out. No shoulder pain. No …other bad stuff. Just 30 minutes of good, non-stop running. Not so much as a tweak or an ache. It all felt good. I’m going to give credit to years of running [...] ...»

making some excellent progress
I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out what’s been wrong with me. In doing so, the Doc eliminated some very bad stuff (MS, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes etc). While that was going on, I began taking copious amounts of supplementation – especially magnesium and calcium (LOTS). After only a couple of weeks doing that, [...] ...»

Not All Pain is the Same
Thanks for the nice encouragement Deene, Mike, Karen, Darrell, Biz Runner, Andrew, Jon and Chris. It’s great to know that, after all this time, people like you are out there listening and rooting me on. I don’t think I’ll quite be ‘kicking butt’ – as Jon so eloquently put it – any time soon, but [...] ...»