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Babies/Toddlers Blogs and Articles
Posted on : April 16, 2007
10 Summer Games For a Baby
Not all of us are lucky enough to have a swimming pool or a beach nearby in the summer months, however we are not spared by the heat. Therefore, we propose 10 water games that you can play in any garden or park when the temperatures rise. ...»

Babies Round Two
We went through babies the first time around as mommies. Now, we get to go through round two as grandma. What are the differences between then and now? ...»

Benefits of a Baby Car Mirror
Although it's not without flaws, the benefits of a baby car mirror far outweigh the disadvantages and is a must have car accessory if you ride with a baby. Read on to learn about these benefits of baby car mirrors. ...»

5 Useful Baby Accessories for Car Travel
Whether you are planning a short drive to the store or a cross-country road trip, there is a wide range of colorful toys, organizers and other accessories that can make your driving experience a lot easier. They range from useful items like the sun shade to give the eyes a little protection to toys to stimulate the little ones imagination and senses. ...»

Baby's Development Milestones - First Year
Developmental milestones are easily identifiable age specific skills that a baby can perform, such as rolling over, sitting up, walking etc.. Development milestones are just a guideline. ...»

Furnishing a Baby's Room
Babies don't need a lot of space before being able to walk and play. In the beginning, the baby's room is mainly for your comfort and preference. ...»

How to Find Out If a Baby Is Teething
There are many milestones in the first year of a baby's life. One of the biggest is teething, which means that your baby is growing teeth. Teething begins before you even see that your baby's sweet smile sticks teeth out of his gums. If you recognize the signs, you know when your baby is teething, and can give him that accompanies teething relief from the discomfort. ...»

Would You Pay A Relative Babysitter To Take Care of Your Toddlers?
A relative babysitter is arguably the most popular solution for many parents. Relatives are believed to pay better attention and provide better care to children hence they are readily considered first as opposed to the other options available on short notice. ...»

How To Care For Your Baby's Teeth
Although your baby will eventually lose his first teeth, it is important to take good care of them. This guarantees that they stay healthy until they are replaced by the permanent teeth. Proper dental care at a young age also helps your child develop good habits when it gets bigger ...»

You Really Want A Baby Boy or A Baby Girl
Society has such strong opinions as to what gender baby you should have. In most cultures a boy is highly revered because it carries on the family name. In other cultures a girl is more of a gift because of their helpful abilities and "lobola" possibilities presented when they get married. Consequently, so much pressure is put on women to birth either a boy or a girl, depending on cultural stigma. Many women resort to extreme measures to get the desired result. ...»

Amazing Benefits Of Singing Lullabies To Infants
A lullaby, or cradle song is a soothing and soft piece of music, which is often easy and repetitive. Many lullabies are folk songs, and the word 'lullaby' is derived from the Middle English lullen, "to lull or soothe," and bye, as in "bye bye." Lullabies are sung for various purposes. ...»

How Organic Baby Food Products Will Be a Healthy Choice for Your Infant
The organic baby food products that they produce are created after much research. These products are made by using only 100% organic food crops, fruits and vegetables that are combined together to produce the best results. ...»

What to Play With a Toddler?
Toddlerhood is an age when your child is growing and exploring. Therefore, it is important for you to have a look at what interests your child and what bores him. ...»

6 Tips to Remember In Caring For Your Baby
This article tells about what you need to know when you start caring for your babies. It gives you points about the things to consider in handling them. It is very helpful to mothers because it gives them tips on what to expect when their baby arrives. ...»

How to Choose the Perfect Teething Necklace for Your Baby
The life of a parent is a new surprise each day. Your little one's first laugh, first time sitting, first taste of food, first steps on its own - each of these magical moments are something that you will be cherishing forever and ever. ...»

Indian Baby Food Recipes for Toddlers
It is important to provide your toddlers with wholesome nutritious foods to meet their daily needs. It is a good idea to introduce your toddler to a variety of home-made healthy foods. ...»

Tips to Choose a The Best Bassinet for Your Baby
Often, mothers want to keep their newborns close. According to experts, babies should sleep with their parents for at least the first 6 months. So, if you want to keep tabs on your baby, buying a bassinet is a great idea. This way you won't have to go for a full-size crib either. Given below are some tips to help you choose the best bassinet for your baby. ...»

5 Easy Ways to Select Baby Bedding Sets for Babies and Toddlers
Choosing bedding for your baby or toddler can be fun. Making a list will help keep you focused. It is easy to fall in love with cute items. ...»

8 Benefits Of A Baby Stroller
Read Here 8 benefits of a baby stroller - Safety Features - If you are not yet convinced that strollers are safe, you should try one and thank me later. In fact, strollers keep your baby safe from different conditions as compared to when you are carrying them on your back. Most of them are designed with a safety harness, sunshade and a protective frame to ensure there is maximum safety for your little one. ...»

Breastfeeding is Providing Babies With Nutrients for Healthy Growth and Development
Benefits of breastfeeding are far more than just basic nutrition. It is also packed with disease fighting substances that protect your baby from illness. Although it is recommended to breastfeed exclusively for the first 6 months of your baby's life any amount of breastfeeding is beneficial. Breast milk contains all the vitamins and nutrients that a baby needs in the first 6 months of life. ...»

Buying a Cozy Bassinet
A bassinet is portable cozy and portable making it the ideal place where you can place your bundle of joy. It is, however, important to note that it is convenient and quite cute too but the babies outgrow them quite fast. It is also safer to have the baby in a crib. ...»

How to Translate Your Baby's Tears
The special bond between a mother and a child needs no introduction as it has always mesmerized the human race from ages with its incredible elements. Especially when the child is a baby, without having learnt verbal communication or when the baby is a neonate without even signs and gestures; mothers still understand their babies' needs and Mother Nature has imbibed that inherent communication in both of them. ...»

Vaccination of Children Is Essential for Prevention of Deadly Diseases
There are some in parts of Australia who are promoting anti-vaccination literature and ideas that are leaving children vulnerable to deadly diseases. Some time ago a report from England linked the pathogens in the vaccines to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Although this was quickly dismissed and years of research have proven otherwise the fear took hold and in the minds of the objectors they refuse to be convinced otherwise. ...»

Baby Food Mill - Puree Wholesome & Natural Food for Your Little Ones
Get your little ones off to a healthy start in life by feeding them with homemade baby food. They provide an efficient way of preparing healthy and nutritious food for your little ones. Today's mills are multi functional in that they can grind most products (carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, apples and even meat) to the desired texture. ...»

Buying the Best Fetal Doppler
Becoming a parent is the most wonderful feeling in the world. There are no words which can describe the happiness of the moment. But amidst this happiness, the most difficult situation is to be patient in the period that you found out that you are expecting and till the moment the little one is born. ...»

The Many Advantages of Breastfeeding
Having successfully reared three healthy children who have now presented me with six healthy grand-children my experience with breastfeeding is worthwhile to note. The many advantages it offers are even more than noted here but the most obvious ones are still the most important. In today's world of instant food mothers are prone to opt for formula and feeding bottles for some strange reason. ...»

The Proper Way Of Introducing Solid Foods To Your Baby
As what most pediatricians say, when your baby is already 6 months old, that is the perfect time for you to introduce solid food. However, it is very important for you to take it slowly. Most importantly, you need to make sure that you are introducing safe food for your little one. ...»

What Are the Different Types of Baby Monitors?
Baby monitors are a great investment to give that extra reassurance that a baby is safe while sleeping at night. There are many different baby monitors on the market. ...»

What Vitamins Should My Baby and I Be Taking While Breastfeeding?
Human being is equipped with ample natural resources so that he can exploit them to get the necessary inputs. Similarly, nature has provided a readily available nutritional resource for a newborn baby as well owing to the fact that the baby is not deployed with eating tools. ...»

Tips to Help You Buy a Good Umbrella Stroller
As far as convenience goes, umbrella strollers are a lot better than those full-size strollers are. Therefore, these strollers are an ideal choice for you if you often go out with your kids. When buying one, you may want to consider the advantages and disadvantages of this product. Aside from this, you may also want to take into account the features, wheel locks, restrain system, canopy and the footrest of the stroller. ...»

Has Your Baby Seen a Chiropractor Yet?
The earlier you start chiropractic adjustments the better off you will be for the rest of your life. When babies are born, passing through the birth canal can be a traumatic event for the body. Doctors and nurses can add to it by pulling and pushing in order to get the baby fully into the new world. It is very easy for the spine or other adjoining bones to slip slightly out of alignment. ...»

When Can Babies Drink Water? Know Their Age And Drinking Capacity
It can be difficult to know how much milk your baby is getting so judge whether you think your baby is getting enough milk by the number of wet diapers. If you're concerned your baby isn't getting enough milk speak to your GP as soon as possible. ...»

The Joy A Baby Brings Into Your Life
A baby brings so much joy to a family. A part of you continues in another human being. Your genetics are passed on to a new generation. You can see your and your partner's habits in the little one. You can share life lessons and have fun while watching your baby grow and navigate through life. You've brought a new life into this world. ...»

How Does Vedic Astrology Work for Naming a Hindu Baby?
Vedic Astrology is a very interesting science. Know how it works in naming a newborn Hindu baby based on the birth date, time and place. Most of Hindus name their babies following the rules set by Vedic Astrology. ...»

6 Tips for Buying a New Baby Pram
Babies love strollers. If you are a parent, you can't skip buying this great equipment for your lovely baby. Since there are lots of baby prams or strollers out there, finding the best one can be a bit challenging for you. However, with a little research, you can find the best baby prams. With the 6 tips given below, the buying process will become easier for you. ...»

Creating a Safe Play Area for Your Baby
Every baby has, more or less, the same requirements while growing up, and one such that most parents ignore is independence. Now, I know what you're thinking, nobody envisages a baby to be independent - that phase doesn't come till late teenage, right? ...»

How Non-Verbal Cues Can Help You Understand Your Baby
Has it ever crossed your mind about when your little one will finally start following your directions? Is responding positively to your directions something that you wish to encourage in your baby? And is there an easy way to make a better listener out of her? What is the way forward so that you can have a positive influence on her communication skills? ...»

Potty Training Techniques for Energetic Toddlers
When is the best time to begin to potty train your toddler? Are there techniques that are better than other? ...»

How To Make Baby Food With A Steamer And Blender
Baby food should be supplemented at the age of 6 months when your baby requires additional nutrition in addition to mother's milk. Though mother's milk will suffice the needs of a baby till the age of 6 but after that there is a need for additional nutrition to meet the demands of a growing baby. ...»

What to Know Before Buying Cloth Diaper Bags
A cloth diaper bag is indispensable for the first time. Before you buy, you should decide next to the style above all for the appropriate pocket and closure type as well as other extras. ...»

How Safe Is Your Baby During Playing and Sleeping?
Most dangers will knock the door of bad fate for babies during the above-mentioned activities. Here I am going to present major aspects where kids or toddlers safety is at maximum risk. ...»

How to Pick a Stroller in 5 Steps
Do you need help figuring out which stroller is best for you? Well in this article I am going to walk you through a 5 step process that will help you pick the best stroller. ...»

Helpful Tips For Buying Rubber Ducks
Rubber ducks are symbolically linked to bathing, especially where children are involved, but they are also suitable for all kinds of plays for the kids. The standard yellow rubber ducks are however not designed just for children, but also for adults who have a liking for them or those who feel nostalgic about their childhood days. The standard yellow duck can be transformed into different representations to suit the preferences of the owner and to create items that will be reassured. A few buying tips will help you make the right decision and get the perfect ducks for your preferred use and settings. ...»

How a Mother Can Teach Their Kids Through Montessori Learning Materials
While the learning in schools is of great importance in the development of a child's intelligence, the education imparted at home is equally necessary. The schools have a number of students in a class due to which the learning of the child can be to a certain limit. ...»

A Guide for Your Child's Brain Development
A child's brain undergoes development from the time he/she is born. This development is influenced by many factors, including a child's relationship, experiences and mood. The development of a child's brain is affected by early experiences. These early years are extremely important as it impacts a child's chances for achievement, success and happiness. ...»

5 Best Baby Strollers in 2017 - Reviews
The best gift for the parent on the go is a good baby stroller. Strollers allow parents to take their little ones along for walks, or even jogs, to carry out errands, and to different events. If you are shopping for one, have a look at our list of the 5 best baby strollers reviews. ...»

Why It's Important to Expose Your Children to Germs
Can you imagine what diseases your child will be exposed to in the future if you don't allow them to play outside? Too many! They become immune to those germs and diseases just by playing and living their childhood life. ...»

Features You Can't Forget To Check When Buying Prams
Prams are designed to give you an easy time moving around with your toddler. In as much as you want to get a pram that matches your lifestyle, location and baby needs a well as budget, you also want to get a unit that has all important features to make your user experience most pleasant. Most of the features directly impact on how safe your child will be when in the pram and therefore cannot be ignored. ...»

3 Signs That Your Child Is Ready for Potty Training
If you're like me, then after a year or two of using diapers, you are so ready for your child to be potty trained! But is your child ready? Read on to see if your child is exhibiting one of these 3 signs that your child is ready for potty training. ...»

A Unique Nanny Cam
This article describes a new discreet nanny cam which can be placed anywhere in home or office. Check out the specs and see if it's legal in you state. ...»

Why Sign Language Is Good for Your Baby/Toddler
Babies who cannot communicate effectively tend to throw tantrums. In case you are not able to guess why the child is distraught, the situation gets helpless as it makes the child inconsolable. Teaching your child to use signing can allow your child to communicate what they want, providing a bridge to the spoken word. Know that babies and toddlers are able to understand far more than they can express. Hence sign language is the much needed skill to articulate speech until the age of 10-12 months when auditory skills are underdeveloped. ...»

The Realities of Life After Birth
So it's getting towards the end of your pregnancy and you are getting ready for the inevitable hospital stay for the birth of your new baby. You are wondering if you have everything taken care of and if you are ready with everything you need for the birth of your new baby? If this is your first baby then you have probably read many articles and books that tell you how to prepare for the labour and birth. There are always practical things to take care of during and immediately after the birth of your new baby that must be addressed. ...»

A Quick Guide To Baby Colic: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
Almost nothing frightens new parents more than baby colic. Colic is a condition that can affect infants as young as two weeks old, so for new parents, taking advice from others is crucial as they want to do a good job being a mom or dad. Still, though, new parents struggle with the condition because they just want their child to feel relief. ...»

Where to Find the Best Baby Cushions
A good cushion will make life more comfortable for both you and your newborn in those early days, not to mention prevent flat head and stop them from rolling on to their front. But it's important to make sure your little one remains safe as well as snug. ...»

Kale for Breakfast? How to Get Your Toddler Eating This Superfood!
Toddlers can be very finicky eaters, and many of us are all-too-familiar with the struggle to get them to eat their veggies! But there are so many benefits to their physical and mental development if you can convince them to step away from the Pop-Tarts and enjoy healthy foods. Especially for breakfast (the most important meal of the day!), and especially superfoods: in particular, kale! Here's some great tips for introducing this delicious, nutritious veggie into your little one's diet. ...»

Your Toddler's First Bike
Balance bikes are bicycles that are for kids aged between 1 ? and 5 years. Whoa! Wait a minute! They do not have pedals! That's right. They are meant only to teach the little ones to balance. Pedaling will come later. Balance bikes, glider bikes, run bikes are all pedal less bikes. Balance bikes come with adjustable seats and handlebars and are extremely lightweight for the kids to be able to manage on their own if required. ...»

The Ideal Baby Monitor for You and Your Child
What is the best baby monitor for new parents? The home WiFi security camera, purpose made baby monitor, or the wireless webcam? ...»

5 Facts All Breastfeeding Moms Should Know About Baby Reflux
Bringing a newborn home from the hospital can be a very exciting, yet exhausting event. Throw baby reflux into the mix, and it can be downright stressful. When a small infant begins to cry inexplicably, with an arched back, and experiences a large amount of regurgitation, it can be overwhelming for parents. Fortunately, it is a phase that generally does not last forever. If you find yourself wondering whether your baby may be suffering from reflux, then there may be certain facts of which you should be aware, particularly if you are breastfeeding. ...»

The 8 Ways Babywearing Can Make Your Everyday Life More Comfortable
Babywearing offers a plenty of benefits to new dads and mommas. In fact, it is an absolute necessity for parents who want to carry their baby close to them while doing a whole bunch of activities. With a right baby carrier product, you can do your everyday chores in a hassle-free manner. Here are 8 ways babywearing can bring a lot of convenience to your everyday life. ...»

Baby Dresses - Making A Good Choice
It is always an exciting time when you have to make that all important shopping spree to buy baby dresses for your sweet little daughter. Even the simple act of planning for this activity makes your heart skip a beat when you imagine all the cute dresses that will invite you once you step into the store. It is very possible to get carried away when shopping for baby dresses as the varieties are simply overwhelming! ...»

Tips To Help Your Child Use A Balance Bike
Balance bikes eliminate the use of training wheels so kids are able to go right into learning how to balance and then a pedaling instead of learning to pedal first and then balancing. Kids balance bikes are some of the best you can get as first bikes for your kids because they have all the features that ensure that they remain safe and comfortable. Because they come in different styles and colors, you should not have a hard time selecting the most suitable for your child. ...»

Guide to Breastfeeding Your Bundle of Joy
Breastfeeding is one of the most amazing acts of motherhood, yet the most undermined by many. The first taste of nourishment that a new-born baby gets is the mother's milk. It is, therefore, imperative to understand the importance of breastfeeding and the correct way of feeding your baby. Though breastfeeding is a natural act, many new mothers are unaware of the proper way to hold and breastfeed their babies. Now-a-days many hospitals provide a crash course in breastfeeding right after the baby birth. However, for many, this first time instructions might not be enough. Here is a stress-free guide to breastfeeding your newborn. ...»

A Guide to Essential Cloth Diaper Accessories
Choosing the cloth diapering route for your baby is better for the environment, - and gentle for your baby's sensitive skin as well. Also, the overall cost of cloth diapers is much lesser than their disposable counterpart. ...»

Reasons To Buy Baby Dresses From Online Stores
Shopping for the toddlers has always been a task with a blend of responsibility and fun. For hassle free and supreme shopping experience parents always have the luxury of online baby stores to get all their toddler needs under one roof. ...»

Understanding Well Baby Check-Up
Whether a woman has just given birth to her first baby or she has been a mother before, one thing that is always important in a newborn's life is how well the mother cares for the baby. One of the best ways to ensure that a baby stays healthy is to keep up with healthy baby care visits with a pediatrician. ...»

5 Reasons Why Your Baby Keeps Getting Colic (And What You Can Do About Them)
New parents face many uphill battles in doing things right, but nothing fights back more than baby colic. It is a condition that shows up without much warning, but it usually gets interpreted by friends and family as being "cranky" or "fussy" or "just being needy." ...»

3 Ways of Thinking About Baby Colic Parents Need to Stop Right Now
For most people during their lives a few moments stand out as key defining incidences that shaped and grew them. Graduating from college or with an advanced degree, meeting the love of their life, getting married, and having a child are some of the most common. Parenting is especially one of the highlights of many people's lives. The joys and memories created during the birth and raising of a child are universal among humans in the world. While raising children is one of life's miracles, it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Having a baby immediately leads to various issues that must be dealt with. As a new parent, the whirlwind of uncertainty and worry can be made worse by a baby who cries excessively. The condition of an overly temperamental baby is known as baby colic. Generally, not much is known about what the causes are and what leads to all the extra crying. As a result, many misperceptions exist regarding this condition. Here are 3 ways of thinking about this condition that parents need to stop right now. ...»

Reasons Why You Should Consider A Video Baby Monitor
As a new parent, buying a baby monitor is one of the best decisions you can make for the sake of your baby. Baby monitors have a way of giving you peace of mind, convenience and security, considering how vulnerable and helpless babies can be. The truth is there is no way you can watch over the baby around the clock, you will need to take care of other chores and tasks and this means leaving the baby unattended. ...»

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Baby Teether For Infants
There are various different types of teethers which are made to provide relief for babies during the time they are getting their first teeth. It is often distressing to see your baby in such difficulty during this time. ...»

Tips To Soothe A Teething Baby Using A Baby Teether And Other Techniques
Infants often go through extreme discomfort during the time they undergo teething. This causes them to cry, drool and put various different things in their mouth. As a parent you would do anything to help ease this discomfort your little one is facing. ...»

Read Aloud to Your Baby 15 Minutes a Day
Reading aloud to your newborn baby stimulates his imagination and expands his understanding of the world. The rhythm and melody of language prepares him to understand the written word. Very young babies love the sound of familiar voices. ...»

Newborn Care Specialists
A newborn care specialist is a type of nanny who, as the name suggests deals solely with newborns. Can one work for you and your family? ...»

Three Quick Tips to Safely Share Those Kid Pics
Sharing photos has become a huge part of the parenting journey for many people. However, a current trend known as Digital Kidnapping has alarmed many parents. In this article you can find a process to keep your kid pics safe. ...»

Help Your Toddler Work Smarter, Have More Fun and Make You Absolutely Happier Than Ever Before
When you have children, you want to give them the best possible start in life. During their early years in life, they learn and grow so much. As a parent, you will want to give them everything that you can. You want to make sure that the interactions and experiences they have are for their benefit. It can be hard to get everything right as a parent. But some things are easier than others to get right. Here is a product that you can give your child the best start in their early years. ...»

The Mind of a Four Year Old
Trying to decipher just what exactly goes through the mind of a four year old. This thought alone is like entering the unknown spheres of the Twilight Zone. ...»

Teething in Babies
Teething in babies refers to the appearance of the first teeth through the gums of the baby. The way babe's teeth differs to a great extent which is why it is important to know all about teething so that you can offer your child every comfort while he/she is teething. ...»

What to Do If Potty Training Doesn't Work Out
Are you finding yourself hitting a wall? Is your child not really making any progress despite many attempts on your part? Is he throwing tantrums when you encourage him to use the potty instead of going in his diaper? The key? Make sure your child is really ready to be potty trained. If you think he is, make sure nothing else is distracting him from learning. ...»

Making the Right Choice for Your Baby
The news that every couple trying for their first baby wants to hear, 'you are pregnant'! Whether you find out in the doctors surgery or in the comfort of your own home, its news that fills you will joy, fear and ultimately a future of unknown experiences and memories. ...»

Breathe Easy for Your Newborn
When it comes to kitting out the nursery in preparation for your new bundle of joy, there are so many things to consider. Decisions such as the colour of the room, to the kind of cot and bedroom furniture are part of the easier decisions and usually the first we start to think about. ...»

Everything You Need To Know About a Baby Pack And Play
A baby pack and play or play yard as its often called is a unit that provides your baby with a secure and lightweight space for him/her to play and nap. The unit comes in different colors, designs and sizes. It's up to you to choose the one that is ideal for you. ...»

Baby Blankets: Types, Uses and Buying Tips
A blanket is undoubtedly a newborn's best friend. Even, many babies don't get ready to sleep without it. Therefore, buying an appropriate blanket for your little one becomes obligatory for you. ...»

11 Effective Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep
Making babies sleep is such a hard task, but fret not. Here are 11 effective ways that will help your baby fall asleep. ...»

What To Look For When Purchasing A Stroller?
Buying a baby stroller should be one of the most important things you look at when you buy for your little one. In fact, it should be one of the first items that you purchase. A stroller will make life so much easier for you, especially if you are going to have to travel with the baby on a continuous basis. ...»

What Do I Need to Know About Cradle Cap?
There is nothing as precious, defenseless, and innocent like a baby. It is very alarming when babies developed discolored, scaly patches over their soft skin. ...»

How Can Non-Verbal Cues Help You Understand Your Baby?
Baby cues or non-verbal language is your baby's way to communicate with you. Every action your baby makes has meanings and through his random movements, he will tell you what he needs to reveal his likes and dislikes. ...»

3 Myths and 3 Facts About Baby Colic All Parents Should Know
Ask a parent and they will tell you, having a baby is both one of the scariest experiences and the most joyful all at the same time. The 9 months leading up to birth are full of discovery and challenges that can leave a woman's head spinning even before it all culminates in the actual birth of the child. Recovering while taking care of a newborn baby is no easy task even when there are multiple family members ready and eager to help. Unfortunately, some parents may have to face these challenges while dealing with baby colic, which are long crying episodes that effect some infants. Generally, the causes for this condition are unknown. With so much mystery surrounding the phenomenon it is no wonder there are many myths and misinformation for parents to sort through. Here are 3 myths and 3 facts about baby colic that all parents should know. ...»

Different Types Of Baby Strollers To Help You Find The Right One For You
As a parent, new and experienced, you may likely be confused by all of the options that are on the market today. You may walk into the store just trying to buy a stroller, but instead find 5 aisles full of different options to choose from. This can be overwhelming for even the veteran parents out there. Being able to sift through all of these options to find the best one for your specific needs will help make this process a lot easier than it may seem. Research is key here, and we are here to help you out with this information. ...»

Lightweight Baby Stroller Advantages
A baby stroller is among the things that you will consider buying when expecting a child. When you have a stroller, it becomes very easy for you to go outdoors with the baby or even travel with the baby without making them uncomfortable. The baby remains happy and comfortable and the parent on the other hand does not get tired moving longer distances because they only need to push and maneuver the baby stroller. ...»

Can My Baby Survive Conjunctivitis?
Conjunctivitis is a condition of caused by an infection, blocked tear duct, or irritation that results to redness of the eye. This condition is most common in babies and if left untreated, conjunctivitis can be very serious especially for babies. ...»

Ways To Help Your Child Settle And Sleep Better
It can be quite frustrating when you are trying your best to put your baby to sleep, but they won't hear any of it. It even gets crazier when your child keeps waking up through the night when you wish they could sleep through. There are so many reasons as to why your child could be having sleep issues with some of the most common being teething, need to feed and need to feel reassured and comfortable. Sleeping issues for kids unfortunately seeps through into your life robbing you of energy and leaving you feeling too tired to even get anything done. ...»

Do You Know Why You Should Use a Baby Humidifier in Your Baby Nursery?
When you start planning out your new baby nursery, it can be such an exciting time. You get to choose a colour scheme, furniture and essentials, but seldom do you think of the long term health of your baby, especially during the winter months when you are going to have your heating on to warm the home. ...»

How to Effectively Deal With Nappy Rash
Nappy rash is very painful and as a parent, you have to endure having a miserable and clingy baby. Nappy rash is a common ailment but it doesn't mean that it is normal. There are ways on how to help it heal and how to prevent it from returning too. ...»

Sports Theme Baby Quilts
When you bring keepsake sports theme baby quilts to the shower, you'll hit a home run with the soon-to-be mom and dad, the family and the awed friends at the party. The Guests Will Cheer In the first place, the guests will applaud your cleverness in choosing a personalized homemade baby quilt with an original sports design. ...»

Is Colic Bad for Babies?
Many family members may become upset and the family environment is stressful when a baby has colic. But what is colic? Colic is an uncontrollable crying of a healthy baby. ...»

How to Give a Healthy Balanced Diet to Your Baby?
What is a healthy balanced diet? A healthy balanced diet is a diet that has the right amount of all the food groups to stay healthy and support growth. ...»

Choose Handmade Jungle Theme Baby Quilts for Boys and Girls
When you're looking for something truly unique to bring to baby showers, handmade baby quilts with jungle motifs are ideal for boys and girls. Here's why: Animals Are Baby's First Fictional Friends - Little babies just naturally love animals and are surrounded by them from their earliest days. ...»

5 Safety Guidelines for Babywearing Through TICKS
Wearing your little one is a wonderful way to keep connected. However, parents must keep in mind that they should wear their baby in the safest and the most comfortable way. ...»

7 Interesting Facts About Vitamin D and Breastmilk That Parents Need to Know
Vitamin D has many other functions in the human body which plays an important role in the prevention of chronic diseases. This vitamin is very important and we get enough of it from the time we are born. ...»

What Are the 5 Benefits of Coconut Oil to Your Baby?
Coconut oil is considered as a super oil, and babies benefit from this certain oil too. Check out these benefits that babies can get from coconut. ...»

Do I Need to Be Afraid of Blue Babies?
Babies are born in different shapes and sizes. Some babies are born a reddish purple color while there are babies who are born blue. Blue color babies are frightening and are a cause for concern. ...»