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Business Management Blogs and Articles
Posted on : April 16, 2007
Expanding Fleet Businesses With GPS Tracking
GPS tracking solutions are used by fleet managers and owners quite often to reduce costs and monitor their fleet nowadays. With the use of GPS tracking platform managers are able to make the necessary adjustments on the spot and as a result improve their businesses. ...»

How To Get More Offline Clients
A very simple way to start getting offline clients is to talk to business owners you already know and business owners who other people will introduce you to. When you talk to them, don't afraid to to ask lots of questions about their business and just listen. By asking questions, listening and being genuinely interested in them, their problems and their business you're going to gather information that, will you effectively suggest a service you offer as a solution. ...»

Super Companies - How Do They Do It?
Super companies don't get there because they are "lucky" or because they have ambition or because they work hard. Yes, they need to be hard-working, ambitious, and lucky, but more that that, then need a vision to become a super company and they need a "visionary" at the helm. ...»

Performance Isn't in the KPIs - It's in the Spaces Between Them
The tick-and-flick approach to reviewing KPIs, one at a time down the scorecard, won't ever reveal the insights about how to truly improve performance. The more I learn about health, immunity, diet and longevity (a hobby, I guess), the more it's reinforced to me that the answers to performance are in the spaces and gaps between things and not in the things themselves. The same extremist and contradicting health messages keep coming up in the media: Coconut oil is a superfood. ...»

How the EPC Recruitment Sector Will See A Strong Surge Ahead
Several tales have been told about the EPC contracting arrangement. EPC, which means Engineering, Procurement and Construction - A contractual arrangement where the contractor is given a contract of carrying out all activities, which includes design, procurement, construction and commissioning ending up in handover to owner. That sounds real business, but also witness several challenges. ...»

Theme Ideas for Your Next Corporate Gala Dinner
Corporate affair meals are a customary element in the occasion logbook of most associations these days. Regardless of whether it's an honors night, a point of reference festivity, an introduction or pretty much any critical event, an affair supper gathering is an imperative piece of the occasion. ...»

Benefits of Using Time Attendance Systems to Reward Labour
Time attendance systems are widely in use across the global economy. The usage of time attendance systems has gained momentum owing to the benefits accruing to business enterprises from the time rate system of making wage payments to labour. In specific verticals like real estate, construction, security and surveillance and others, it is a usual practice to make wage payments to labour based on the fulfilment of time engagements mentioned in the job contract. According to the time system wage payments are made on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the total number of hours devoted to the job ...»

How to Leverage Time Attendance Systems for Higher Efficiency at Work
Time attendance systems are software products that can be installed at work stations to measure and keep track of the patterns of time engagements of workers. Factories, offices and retail store fronts are the most likely places to use time attendance systems. Most business units such as factories, manufacturing units, bottling plants, processing units and service centers use efficient with respect to time as a factor in assessing the capabilities of workers. ...»

Business Management: Employee Incentives or Punishment?
Business organizations often believe that, to improve productivity threats work better than incentives. This article explains that creating a positive work environment is more conducive to high productivity. ...»

KPIs Work With Buy-In, Not Sign-Off
Buy-in is choice. Sign-off is obligation. Choice has loads more energy, that sustains itself longer, than does obligation. For buy-in to KPIs and performance measurement, people must be involved because they choose to, and not because they're obliged to. ...»

Cleanliness Isn't "Mickey Mouse"
In the Disney model, cleanliness is a cultural marketing strategy that pays huge dividends in terms of customer experience, expectations for staff, and sets a high bar for continuing to overcome competitors. Businesses of every size in every industry can profit by using their model. ...»

Lots of Great Ideas But Zero Action
In my years working in corporate America, medical practices, and running my own business, I've heard a ton of great ideas; unfortunately, in most cases, no action is taken to make these ideas a reality. I've put together a short list of reasons why leaders, managers, and staff members decide it's best to forget that something good can happen if action were taken. ...»

Employee Ownership: The Solution to the Productivity Gap in Business?
With income inequality at record high levels, employee ownership is a potential solution to spreading wealth more broadly. However, despite strong growth in employee owned businesses, it is still a rare way to operate. Why is this when employee-owned companies tend to have stronger growth, higher valuations and are more resilient in difficult economic conditions? ...»

Are You Losing Assets Along With Peace Of Mind?
For any business, assets in any form are extremely valuable. Have you ever imagined as to what it will take to manage and track hundreds or thousands of assets, especially for businesses having multiple branches and if there isn't a proper asset management software in place? Think over it! ...»

Strategic Planning: What Leadership Skills Are Necessary?
Strategic planning is a major skill required by both leaders and managers in organisations. The senior leadership group of an organisation Board of Directors Chief Executive Officer develop a strategic direction for the organisation. Managers and team leaders In Conjunction with the Chief Executive Officer has a responsibility of implementing a strategic plan. This article examines skills required to develop a strategic plan and implement appropriate policy to support the plan. ...»

When KPIs Drive the Wrong Result
When we use KPIs, their impact goes beyond our intention of monitoring our goals and reaching targets. Measures influence people's behaviour and the results of other measures. These influences can be unexpected and undesirable, so we must either mitigate them or choose another measure. ...»

7 Tips for Conflict Resolution
All of us have conflicts at some point in our lives. Our destiny depends upon how we deal with the conflicts. Given below are 7 tips that you can use in order to resolve these matters in an effective manner. ...»

How Can Executive Coaching Impact Your Bottomline?
Coach comes with a large basket of benefits is now a fact and no more a disputed claim. Several studies have indicated the huge return on investments for the executives and the companies that have employed Business coaches. While many other business strategies can also claim to have a positive impact on the firm, what sets executive coaching apart is the wide range of bottom line benefits that come with it, such as heightened profits and lower costs, which achieved within a set deadline. ...»

What Is Executive Coaching and How It Benefits the Developed World
This type of coaching endeavours to help individuals unlock their full potential and make the best out of their executive careers. As businesses seek to take benefit of growth opportunities, this coaching develops individuals soft skills such as self-awareness, and interpersonal skills that are essential for today's executives. ...»

The Leadership Coach - Your Organization Partner in Executive Development
Providing executive development requires the organisations to have a dedicated leadership coach with the responsibility of shaping up the present and future leadership of the organisation. The question whether executive leadership works is settled now with some top-rated CEOs and organisations sharing their success stories which were made possible with the help of a leadership coach. However, many organisations, which are still to try this approach, are still confused over what a leadership coach would offer them. ...»

Emotional Quotient Can Work Wonders for Leaders
The emotional quotient can work wonders for leaders You would have heard many people say that leaders must keep emotions out of decision making. This negative interpretation of emotions has long been a part of the corporate world until recently when it established that emotional quotient is, in fact, one of the key aspects of a leader's success and his decision-making skills. ...»

Be an Outsight Leader by Challenging Yourself
The leaders that manage to develop this trait are called Outsight leaders. An Outsight leader believes in making things happen by trying to indulge in new projects, activities and interactions. Rather than reflecting on what occurred in the past and trying to make sense of it, outsight leaders keep pace with the fast evolving business environment by constantly trying out things. ...»

Employee Confidence Leads to Increased Performance
Employees are the catalyst for any company's success. Keeping employees confident in their abilities, and about their place in the company, can lead to high levels of performance. This level of performance can be maintained over the long-term by aggressive promotion and action. ...»

Is Integrity That Important?
Integrity is an essential element that holds something together. Without it, things tend to fall apart. Whether it's your automobile or company, if there is no integrity, there will be problems. This article takes a real life situation with a CEO and explores how integrity can shape corporate culture. The article looks at the dilemma any leader can face when they take integrity for granted. ...»

Print Management Solutions: Papercut Cost Control
With all technology coming to the surface, it has become difficult to understand how different machines work. We also have to understand the different printers that will save us funds for more important expenses. Papercut is a genius print management solution that grants us the ability to ensure that our business runs efficiently while it also helps us to stick to the budget. ...»

Workflow Solutions: Preventing Printing Crimes in the Office
Have you ever had the problem where one day you have a functioning system between employees and the printer, and the next day absolutely nothing works? Here are a few reasons why those pesky office printing crimes arise. ...»

Sir John Whitmore's Grow Coaching Model
A coaching model provides a framework for a coaching session, a conversation or a meeting. It enables us to keep moving forward towards positive solutions and achievements. The GROW model was developed some thirty years ago by Sir John Whitmore and his colleagues. It was publicised through his book 'Coaching for Performance' and, since the book has been translated into 19 languages, GROW has become the most prevalent coaching model in the world today. Most of the other models are based on GROW in one form or another. ...»

6 Traits That Separate Leaders From Bosses
Not all bosses are seen leaders. If you aim to climb the corporate ladder, understand how to be a great leader and not just a boss. ...»

How to Deal With Manual KPI Data
It would be marvelous if all the data we needed for our KPIs was on tap: automatically collected, collated and captured, and ready to flow into graphs, reports and dashboards. Marvelous, but unlikely. Manual data doesn't have to be a drag. ...»

Business Lessons From a Carpenter: Measure Twice, Cut Once
Success in business comes down to just a handful of things. Three that are critical are your systems, your people and your decision making. You can only make good decisions with good information and that comes down to having good systems in place that are operated consistently with good information collected about their performance. ...»

The Best Leaders Are Reluctant Leaders
A Reluctant Leader is not a style or methodology of leadership... it is how leaders are born. Since before the modern world, there have been two types of leaders: those that seek the role and those that accept the role. ...»

Recalling Exemplary Project Management Skills
While searching for projects to research on for one of the subjects I am studying, I came across this Portmann/Highway-1 improvement project. I must say that it amazed me the way Hatch & Mott Macdonald handled the project with such critical technicalities. ...»

Business For Newbies
More and more business ideas and offer nowadays, but did you know that they're a business that doesn't require any skills to start a new business? How about you've joined an eCommerce? It's just selling products that you don't own and get incentives from that. ...»

How To Know If You Have The Right KPI
No KPI can ever give you perfect evidence of your goals. But too often we overestimate how good a KPI needs to be, to be "right". The truth is, KPIs aren't ever "right". You just want to be sure they are "not wrong". ...»

China Vs the US: 3 Main Differences in Management Culture
It is no secret that China is a major leader in the World Trade Organization and that they share many differences in their business customs. Understanding these distinct differences is very important in building strong relationships with anyone from this powerful country. Below are key cultural differences to take into account when doing business in China. ...»

Tricks to Get the Best Warehouse Management Technique
Modern day warehouse needs the best warehouse management technique to move and store materials into, within, and out of a warehouse. This management technique requires the best software's for faultless work. Gone are those days where storekeepers use to regulate and manipulate in and out of materials from a warehouse. They are replaced with more automated and efficient software which tend to do their work perfectly. ...»

The Power of Being a Disruptive Leader
Throughout history, there have been leaders who created new paradigms. Many see them as lucky or people with extraordinary abilities. However, this is a myth. They have simply developed a disruptive leader's mindset. Here I speak about how to become a disruptive leader and what stops most from being one. ...»

Secrets to Running a Business
In my professional life I have developed several methods of knowing a business that I do not have the complete knowledge of. In order to know whether a business can stand alone or if you need financial help to jump to growth you must first know all the debts you own and the fees you have to face. The first step would be to calculate how much we earn from each product sold, or know the margin of profit that leaves us each sale. ...»

Three Early Warning Signs Your Business Is Growing Too Quickly
It can be a wild and exciting ride when business takes off and growth gets into top gear, but if you're not ready for it things can get out of hand quickly and it's not unheard of for businesses to go into administration because they grew too quickly. So it's important to have some early warning signs to look out for and some plans in place in case they happen. Here we discuss three objective signals to monitor in a high growth business. ...»

Leaders Not Making Time to Communicate With Employees? Here Are 5 Ways to Create Buy-In
Do you struggle getting leaders to communicate effectively? They're smart and sophisticated, but they're often not communication experts. Maybe they're stuck saying, "Here's what I want to communicate," rather than, "What's in it for employees? ...»

3 Mistakes to Avoid If You Want Relevant KPIs
A relevant KPI measures direct evidence of your goal. It tells you the degree to which your goal is being achieved. But when you look closer, many KPIs fail to do this. It's because of three mistakes in how we design those KPIs. ...»

Five Management Basics
Yes, there are many more fundamental management, supervision and leadership traits but after working with hundreds of organizations worldwide I believe if you will follow these five you will be well on your way to being an exceptional manager and leader. 1) You get the behavior you reward. 2) You are responsible to people not for them. 3) You job is not to motivate employees but create a positive motivational culture. 4) Creating self-accountability. 5) Validating employees. ...»

How to Ease Stress on Your Employees
How to Ease Stress on Your Employees Posted by Mitzi Branvold | Wednesday, May 10, 2017 How to Ease Stress on Your Employees Stress wreaks havoc on both the mind and the body. When your company's workers experience excessive pressure regularly, their productivity suffers. Reducing and managing strain poses a challenge. Don't leave your employees to deal with job anxiety on their own. Take initiatives to help them alleviate and deal with the stresses that hinder performance. ...»

Seven Mistakes New Managers Often Commit
Young professionals exhibit a variety of great traits. They are excited, energetic and generally fearless. These attributes often create a great amount of success for these in-charge individuals. Unfortunately, youth can have its downside. Learn what seven critical mistakes new leaders often commit. ...»

First Line Managers: Must You Tote the Corporate Water and Be the Hammer?
I was talking to a close friend at my company, he said, "How could you stay in management so long? I never wanted to be a manager. I never wanted to tote the corporate water or be a corporate hammer." Wow, this person was a very successful individual contributor. I can understand why he never was a manager. His view of management was so narrow and so wrong. ...»

FDA FALCPA Labeling Part 1 & Part 2
FDA FALCPA Labeling Part 1 - Declaration of major food allergens on food labels complying with FALCPA FALCPA requires food manufacturers to label food products that are made with an ingredient that is a major food allergen in one of the following two ways: Are single ingredient foods that are major food allergens required to comply with FALCPA? Single ingredient foods must comply with the allergen declaration requirements in Section 403(w)(1). A single ingredient food that is, or contains protein derived from milk, egg, fish, Crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts,... ...»

Practical Agile - 6 Implementation Principles to Secure Project Success
Depending on where an organization is at in its systems development methodology journey, it may not be able to jump to a purist agile model and be successful. I've learned that the following six principles are paramount in a successful agile project. ...»

3 Must-Have Abilities of Project Managers
Over the years, I've been fortunate to work with many top-notch project managers. These men and women do what is necessary to meet the objectives of the project. They encounter obstacles along the way, including spending more than budgeted, and falling behind schedule. However, they quickly identify the problem, and take corrective action to keep pressing ahead. ...»

3 Professional Development Lessons Worth Learning
On most social media sites in addition to seeing with your very own eyes whether sitting in traffic in front of a graduation venue or even noticing large dining parties while eating at your favorite dining establishment, no doubt you've noticed the plethora of collegiate graduates that will soon flood into the labor market. Not all, but most (and I mean over 90%) are full of optimistic vigor and robust veracity for the road of professional life that lies ahead for most of them. With this understanding, please find below the Top 3 Business Lessons Learned from Former Managers that... ...»

Some New Rules to Run Your Business
RULE ONE - Don't Make Rushed Decisions - If the issue is serious, never make a decision on the spot unless you absolutely have to. Think it over for a few minutes, an evening, or a weekend, and then go into the office with your answer. Give yourself the time you need to avoid the mistakes that often result from haste. ...»

Why Managers Need to Be Reformed Into Leaders
Leaders and managers are believed to be same in a line of performing and completing tasks within timelines.A good leader can become the best manager, but all managers cannot be the leaders. Leaders acquire skills as they grow. ...»

What You Can Do to Build Trust
Do all good leaders have the caliber to become exceptional leaders? The answer is "NO". There are leaders who take charge of a bad situation themselves and perform exceptionally well. This is what is expected from the good leader " When the going gets tough, the tough get going". ...»

Why Engagement Is Required for Achieving Excellance
Engagement and leadership go hand in hand. Engagement involves in investing hands, head and heart in actively, full work performance. A leader's behavior should be displaying commitment and engaging workforce. The workplace engagement is a result of leadership behavior despite teams differences ...»

Why Take Project Management Certification to Improve Your Managerial Skills?
Being a project manager can be a very good experience. It allows you to harness your skills and take them to the next level. You need to find the very best project management certification that will help you stand out among all the others. But why should you become a certified project manager? ...»

How to Get Your HR Department to "Back You Up"
We sometimes forget that the Human Resources Department is our partner. We can forget that when it comes time to discipline an employee. Sometimes their priorities and viewpoint conflicts with ours, but there are things you can do to resolve these conflicts. ...»

How to Clean Up a KPI Mess With a Simple KPI Audit
Many organisations have a KPI mess: too many useless measures, not enough of the right measures, and little idea of exactly how many measures altogether. This mess is an unnecessary cost, and it's not that hard to clean it up. ...»

Reducing the (Real) Cost of Disengaged Workers
Employee engagement is among the most popular subjects in many managerial circles, but it is less common to hear people speak in specific terms about the real, often hidden, costs associated with disengagement. Fortunately, there are specific steps an organization can take to avoid these costs. ...»

Overcoming Challenges for IT Project Planning
Overcoming Challenges for IT Project Planning which will come in the future. One of the most common reasons for changing requirements is that clients will simply change their minds which presents a challenge for IT project planning. ...»

Are Servant Leaders Obsolete?
The current public personas of people whom we would title "leaders" are a far cry from the model Robert Greenleaf developed during his 40 years with American Telephone and Telegraph (now AT&T). Learn how he created servant leadership and what it means to be a servant leader. ...»

Are You Leading Your Business With a Limp?
Do you find yourself leading your business with a limp? Let me explain further.. ...»

Are You Winging It In Your Business?
Are you so busy that you feel like you've fallen off track? Are your deadlines more like suggestions? Do you feel like your business is struggling, has lost its focus, or is out of control? ...»

Who's Paying the Price for Your Mood?
Have you ever considered who's paying the price for your emotional state? If you're in a bad mood in one meeting, do you find that you've taken that mood into the next meeting? And then, those people in the second meeting are paying the price for what's happened previously, and often have absolutely no idea why. ...»

Recent Full-Time Mommies Make For The Best Professionals
Motherhood and corporate jobs are never mentioned in the same sentence except maybe to explain vehemently that they are two ends of a spectrum. But corporates are run by humans for humans and so human nature still decides success in business. Caring for another living being enriches character, more so when it is for a growing child. Here is why the hand that rocks the cradle can very well rule the business world. ...»

Replace Your Action-Oriented Goals With Result-Oriented Goals
One of the reasons why we can't find meaningful performance measures for our goals has to do with whether the goals are about actions or results. Action-oriented goals aren't true goals, since goals should be about making a difference, not just doing stuff. ...»

Why Should Business Owners, Board Members and Managers Conduct a Cyber Risk Assessment?
The nation and globe is experiencing a cyber crime wave. The threats are growing and law enforcement has been unable to stop it. Existing law squarely places the responsibility of maintaining the confidence, integrity and availability of confidential information on the shoulders of business owners. ...»

Quality Management - "A Master Key to Success"
Quality can never be an accidental outcome, in fact, this is the result of vigorous efforts and regular practices. In the present world, if one has understood the key to managing the quality of task he performs, he has secured the power to win over the world. Because quality makes us stand unique among the crowd and uniqueness is absolutely liked by all. ...»

How to Lead KPIs When Leaders Don't
A performance culture - including performance measurement practice - should be led from the top. But it doesn't always happen that way. When leaders won't lead KPIs, the best thing to do is be... courageous. ...»

CEO Interview With Ron Samuels of Avenue Bank
SME leaders have dramatically increased their optimism about the US economy post-election, from 38% to 68% in one quarter. That is the kind of jump rarely seen. Clients are reporting that within 30 days of the election, pent up demand began unleashing and orders were coming in at a stronger pace. While enthusiastic about this change, my question was, "Will it last?". I turned to Ron Samuels for answers. ...»

How to Get in the "Flow" for Better Performance
Do you ever get so involved in something that you forget about time, move effortlessly along with your task and are not tempted to take a break? This experience has a name; "flow", is a state where you energetically work with intense focus and enjoyment. ...»

Bearing Project News Whether Good or Bad
Projects help deliver unique initiatives to move organisations forward. Projects do not always necessarily go as planned, but Project Managers must be ready to deal with the inevitable. This article is meant to prep you up on when you need to give an update in the worst circumstances and still raise your head up high. ...»

How to Select the "Best" Question on the PMP Exam
I remember the day I took the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam. It was a hot Friday afternoon in San Antonio, Texas, when I walked into the Prometric testing center. My study plan was 30 days, and I hit the books every day leading up to the exam. Even though I committed more than 200 hours to prepare, I still felt there were many gaps that could be exposed on the exam. I was right! ...»

Make My Day
Using humour to create a point of difference and create customer loyalty is a win-win for business - both with customers and staff. Easy to say, but it is not usually done because managers lack a way of doing it safely, professionally and in line with the business brand. This shows practical ways to achieve a more humorous, profitable workplace. ...»

ISO 37001: Anti-Bribery Management Systems
In this globalizing world, managing risk is a huge task for multinational organizations. ISO 37001: Anti-Bribery Management Systems can help mitigate some of that risk by helping the organization create a management system, or improve the current system the organization has. Bribery disturbs the flow of business and can damage the brand and value of an organization. Globalized firms are more susceptible to risk and should implement a system of compliance to ultimately safeguard the organization. ...»

How Globalization Affects a Small Business
This article touches on a few aspects of globalization and how they affect an owner/manager of an Italian Restaurant in Philadelphia. Immigration and tariffs are some examples. ...»

5 Tips On How To Choose A Freight Forwarder
Your imports and exports should be in good hands at all times. Therefore, we suggest that you choose a freight forwarder who can handle your goods in the best way. With so many providers out there, how can you choose a trustworthy one? We can help you go about it. In this article, you will read 5 tips that can help you choose a good freight forwarder. ...»

Lean Practices Can Help Any Business
Lean is a mindset, a way of thinking with a commitment to achieve a totally waste -free organization that is driven by the customer. It is about leading with respect and full employee involvement. Lean is achieved by simplifying and continuously improving all your processes (administrative and manufacturing). ...»

Throw Out the Old Playbook to Manage Millennials
I got off the phone the other day with an exasperated manager who was complaining about Millennials. Of course, every generation becomes the proverbial punching bag of the previous generations. What else is new? ...»

To Build or Not to Build: That Is the Question
At some point, many growing companies face a dilemma. They have to decide if they will continue to grow organically - internal sales - or strategic growth - acquire other companies. While acquisitions can be expensive, there are benefits. This article outlines the pros and cons of both. ...»

How to Measure Productivity by Proxy
Every organisation wants a productive workforce. But measuring productivity, which is critical to improving it, is a struggle. It's hard to make it tangible. In his book Smart Work, productivity expert Dermot Crowley gives us a clue about a way to measure productivity using a very practical proxy. ...»

Avoiding Long Arm Of The Law
How can you avoid Long Arm of the Law? We already know that if we follow some rules/laws it gives us a good result. So it's better to follow it and we need to avoid some things that need to avoid. A better work leads to a better life and we can apply it in our daily life or even our business. ...»

Simple Way to Conduct a Survey
I like the phrase "Involve people who knows the job best". There is no one who knows everything perfectly. It is very important to get ideas, opinions from everyone who involves in it in order to be successful. Most of the organizations which understand the importance of getting people's ideas, they always conduct a number of surveys and develop action plans based on the feedback from those surveys for improvement. It may not be easy for those who do not have experience to manage the whole survey process. This article will explore more about how to conduct a survey properly. ...»

How Business Coaching And Mentoring Can Improve Your Business
Business training can benefit any kind and size of the organization in more ways than one. If you are a serious business, then you should consider getting your employees through effective training programs that also involve business coaching and mentoring. Such opportunities offer employees a path to connect, grow and learn within their career paths and within the company as well. With your staff doing well, you can be sure to see good results as far as the company performance goes. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider business training to make business improvements. ...»

Key Success Factors For M&A Deals
To increase the odds of a successful M&A deal, meticulous planning and a comprehensive screening process should take place before closing the deal. Furthermore, both parties should be fully committed to executing the agreed post-acquisition plan once the deal is signed. It is worth bearing in mind the adage, "fail to plan, plan to fail". ...»

How to Understand Your Merchant Services Statement
This article will help greatly in understanding and deciphering your merchant services statement. It doesn't have to be complicated but, unfortunately, many providers make their statements that way, by design. ...»

Customers Are Not Always Right
Did you know that not all customers are always right? We always use "Customers is always right" on business, but not all customers are right. In these article you know what are the characteristic that customers that do when they right or wrong. You can differentiate their attitude or even their personal doing. ...»

How To Contact Perfect Strangers For Business
On entire business community spamming is the most common and hated status on business. So you don't want to be one of those people who are contacting to fraud people and make their life problematic. Know first the people you met and then track their history before you go business or even other purposes to make sure that you're not involved to any wrong people with the wrong business that you joined. ...»

The 5 Qualities of Excellent Corporate KPIs
Most organisations have lame corporate KPIs. They don't align to strategy, give evidence of impact, or offer actionable feedback. If they can't do these things, they can't really be called corporate KPIs! ...»

What Do You Know About Florida's Information Protection Statute?
Florida's information privacy act, 501.171, requires the protection of personally identifiable information. Managers should know what is a "covered entity" and the obligation does it shoulder for protecting confidential information. The law simply requires that "reasonable measures" be taken by persons who are leadership roles. Find out if you can stand the test. ...»

Are You a Business Owner or Manager? If So, You Had Better Know About Information Security
Business owners and managers are responsible for the security of information asserts. How can they do it. This article summarizes ten cyber security precautions that can be taken to enhance information assurance and business continuity. ...»

Why a Good Reward System Should Be Performance-Based Rather Than Time-Based
Most companies tend to reward their employees based on the time they have been in the office and the time they take to accomplish a task. Giving strict timelines or specific hours for which an employee needs to be in office or doing a task to me is a wrong. ...»

Business Process Management: Bizagi Workflow Solutions
Managing the processes within your business is essential to the livelihood of any institution. It is imperative to know at any given time where a particular order is in the process as well as where it is on the timeline. Bizagi is a software system that offers a simplified way to create and manage the process workflow for businesses. ...»

The Hidden Gold
There is hidden gold in the organization's human assets. It is up to the manager to find and refine that gold. ...»

The Need For A Good Quality Management System
An effective quality management system is the main basis of a good organization. Even if large amounts of resources have not been put into quality management by small businesses, business can still be carried out perfectly. ...»

My Start-Up Is A Success - HELP!
Bravo! You launched your start-up and all of a sudden the business is going great guns. Your P & L shows that top line revenues are well ahead of projections and your venture could show a bottom line profit just after the 12-month mark. You are thrilled to pieces. You are also overwhelmed and not sure how to manage your good luck. Fortunately, some challenges can be overcome through sound business practices that are aided by modestly priced IT hardware and software. Here are areas where conservative IT investments can help Entrepreneurs manage common business stumbling blocks. Are you ready to trade-up from your Excel spreadsheet? ...»

How Many Organisations Have Meaningful KPIs?
Meaningful KPIs are quantifiable, able to be monitored over time, and are direct evidence of the goals they measure. This practical study of 50 organisations reveals just how many organisations do (or don't!) have KPIs that are meaningful. ...»

How to Engage Your Client Better
Success of a deal largely depends on client engagement. Client engagement is the parameter to gauge client's interest in your deals and offers. It becomes very important to attract, involve and indulge your clients in the deal to make it a success. Best businessmen and marketers achieve high levels of client/customer engagement through advertising and promotions. However, it takes a lot of capital and investment to air the advertisement projects. But this should not be a matter of concern for small businessmen and agents because a lot of cost effective ways to enhance client engagement exist. Have a look! ...»

What Is A Workflow Solution?
Large businesses already have an idea of what a workflow solution is however many SMMEs battle to get their workflow to function efficiently. In short, a workflow solution is the method of controlling and managing the flow of orders and documents within an organisation. It is the process of when an order is received, capturing all the documents along the way until the order is completed. For some businesses this procedure is short as in it only involves one or two staff members whereas for other businesses it involves a lengthy step-by-step process that involves anything from four to ten staff members. ...»

Can Print Management Solutions Improve Your Business?
Printing is not what it used to be in the past. Decades ago printers were obsolete as people used to keep handwritten documentation. Can you imagine how many orders were processed by hand and how long that must have taken? Luckily for us, we live in the modern age where printers and computers make our lives much easier and software solutions simply make it a breeze. In saying that, print management solutions are certainly a good way to improve your business and this is how. ...»

Leading People in the VUCA World
Warren Bennis, an American scholar and a pioneer of the contemporary field of Leadership Studies said that success in management requires learning as fast as the world is changing. Especially, we are now moving into digital age and everything moves very fast. If we cannot keep up with those changes, we will be left behind. This article will explore 4 key areas to deal with fast changing world. ...»

Are You Ready For 2017?
Every successful person has a plan, strategy, blueprint and road map with directions,for the New Year! There's still time for you to set up your Master Plan for Success! ...»