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Business News and Money headlines

Business News and Money headlines
Posted on : April 09, 2007
China jails American businesswoman for spying
A Chinese court has convicted an American businesswoman of spying, sentencing her to three and a half years in prison and deportation. ...»

Trump used to hate Wall Street. Now he embraces it
Donald Trump used to hate Wall Street. Not anymore. ...»

Female doctors earn a LOT less than male doctors
It's no secret that doctors take home some pretty hefty paychecks. But male physicians are getting paid a lot more than their female colleagues. ...»

Netflix finally finds a way into China
Six months after admitting defeat in its bid to crack China, Netflix has found a way to tap into the vast market. ...»

Fox News anchor joins lawsuit alleging racial discrimination, harassment at network
Fox News' legal troubles grew even larger Tuesday, with new plaintiffs, including an anchor, joining a suit alleging racial discrimination and harassment at the network. ...»

Trump likely to propose 15% tax rate for all businesses, not just corporations
As it is shaping up, President Trump's new tax plan sounds a lot like his old one. ...»

The U.S. just lost a trade battle with Mexico
Read full story for latest details. ...»

Beyoncé's latest drop is four college scholarships
It's not a new Beyoncé song. But it's destined to be a big hit. ...»

Canada foreign minister on Trump tariffs: 'We're going to play hard'
Canada is ready to play hard ball with President Trump. ...»

New home buyers will pay for that new Canadian lumber tariff
Who's really going to end up paying for the new Trump tax on Canadian lumber? New home buyers in the U.S. ...»

How leaked NSA spy tools created a hacking free-for-all
Hackers have compromised thousands of computers around the world with a government-grade spy tool. ...»

Bannon cleared to sell Mercer-backed holdings
Chief White House strategist Steve Bannon was cleared this month to sell his stake in two companies backed by a family of influential Republican donors. ...»

'Star Wars: Episode IX' gets summer 2019 release date
"Star Wars: Episode IX," the sequel to the upcoming "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" and ninth installment of the space franchise, has been set for a Memorial Day 2019 release, Disney announced on Tuesday. ...»

Ethics group: Trump D.C. hotel is still a big problem
An ethics watchdog group wants Congress to investigate a government agency's handling of President Trump's luxury Washington hotel. ...»

Undocumented immigrant population in steady decline over past 10 years
The number of undocumented immigrants living in the United States has steadily declined over the past 10 years, amid a significant decrease in the share of Mexicans living in the country without legal status, a new report finds. ...»

Dirty jeans for sale: $425
Read full story for latest details. ...»

Uber unveils plans to demo flying cars by 2020
Read full story for latest details. ...»

Fox News' new, O'Reilly-free lineup debuts to O'Reilly-level ratings
Fox News pulled out all the stops for its first night without Bill O'Reilly, and the network was rewarded with O'Reilly-like ratings. ...»

5 questions Trump needs to answer in his new tax plan
President Trump promised last week that he would present his new tax reform plan on Wednesday. ...»

Who knew Trump would go after Canada?
President Trump is picking his first trade fight with...Canada. ...»