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Business News and Money headlines

Business News and Money headlines
Posted on : April 09, 2007
21st Century Fox's James Murdoch slams Trump: 'There are no good Nazis'
James Murdoch, the 21st Century Fox CEO and son of Rupert Murdoch, one of President Trump's close informal advisers, has written a scathing email denouncing the president's reaction to the violence in Charlottesville. ...»

Top magazines take on Trump and hate
Three of the most prominent and widely read magazines -- Time, The New Yorker, and The Economist -- are reacting to the latest controversies rocking the Trump administration with bold, pointed art on their covers. ...»

1.8 million Chicago voter records exposed online
A voting machine company exposed 1.8 million Chicago voter records after misconfiguring a security setting on the server that stored them. ...»

Former Corinthian students will get debt relief
About 41,000 students who took out private loans to go to Corinthian College will be eligible for debt relief. ...»

Obi-Wan Kenobi film may be coming to the 'Star Wars' galaxy
It appears that Obi-Wan Kenobi may be getting his own movie in the "Star Wars" galaxy. ...»

Trump responds to Barcelona terror attack by spreading debunked rumor
Read full story for latest details. ...»

Ford will pay up to $10.1 million to settle federal harassment investigation
Ford has agreed to pay up to $10.1 million to settle an investigation into harassment of women and black employees at two Illinois plants. ...»

Anti-human trafficking group uses data to track criminals
A word like "fresh" can be a signal that a young girl is being trafficked. Finding it in advertising could lead to saving someone's life. ...»

Dow falls nearly 275 points after Barcelona attack
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Three organizations pull events from Trump resort
First, top business leaders abandoned President Trump. Now, major organizations are canceling plans to hold events at the president's resort in Florida. ...»

Charlottesville forces Silicon Valley to confront its approach to free speech
Following last weekend's violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, many tech companies have been thrust into a debate over free speech and social responsibility. ...»

The social media blackout behind the UVa vigil
A gathering of thousands of people at the University of Virginia on Wednesday evening was organized without social media. ...»

Spotify deletes white supremacist music
Spotify is deleting white supremacist songs after a music industry publication alerted the company to their presence on the streaming service. ...»

Should I invest my emergency savings in the stock market?
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Mic becomes latest media company to lay off staffers amid 'pivot to video'
Mic is the latest media company to lay off staffers amid a shift of emphasis and resources to video content. ...»

Look out, Amazon: China's Alibaba may soon be bigger
Move over, Jeff Bezos: Jack Ma's Alibaba could soon reclaim the title of world's most valuable online retailer. ...»

Feeling the squeeze? Stop buying brands
Brands are familiar, but often expensive. A new online retailer thinks it can offer shoppers big savings by ditching branded goods altogether. ...»

Hate groups on Facebook: Why some get to stay
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5 things every gig worker should know
So you're thinking of jumping on the gig economy bandwagon. ...»

Your 3 biggest financial fears -- and how to avoid them
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