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Business News and Money headlines

Business News and Money headlines
Posted on : April 09, 2007
Japan and Europe are racing to agree a big free trade deal
While President Trump talks tough on trade, Europe and Japan are getting on with business. ...»

Senate health care bill would mean big coverage losses in these states
States that saw major coverage gains under Obamacare would suffer the biggest losses under the Senate health care bill, a new report has found. ...»

Even the middle class would feel GOP squeeze on nursing home care
Alice Jacobs, 90, once owned a factory and horses. She raised four children and buried two husbands. ...»

Fox-Sky ruling; GDP data; Banks pass stress tests
1. Fox-Sky deal: The U.K. government will issue a decision Thursday on 21st Century Fox's bid to buy the rest of pay-TV group Sky. ...»

Companies must come clean on climate risks
Read full story for latest details. ...»

Amazon's Prime Day: What to expect this year
Amazon's annual day of deals is just around the corner. ...»

Martin Shkreli's lawyer: 'Maybe he's nuts but that doesn't make him guilty'
A federal prosecutor called Martin Shkreli a liar and a fraudster in the opening statements of his criminal fraud trial, but his lawyer defended him as an oddball genius who made millions of dollars for investors. ...»

Uber sued over lack of wheelchair-accessible cars in D.C.
Read full story for latest details. ...»

For the first time, all U.S. banks pass Fed's stress tests
America's biggest banks are winning -- again. ...»

Jaguar reveals its quickest car ever
Jaguar just has revealed the quickest passenger car the company has ever produced. If you're British, however, you might be disappointed to see that one of your nation's most storied automobile makers has gone and put the steering wheel on the wrong side. ...»

Trump, Amazon and 'internet taxes': The real story
Read full story for latest details. ...»

Robotic arm could clean up litter in space
Earth isn't the only place where people litter. ...»

Why Warren Buffett says single-payer health care makes sense
Warren Buffett says America is ready for single-payer health care. ...»

Outgoing GOP congressman Jason Chaffetz to join Fox News
Jason Chaffetz is exchanging his House committee chairmanship for a role on Fox News. ...»

News outlets respond to Trump's intensifying war on media
Instead of selling Americans on the GOP's health care bill, President Trump is selling resentment of the media. ...»

7 first-time homebuyer mistakes to avoid
It's tough being a first-time buyer in today's housing market. ...»

Europol: There's no 'kill switch' for malware attack
Read full story for latest details. ...»

Venezuela's unbelievable currency collapse is getting worse
Venezuela's currency is in free fall. ...»

How Android beat the iPhone to world domination
Ten years ago this week, Apple's first iPhone went on sale and redefined the industry. ...»

Only 4% of Brits want a tax cut
The Brits want to pay higher taxes. ...»