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Goal Setting Blogs and Articles

Goal Setting Blogs and Articles
Posted on : April 16, 2007
Why Do You Suppose That So Many People Never Achieve Their Goals in Life?
Researchers found, that only one in five Americans who reach the age of 65 don't depend on Social Security. Some people who do depend on social security include high-paying professions like doctors and lawyers. ...»

How Smart People Get Promoted
There are far too many people hoping they receive a promotion soon. In some cases, the belief is that longevity with a company will eventually yield good news. I do know that advancements are sometimes given based on seniority, but having to wait until one gets older to receive a promotion is a strategy with a double-edge sword. ...»

Intuitive Goal Setting
Find goal setting to be a real challenge? Feel like it should be easier? Maybe you should think about intuitive goal setting. Here's Helen's take on what this means. ...»

Make Your Goals Inevitable
A perspective on how a person can achieve his or her goals through proper hard work and commitment. Every person has some goals, but without inspiration, those goals may be somewhat they wrote down on a piece of paper and then fail to recall about. Start off by thinking about when and where you have to place yourself and then just try to conquer your fears. ...»

Fear Limits Our Vision
I've learned that fear limits our vision. Transforming fear into freedom is great! Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! ...»

Lessons From Netflix - You Have the Ability to Change Your World
I predict that many of the smart, savvy displaced people will turn to social commerce and go into business for themselves - opening their own micro-enterprise using the very channel that pushed them away from a career they may have loved! You have the ability to change with the world! By the way, if you are interested in building your very own micro-enterprise, contact me at http://kathleenolivieri.com/contact and I can tell you how YOU can do this without moving or going back to school! ...»

Dangers of Premature Decisions
Premature... (genesis 3) Life is ultimately in stages, men come in sizes. Every stage requires a certain size to operate on it. Before you could be qualified to perform at a certain stage of life, a level of growth must be attained. ...»

Five Ways to Be Ahead of Time
One of the greatest assets in life is time, one of the greatest delusions in life is still time and one of the greatest illusions in life is time. The world is regulated by time, as far as life on earth is concerned, it is timed, and every aspect of living is timed. ...»

Life Is So Simple - Why Insist on Making It So Complicated?
SIMPLE is the name of the game so you confuse me when you say it's COMPLICATED. Stop it and tell your mind to shut up and get it right. Always remember there's someone else in a worse situation than you are so be grateful for what you have and stop complaining about what you don't have. ...»

Message From the Universe: Being Where You Need to Be
You been put into the this Earth because your mission needs to be accomplished as soon as you possibly can. There is no repeat on this one. Your reincarnated body won't have the same mission so you better get the job done. It's not so bad of a job either. It will be to your ultimate benefit. So no worries, it will be fun. Get yourself geared up for an interesting journey. ...»

Message From the Universe: What Are YOUR Priorities?
Dust it off and try again. This is what the famous singer Aliyah expressed herself in this motivational song. If you fall, get up and move forward. If you do not succeed, brush it off and try again. You will fail, but see all these failures as lessons, and when you learn something, you get wiser. So fail as much as you can so you can get wiser and wiser. It's a win win. ...»

The Secret to Successful Goal Setting
The majority of people that set goals never achieve them! But even worse than that (if it can get worse) most people don't even set goals. Let's change that, because without goals the chance of success in any endeavor are somewhere around zero. ...»

Five New Year's Resolutions That Can Have a Big Payoff in 2017
According to a new survey by a careerbuilder.com, 22% of present employees are looking to change jobs and look for new companies in 2017. At the start of new year, every person has a new year resolution, like losing weight, changing a hobby, or to have a better character etc,. But in terms of job change also, new job seekers and job hunters are said to have resolutions. What is your job hunting resolution for 2017? ...»

Why Setting Goals Doesn't Work
We are routinely told to set goals and then go for them. That's fine as far as it goes, but why do so many people fail to reach them or avoid them altogether? This article will explain why that happens and share an innovative tool for what to do instead. ...»

Message From the Universe: The Advantages of Waiting Just a Bit Longer
Rushing can be disastrous, especially when wanting to reach destination. Either it be on the road, with a car, or in your professional life, you may sometimes need to take more time to examine the situation so you can make a better decision to which step to take to efficiently guide you in the right direction. You want to be virtuous? Have patience. ...»

Change Your Future by Setting Goals
When you look at successful individuals the world over, no matter what area of life they have achieved their success in, you will find that almost all of them have one thing in common and that is this unwavering belief that they WILL accomplish their goal, regardless of what obstacles stand in their way. It's not surprising either that in some way, shape or form their goals were put down on paper long before they set out on their journey to success. ...»

Message From the Universe: Thinking Outside the Box
If you want to increase your chances to succeed, you can't be staying inside your comfort zone. It is sometimes ok to do that, to just re-energize yourself, but overall, it is crucial to take risk and do things that are sometimes uncomfortable. Do not worry about the failures, because they will be there, no matter what. So instead of hiding from them, just look at the failures and hit back. ...»

Optimize Your Business Results by Igniting Motivation and Focusing on Your Mission
There's nothing like a crystallized Mission to clear your vision and help you focus on only the relevant tasks that will make that overriding goal a reality. By first defining a Mission Statement that you can wholeheartedly commit to and identify with, you protect yourself against the Time Bandits like Uncertainty and Busy Work that will leech away your energy and concentration. Now, many in our business break their Mission down into two statements: one defines their purpose and the other is their personal motivator that gets them up in the morning. ...»

Three Magic Words - New Year's Resolution
Well, it took only 10 days into the "New Year" and some of us might have fallen off the wagon. Why is it not working again? What went wrong? We need to go and find the place of most resistance. The core wound, which keeps us away from joyful living. Dig deep, be consistent, reach out for help. Turn your excuses why you can't into reasons why you can. ...»

Smart Goal Tips
Are you setting your goals properly. Are you using the S.M.A.R.T technique. If not, this is a must read. Why set goals if they're not effective? ...»

Keep Your Resolutions (and Don't Get Shot!)
Only 8% of people keep their New Year's Resolutions. Here's a quick guide for students on how to beat the odds. ...»

How Do You Know If You Are Living Your Purpose?
Knowing your life purpose can change your life and shape the actions your take. However, for many, finding a life purpose can be a daunting, never-ending path. In fact, most people never figure out their life purpose. Why is that? This article takes a deep dive into why so many fail at finding their life purpose. This article also takes the complexity out of finding it. And provides the simplest path for creating an empowering life that is directed by your individual life purpose. ...»

Reasons Why People Don't Accomplish Their Goals
The main difference between successful and the average person is goal setting. Why is it that some people set goals and accomplish them and others don't? The answer lies in how you write your goals. ...»

Message From the Universe: A Life Worth Living
You need to experience everything about your daily life as this would be your life day on earth. Never wait for the perfect moment to live, or having enough time to spend with family and friends. We do not know when we are due to leave our physical body so make sure to never regret a moment where you should have invested more time on, either it being with family, friends or whatever else. Avoid regrets, start living. ...»

How To Plan For The Year
Having a blue print of what you want to do for the year should be paramount. The success of tomorrow largely depends on how well you plan for today. ...»

Moving Without a Direction
Moving without directions gets you no where. You must know where you're going in order to fulfill your goals and dreams. Contrary to popular belief it's okay to ask for help. It's okay to get out of your comfort zone and work with someone that is an expert in the field of strategy and goal setting. This article is an awesome testimony of what can be done when you know where you're going. ...»

Sticking to Your New Year Resolutions
Do you enjoy making New Year Resolutions, or actually a better question is, do you keep your resolutions? Did you know that 9 out of 10 people fail with keeping their resolutions. So what is the reason for this? ...»

Five Possible Reasons That Prevent You From Achieving Your Goals
Probably no one of us started out in life saying, "I hope I'll end messing up everything." Just like everyone else, all of us have the best intentions in all areas of life: relationships, health, careers or business endeavors, as well as recreational pursuits that will contribute to our personal growth. And yet, to leave everything to chance, or to assume that success in achieving our goals is a matter of luck, is a dangerous presumption. ...»

Message From the Universe: The Journey to the Unknown
Everything starts from scratch. The billionaires on earth didn't wake up with that money, especially the self made ones. They started with nothing and created everything. They worked their butt off and made things happen when others were to afraid to venture in. Fear was a motivator, not an obstacle. They had no clue where they were headed but had enough faith in themselves to reach their goals. Success was there waiting for them impatiently. ...»

Message From the Universe: Focusing on More Important Things
Learn to focus on things that will make you feel accomplished. Stop running after material things or even love. More you run towards it, more it will run away from you. Just relax and keep on working on yourself to become a better person overall. ...»

Why Self-Improvement Techniques Are Killing You
We all set goals. It's a vital component of self-development and allows us to live a much more fulfilling life. It drives and motivates us. But if you had a goal of becoming a loving parent to your children, there simply cannot be an "end" to this goal. If you were a loving parent today but you fail to be one tomorrow; you are no longer a loving parent. Same goes for being a faithful husband, a supportive friend or a successful businessman. If you think about it, every single goal shares the same flaw. Read why self-improvement techniques may be doing more harm than good. ...»

One Simple Equation That Will Help You Achieve Remarkable Results
Like many of you, I hold a planning retreat for my business at the beginning of each year. (I also do a smaller one at the beginning of each month, which is a practice that I strongly recommend.) My annual retreat was this past weekend, and in looking over what I accomplished last year, something that I already knew about myself was strongly reinforced: When I have a clear goal, set my mind to it, and combine these two things with a hard deadline, I get things done. ...»

Hashtag Goals: 3 Simple Steps to Goal Attainment
Your larger than life goals can be attained. Do not give up on them. Break them into smaller bite sized pieces and move through them one at a time. I will explain how. ...»

How to Stick to Your Goals When the Obstacles Seem Impossible
Overcoming the Impossible Almost everyone knows the value of setting goals. Setting them, writing them down, and then marching toward their completion is the best and surest way to make progress. It doesn't matter what your goals are, as long as they're important to you, and let's face it, if they weren't important to you, you wouldn't have made them goals in the first place, right? Problems arise, however, when you feel as though you're not making any progress. Sometimes it feels as though every force in the universe is acting against you, trying to keep you from achieving whatever goal you have set for yourself. It can be discouraging. It can make you want to just throw you hands up in despair and give up. Before you do that though, take a step back. Take a deep breath and assess what's really going on here. In almost every case, there's something you could do just a bit differently that will turn the tide back in your favor and make you feel as though you're making genuine progress again. Here are five simple tricks for doing just that, and overcoming seeming impossible odds: ...»

Message From the Universe: Everything Has a Beginning
WE all come the same point of singularity before the big bang happened 13.1 billion years ago. We are a part of the massive complex equation that created the Universe we see today. We are an integrated part of everything that happened a long time ago. We have a beginning but it depends on us to how we live our end. The world is yours if you are willing to invest the time to take what's yours. ...»

Be SMART - Reset Your Goals in 2017
"Alas 2017 is here! It's time to say goodbye to 2016 with its setbacks and disappointments." If that's your thought process, this article is for you. ...»

Message From the Universe: You Are the Captain of Your Ship
You are the captain of your ship, or the pilot of your Boeing 747 and you have many passengers on board expecting you to take them to destination safe and happy. Either it may be for personal or pleasure, the end result should be the same either way. You are all in it together. You need to be attentive to details and other external factors that are out of your control but still figure out a way to get to your destination. Focus entirely at doing the best you can in every situation. You will face challenges but the goal is always the same: Getting there safe and happy. ...»

Message From the Universe: Visualizing What's Ahead!
Visualizing is crucial to make positive changes in your life. If you do not, there is no way you can change the path you are in, either it be in the good or bad way. If you want to see things happen differently, you need to focus on the issue and figure out the best way for you to transform things to your benefit. There is no way around it. For great results to manifest in your life, you need to attract them with your thoughts, so might as well make the latter as exciting and positive as they can be. Get to work! ...»

Five Surefire Ways to Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet
Want to make 2017 your best year yet? Dump all those New Year resolutions and try these five simple strategies. ...»

8 New Personal Strategies for 2017 - How to Make Your New Year's Resolutions Come True
Examine how individuals should consider approaching the New Year. Learn how people can create positive strategies to propel their personal and career goals in 2017. ...»

Job, Career, Passion - Pick Two!
"What do I want to be when I grow up"; an expression that rings true with today's workforce, whether just starting out in the business world or someone with many years of experience. The business communities, the economic landscape, are calling for employees who are better educated, experienced and have excellent interpersonal skills. ...»

What Are Your New Year Resolutions?
Imagine if you knew how your brain worked with regard to success, money and happiness. Would this not give you an advantage when you write out your New Year Resolutions for this year? Absolutely! ...»

10 Things To Make Your 2017 Better Than Yester-Year
Below are 10 helpful tips I've compiled that I think will help you to make your 2017 better than yesteryear. I figure after the mayhem that was 2016 - many may need it. ...»

Stop Living in Denial
You have to stop being in denial. Stop denying that you are way over your head in debt. Your weight is out of control. Just STOP living a lie. ...»

My Favorite (Brian Tracy) Goal Setting Technique
If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with setting goals in each area of your life, then you're not alone. I've been goal setting for years, and while I (and the rest of the world) may get pumped up by all the wonderful things I'm going to accomplish and all the changes I'm going to make, what I've learned is that there is only so much time. ...»

The Non Negotiables
Learn to get the most of your day. Are you a priority? In this article you will learn why it is important to anchor yourself. ...»

Excellence Is A Habit, Not Just An Act
When we keep on doing something, we attain excellence. Excellence, then, becomes a habit. In other words, it means that the person we are inside is reflected by what we do. It is manifested by actually doing the things that motivated us. ...»

How To Define Your Goals And Have A Vision
There's a difference between a vision and a goal. This article teaches you how to distinguish them so you won't be confused anymore. ...»

Message From the Universe: Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Thinking positively is great, dreaming big is even better but without action, you really just have some hope floating in your mind without doing much of anything. Anyone can have great dreams, dreams so big that can scare any normal human being. But do they take any forward action to make all of their dreams a reality? I don't think so. They are just too afraid. Not sure of what really, but i guess it is something that their mind constructed when they start dreaming of a better life. Remove FEAR from your mind and do whatever it takes to make things happen. ...»

Message From the Universe: Master of Illusion
Thoughts are illusions as they haven't happened yet, unless you are thinking of a scenario of events that occurred a while back and regretting how you should have done things differently to hope for a better outcome. However, thinking positively about your future is somewhat of a dream that is expected to happen and you work towards that dream, especially when it comes to success, happiness and whatever else you been seeking. Your mind is creating these illusions that seems far fetch because they are too good to be true, but yet, possible if you really think about it and act upon them. The rest is really up to you. ...»

How to Get What You Want in 2017
Instead of setting New Year's resolutions for 2017 why not make some actionable goals? Here are some tips for ensuring you get what you want in 2017. ...»

How To Persevere With Your Goals
Goals are useless unless you execute them with perseverance. This article teaches you how. ...»

The Power of Goal Setting Using a SMARTER Process
It can be a personal or a business goal. It does not matter which, just as long as you make sure that it is not a 'hit and miss' goal, as happens to most people on new year's eve as they consider what they want in their upcoming year. A REAL goal is something that we need to make sure has certain elements to it so that it can become a reality. ...»

The Most Important Type Of Goal You Will Have
There's goals on how you want to define. There's also goals that defines what you want to have. This article explains what's the most important type of goal you will ever have. ...»

Goal Seeking and Morality
Whatever one decides, that decision is based upon previous choices. An important part of life is goal setting. Goal setting impacts one's life. ...»

Should You Speak Out Your Goals?
Should you tell everyone about your goals? This can be tricky if you don't do it strategically. This article teaches you whether you should. ...»

Understanding Your Personality And The Right Career Path
Your personality greatly affects your performance in a given career. Studies show that 90% of people get into the wrong careers as they don't know their personalities. This results to most people living unfulfilled lives. Others choose to leave their careers and venture into other areas. To increase your chances of being successful and enjoy what you do you need to join the right career path from the start. ...»

Visualize Goals As Already Achieved
Visualize goals vividly, with intense emotion. Visualizing, Remembering, Picturing. Whatever you want to call it. This is a an effective goal setting strategy. ...»

Message From the Universe: Light at the End of the Tunnel!
As long as you keep on walking in the tunnel, you will eventually arrive at a place where a dim light may appear. It might not be as bright as you want it to be but it is there. You probably need to walk a bit further so you can start seeing more of the shapes of that tunnel. Life is exactly the same. It may seem where there is no hope, or nothing good coming out of your struggles, but the reality is that everything that should come out of this experience is POSITIVE outcome. You will get out alive and be a better person prior to walking in this tunnel. Be open minded and have faith. ...»

Message From the Universe: Make Your Dreams a Reality
The step by step process of how to make a dream a reality. There is no magic, no secrets, no luck, it just requires hard work and determination. Of course, you need to include some belief and a lot of action behind that dream. Nothing will come easy but with enough patience, you will get to where you want to be. Again, thoughts, belief and action is what it takes to make your dreams come true. ...»

Why The Law Of Attraction And Goal Setting Are Different
The law of attraction and goal setting are both very popular self-help tools people use. This article explains why they are different and how you can fully utilize them. ...»

Being Something Great - Dreaming Ahead 2 of 365
These words that we have for one another should be in the most loving sense. To be great one must arise above others in various fashions. The great part is that you get to choose precisely what you want to be great in. Then from there it is about practice, practice and more practice until you have mastered your craft. The only question you have to answer is what are you going to go after once you have read this article. ...»

Why Do You Have To Do What You Can Today?
A time lost can never be found again. So, why wait for tomorrow when you can do it today? A task that needs to be done yesterday or last week can frantically slave you because you put it off until tomorrow. ...»

Why Reinvent Yourself?
Have you heard the saying, "winners never lose and losers never win?" Many folks believe that this describes a game or contest, and that it also describes the life of a human being. But, does the saying apply if you decide to get a new game or start a new life, in other words, to reinvent yourself? ...»

Move From Dream to Actuality
Most of us have dreams for our lives, but sometimes it's difficult to move from dream to actuality. This article provides steps to get you there. ...»

Message From the Universe: There Is Light at the End of the Tunnel!
"Life is no sunshine or rainbows. It is mean and merciless. You, me or nobody else can hit harder than life. It is not about how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and still move forward, how much hits you can take and keep moving forward. This is how WINNING is done" Rocky Balboa speech to his son in this last movie. Very inspirational and so true. Something to really consider and apply whenever you have the chance. ...»

Destiny VS The Law Of Attraction, And Finding Ultimate Truth
The search for truth is the eternal and elusive pursuit of many people. These truth seekers often believe in one or both of these concepts; Destiny and the Law of Attraction. Finding truth requires a totally objective view of all things and the removal of all fixed opinions. This is actually logical and indisputable because it establishes two facts. First, that the ultimate truth is beyond our capacity to comprehend intellectually as we are, otherwise someone would have figured it out now and not just go along with blind religious faith, and second, that the human intellectual process functions by reverting to previous experiences to identify the current situation or question thus limiting and restricting the capacity to understand totally foreign concepts. ...»

Setting Goals for Success - 5 Top Tips for Successful Entrepreneurship
Everybody wants to be successful in life. In whatever we do, our primary aim is to be successful in it. But we realize that often time, our plans take another turn, in the course of execution, or fail totally to yield desired results. ...»

Commitment, an Untapped Source of Personal Power
I respect, honor, trust and admire persons who display a life of engagement. I have witnessed their character, integrity, and successful lives. It seems reasonable to think that many people, rather than a few, would overwhelmingly choose to live an engaged life for the benefits of success and fortune. ...»

Message From the Universe: Not All Expenses Are Bad Ones
When starting a business, you will face a lot of challenges but also expenses before you even see a dime. You will lose your shirt at times but you will also gain valuable insight on how to properly manage and succeed in business. Plenty of people just get buy and never do much more than that. You need to be different, as long as you learn the lessons of life, you will always come out a winner. ...»

5 Most Common Reasons People Fail To Achieve Their Goals
When it comes to setting goals, a lot of people thought that all they need to do is to write down the goals, and then everything will come true automatically. This is not how it works. Most people fail to achieve their goals because they don't work on their goals. ...»

Why Every Successful Person Sets Goals
Every successful person we know sets goals. But what's the secret behind of the power of goal setting they know but you don't know? This article reveals the 4 benefits that you may not have ever imagined. ...»

Press the Reset Button on Your Goals
If you're on track to accomplishing all, most, or even part of what you set out to, congratulations! But if there are some goals still on the table, or you haven't made the progress you had expected or visualized in achieving your goal by now, you may be getting frustrated, discouraged, angry with yourself - or even doubting your ability to get that thing you wanted so much. in case you want to get some wind back in your sails so you can start moving in the direction of your dreams again, the first thing you must... ...»

Personal Breakthroughs - Forgetting Past Disappointments For Future Success
Disappointments from the past can linger and wreak havoc in your life if you let them. Whereas it is natural to feel really down about something you really wanted but failed to achieve, it is harmful if you fail to move from the feeling of disappointment. Becoming stuck in the past hinders you from making progress towards the future and living the kind of life you want. Whether you were in a disappointing relationship or your attempted business plan failed to yield results, you should look for ways to make personal breakthroughs so you are able to forget the past and propel yourself to a successful future. ...»

Should You Tell Others Your Goals?
Once you've set your goals, you may once wondered if you should tell them to others. As always, there's 2 sides of the coin and this article explains why you should or should not do so. ...»

Why You Should Have A Vision Rather Than A Goal
Goals are powerful. Visions are invincible. This article reveals why you should create your vision before you set your goals. ...»

The Secrets of Goal Setting for College Students
The success in today's college students can be seen by looking at more than dreams and aspirations, but the goals that they set for themselves. The failure to persist in college is partially due to a lack of goal setting habits. ...»

How to Scale the Walls of Resistance to Reach Your Goals
This post is all about learning to set goals with a simple technique that ensures you do not quit. Make hitting resistance and quitting a thing of your past. Read up on the key to your goal setting success. ...»

Why You Should Always Chunk Your Goals Down
No one can thrive without a worthy meaningful goal. However, to make goal-setting effective, you must chunk big goals down. This article reveals the entire process on how to set ambitious yet realistic goals. ...»

Finding Direction
It's been a long time since I have written anything; this has been mainly due to a lack of direction on my part. I have been struggling for a little while now with where I want to go and what I want to do. I have been an IT engineer for almost 30 years now, and to be honest I am getting sick of it. ...»

3 Ways Real, Written Goals Help You To Achieve Success
The idea that goal setting help us achieve our Success seems obvious doesn't it? After all, don't all successful people set goals of some kind? ...»

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
Life is opportunity. There are so many sweet things to experience in life. Such a shame it is that so many folks put money in their sights and set about to work themselves to death to get all of it that they can. ...»

Achieving Your Burning Desire
You are a human being. This article discusses how you can achieve anything that you desire as soon as you want to. We learn lessons through life that we add to our inventory. The question is whether you are learning the right practices to achieve that ultimate desire that is burning within you. We can succeed at said desire by implementing techniques and mixing that with intense and unrelenting faith that we can achieve the results. ...»

3 Goal-Setting Mistakes That Can Kill Your Dreams
Goal setting is powerful only when you do it right. This article list 3 common mistakes people make that nullify its effectiveness. Do not make them. ...»

Dreams & Goals
You are never too old or too young to dream. Whether you are 10 years old or a 110 years old it's time to dream. Dream, dream big. Stretch your imagination and see where it will take you. Dreams & goals. I would ask you "what do you want to be when you grow up, little girl? What do you want to be when you grow up, little boy?" ...»

4 Ways to Achieve Your Goals Faster
When you're stuck or overwhelmed, it's hard to keep on track. We slow down. Here are 4 simple methods that can jump start your goal achieving and get you to achieve your goals faster. ...»

Leading 5 Excuses For Not Going After Your Dreams
Exactly what are you waiting for? You have plans and goals that you've been postponing for several years. We're terrific at putting things off and encouraging ourselves that we'll get them done at some point soon. Ultimately, we all run out of "somedays" and our alternatives end up being more minimal. If you're not enthusiastically pursuing your goals, there's a factor. And it might not be the reason you think. ...»

Should You Write Down Your Goals Or Not?
"Have you set clear, written goals for your future and made plans to accomplish them?" That's the infamous Harvard/Yale study on goal-setting that most of us have heard. But is this study real at all? If not, does writing down your goals still work? ...»

5 Easy Procedures To Get Moving On Attaining Your Objectives
You're most likely thinking, "Duh!" But do you currently have written goals? Have you constantly had composed objectives in your success journey? If so, you're the exception. This is vital and even more important if you've got a great deal of intricate objectives. Write them down and keep reviewing them. Keep your objectives fresh in your mind and you'll be more likely to work on them. ...»

Set Small Goals
Five years ago my youngest son, Mark, was managing a large trucking company in Saskatoon. The work was demanding. He didn't think he was in a career. ...»

Your 9 Step Guideline to Goal Setting
Here are 9 steps to a complete and approach to goal-setting that will help you create realistic and ambitious goals. You'll not only have great goals following this formula, you'll know how you're going to accomplish them and when. ...»

Message From the Universe: Make Happiness a Realization, Not a Destination!
Happiness shouldn't be based on "If" or "when" or anything of that sort. You can't be happy ONLY if you have a better job, or a better relationship or more money or whatever else. You can't be happy ONLY when you get to graduate from school, or when you get your next vacation and so on and so forth. Happiness is found from within, and shouldn't depend on external factors that will contribute to your happiness. I agree that having more money can reduce stress levels, which indirectly allows you to enjoy life a bit better, which can make you happier. So how about managing your happiness level to a lesser degree and be happy today, and NOT depending on when or if you get the things you dream about. Take it day by day. ...»

3 Simple Strategies For Massive Goal-Setting Success That Works Like Magic
The ability to set goals the correct way constitutes an essential skill that can make or break your personal and professional success in life. The manner in which you do so will determine the speed in which you can achieve your goals, or whether or not you can achieve them in the first place. So if you often find yourself setting goals, but not achieving them at all, this article is for you. ...»

5 Quick Tactics to Get Moving on Achieving Your Goals
Sometimes you get stuck with your goal-setting. Here's 5 methods you can implement today to get unstuck. Use these to change your mindset, your frame of reference and your approach. Get unstuck now. ...»

A Twist on Setting Goals
Recently I was listening to a faith message by one of my favorite ministers. Well, actually two ministers. But they both teach/preach in different ways. ...»

Goals Need to Be Checked Against Reality
Goal setting should push us, but how much? How do we know if our goals are realistic but at the same time push us to achieve more than we can now? The only way to know is to regularly check our goals against reality. ...»

Message From the Universe: The Simple Approach to Life!
You do not need to complicate your life to reach the goals you've given yourself throughout your career. You just need to use a simple approach to everything, figure out the best way to accomplish these goals and just focus on what makes you happy. The rest is pretty easy from that point forward. We tend to always look at things as being very complex in nature and if not, it may be too good to be true. There is no reason to look at life this way, as you need to step back and analyze the situation carefully and realize that life is not really that difficult, and all the challenges you face today are being created by yourself, and no one else. ...»

Unplug From Virtual Reality - Plug Into Your Own Reality
Unplug from technology, computers, smart phones and the like - at least for a day, a night, a few hours, or even for an extended period of time can bring you groundedness and sharpen your efforts while adding balance to your daily living. Plug into what's happening right before your very eyes. People and conversations abound all around you. Enjoy the view that driving a motorcycle or automobile can provide for you, really engaging and noticing the new styles of automobiles, the street signs, and roads all look so organized, the forethought and planning was accomplished at desk-level, by a man or a team of people, facing their own reality - Unplugged from anything other than planning and releasing their creativity designing something tangible is awe-inspiring and truly amazing! Many things can be designed using virtual reality, though it is good, it does not replace the smile that I receive from you when you return my smile back to me! Living in your own reality also does not give you cause for worry about electromagnetic rays traveling in your body and energy. Unplug from virtual reality and enjoy your own reality - your body and mind are crying out to you. ...»

Goal Setting: Get Real With Yourself
If you truly want to get real... You have to take a look at yourself there is no way around It. And if you are genuinely honest enough you will find your ultimate purpose... ...»

How to Get More Done in a Day!
You wake up early with every intention to get loads done today. You have a to do list that you prepared the night before and you're positive that you're going to have a super productive day! Then before you know it you're half way through your day and you haven't gotten anything done. It's frustrating, isn't it? ...»