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Helping Your Business Grow

Helping Your Business Grow
Posted on : April 16, 2007
4 Entrepreneurial Takeaways From America's Playboy
We all know what Hugh Hefner will be remembered for. What about your legacy? ...»

Why Job Titles Don't Always Reflect the Value of Employees
What if our job titles moved in real-time, based on the value we are adding to the business instead? ...»

Why Writing a Thank-You Note Should Be as Automatic as Brushing Your Teeth
This founder provides free cards to employees to write thank-you notes. ...»

'Bar Rescue' Star Jon Taffer Shares the One Thing That Helped Him Find Success
The no-nonsense fixer will be at our Entrepreneur Live event to share what it takes to make any business successful. ...»

This Former Freelancer Now Leads FabFitFun, a Subscription Service With Hundreds of Thousands of Customers
Katie Ann Rosen Kitchens is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of the company, which boasts of a mostly female staff. ...»

Change Is Not Enough -- We Must Evolve
When it comes to your business, are you making the distinction between change and evolution? ...»

3 Ways That Your Actions Today Will Shape Your Company's Legacy
Legacy isn't some far-off goal to achieve; you can cultivate your company's legacy starting right now. ...»

It's Science, Baby! Proving the Power of Positive Reinforcement at Work
Motivating employees comes down to two methods: positive and negative reinforcement. Which is yours? ...»

'Startup Courage'? It Starts on Day 1.
When investors ask why a bigger, more established company won't copy your idea, remember that you have no reason to stop in your tracks. ...»

Why Elon Musk's Vision of Communications Over Collaboration Won't Work for Most Businesses
Top-down communications and collaboration are not mutually exclusive. ...»

16 Tips for Becoming a Master Networker
Who you know makes a huge difference to your success, so it pays to learn how to meet the right people. ...»

The Co-Writer of 'Despacito' on Why You Should Pursue Every One of Your Dreams
Erika Ender, the first female songwriter to have a number one song on Billboard's 'Hot 100' chart in Spanish, also runs a foundation helping at-risk kids. ...»

Corporate Boards Should be Demanding Management Answer These 5 Questions About Company Culture
Toxic cultures of rampant harassment and exclusion result when boards are so focused on profit that they don't care how the money is made. ...»

Artist Who Bares Mastectomy Scars Creates Multimedia Documentary Project to Support Anyone Making a Big Life Decision
The creator behind the 'Last Cut' project sits down with Jessica Abo to discuss why every entrepreneur should trust their feelings in life and in business. ...»

Stop! You're Demoralizing Employees With Reviews! And Frequency Isn't the Reason.
One place to start is to learn the difference between "situational" and "dispositional" feedback. ...»