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Parenting Blogs and Articles
Posted on : April 16, 2007
When Separation Anxiety Kicks in Post the Baby's Birth
It is heartbreaking to see the tears rolling down the cheeks of your baby when leaving her at preschool or to your babysitter. The scene repeats every day, and it wrecks heavily upon your emotional well- being as well as your baby's. ...»

My Epic Diaper Failure
Everybody poops. But babies have a special power, I guess. Well, that's the only thing that they can do, apart from eating of course, and we all did the same when we were babies too. ...»

Play: Why Is It Important?
Children are like clay. At the young tender age, they tend to mould themselves based on their interaction with the world around them, just as a lump of clay does. ...»

A List of the Baby Care Products for Happy Parenting
When searching the creative toys and baby carriers or slings to care your baby, it recommends looking for the options just introduced to the modern market. There are so many baby care options introduced to keep your baby healthy, engaged and comfortable. ...»

Baby Bottle Feeding Advice and Guideline
Congratulations. You are new MOM and need to know how to feed a newborn baby guideline and tips. Follow the advice and feed your baby nicely. ...»

Whether to Give Your Baby Vitamins
Parents know that the growing years of a baby has its own challenges. Everyone wants the child to grow healthy, strong and fit. And when it comes to the food and vitamins intake of your baby, you'll probably get to hear varying views from everyone you encounter. ...»

Things I Consider Inevitable As a Parent in 2018
1. I don't put much stock in New Year's resolutions, but I do see January as a month for new starts. The new year is filled with new opportunities and challenges. ...»

How to Get Your Child to Read More
How do I get my daughter to read more?' The mother sitting across from me is not the first parent to ask me this question. In fact I would go so far as to say that as a tutor, it is one of the most common questions asked by parents looking to boost their child into the next grade level or help them achieve that extra 10% or get them into the best grammar school. ...»

How Parental Involvement Affects Student Achievement
Parental involvement is often seen as a cornerstone of a child's education. It can make a considerable difference to your child's school life, both in academic success and in general enjoyment at school. ...»

A Daughter's Love
This letter is to all the "daddies" out there who strive to show up for their families every day. We are looking forward to seeing you show up. ...»

4 Ways to Raise Optimistic Children
It's easy to get sucked into negativity these days, but you don't have to. Raise your children to be optimistic by teaching them how to look on the bright side of things, because positive children are happier in life and more well-adjusted. ...»

Why Are So Many Teenagers Getting Depressed?
Why is teen depression and suicide is escalating? Anti-depressants might help, but not always. What can parents do? ...»

Are You Shouting at Your Kids? Know What It Does To Them
Most parents resort to shouting at their children when they don't seem to listen. But what does it do to them? Read what the Psychologist say on how to handle Kids without actually shouting at them. Let's just agree, no one likes yelling. It could seem like the right thing to do for your kid at that time, but it'll always make you feel bad later. Also, it does not seem to work on the children, too. They'll be back at what made you mad in the first place in no time. So, if we as parents know that yelling is not yielding any real results, why do we do it anyway? ...»

Holiday Tips for Recently Divorced Families
Having difficulties with your kids during the holidays after a divorce. These tips may help. ...»

Is Too Much Screen Time Bad for Speech and Language Development?
This is the 2nd article in the series "The Impact of Technology on Childhood Development." If you missed the 1st article, it covered the Hidden Hazards of Blue Light and Digital Devices on Kids Eyes. My friend's three and a half year old was showing signs of delayed speech development. As parents, they did what any concerned parent would do and took him to their pediatrician. ...»

Tenderness at a Child's Rebuke
AS I read a story to my son during his bedtime routine, I received a sharp albeit respectful rebuke. All I had said was the street, "Riverbank Close." It did happen to be "Riverbank Rise," so he simply said, "Riverbank Rise!" to which I said, "Yes, that's what I said," not thinking. "No," he said, "you said Riverbank Close!" "Yes," I said, having given it further thought, "you're right, I did get it wrong." There was no gloating in him as he heard me say that, just the body language of thankfulness that he had been heard. ...»

Does Technology Benefit Young Children's Education?
Parents battle with their kids with their use of tablets, mobile phones, TV, and streaming services. How can a parent balance a child's use of technology with education? ...»

Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month Is Throughout the Year Because It Must Be
In any year lately, Mental Illness Awareness is announced for various conditions. Borderline Personality Disorder will be on the increase in 2017 and 2018, and this means a lot of adult children away from home will be struggling with reality itself in struggling with powerful mood swings. Borderline Personality Disorder - BPD - strikes many young adults in their mid-twenties. ...»

Precious Little Moments, Surreal Little Wonders
"MUM, when I'm an adult I want to marry you," I heard my son say to my wife as I washed dishes and she helped him brush his teeth for bed. In that moment I wondered what her response would be. I was curious. Then I heard her say, "Sorry darling, but you can only be married to one person, and Mum is married to Dad." Then I chimed in and said, "But you could marry someone like Mum." The conversation continued for a few more moments, but we could tell these concepts were hard for him to absorb. But he was absorbed! ...»

When to Expect Those First Words
Babies do not start talking instantly. It is a series of phases of hearing, grasping, speaking and understanding! The first time when the child speaks something understandable such as mama or dada, parents are undoubtedly excited but a little disappointing fact is that they don't really mean it and they don't know the meaning of words that they just spoke. ...»

When Will Your Baby Understand a "No"?
Parents try to answer every call, and their attempts would be always positive to satisfy the baby with a "Yes". However, it is essentially not possible for all parents under the sky to satisfy the baby every time. No matter how resourceful the parents are, there are certain phases where they have to restrict their children with a "no" for the best interest of their child. ...»

The Greatest Gift to Give a Child - Teach Empathy
SITTING with a little girl in tears, Aaron, himself just a little boy, doesn't say a word. He just sits there with her, trying to imagine how she feels. She soon felt a little better. ...»

If Wishes Were Horses, And Clicks Were Purchases
Single parents juggle with multiple responsibilities primary being managing finances and being by their kid, ensuring they have access to all amenities of a healthy development. While there are problems there are solutions as well. We delve into the subtle emotions of a single mom, peeping into her desires. ...»

12 Reasons Exercise for Kids Is Beneficial for Growth and Development
If someone had told me, when I was a kid, to stare at a screen for 4 hours instead of play outside, I would have told them to stick it where the sun don't shine! I ran a lot as a kid, as did all my friends. We were in constant motion running through the fields, to the woods, over the creek, onto the tennis court, through the pond, under the bridge... It was not the norm to watch TV all day; it was just not done in our household. Being outside was our playground, and we wanted to be moving. ...»

How Technology Affects Children
Over the past few decades, technology has completely changed every aspect of our society, beginning from how we work to how we socialize and everything else in between. Technology has helped mankind with many advancements and comforts, but it also presents with some adverse consequences for our children. Technology does have many benefits for learning, but it can also have many negative effects in the development of a child. ...»

Is Teaching Critical Thinking Skills Important?
Children need to be thinking for themselves and asking the what now follow up question; these skills are what employers today and tomorrow are looking for. The ability to analyze a situation or problem is important skills that demand from employers will only grow as we continue to adopt technology throughout our lives. ...»

The Former CEO of Panera Bread Teaches Us a Few Lessons About Parenting
The article profiles the former CEO of Panera. His rise to success in the business world reveals-though unintended- some valuable strategies for parents. ...»

How to Keep Your Kids Safe in Playgrounds
Check out the playgrounds where your children play. Look for hazards such as rusty or damaged racks and dangerous surfaces. Report all dangers to the school or the local authority that the playground has. ...»

Forced Family Fun
When was the last time you unplugged, created a family adventure and experienced conversation and bonding together in a setting atypical of everyday life? Be courageous, implement Forced Family Fun, make it a habit; everyone who participates is a winner! ...»

It's Flipping Awesome!
As savvy parents of the only children who don't own smartphones we discovered a hi-tech solution to keep our teens' social lives in tact. It's flipping awesome! ...»

Tips for Getting Back Into the Homework Routine
Does the thought of doing homework make your kids cringe? It can hit everyone in the family hard, especially when it's still early in the school year, so find out the best ways to approach the often-dreaded subject of homework. ...»

Create Effortless Back to School Routines
We know kids thrive on routine, so how do we harness their energy to create effortless back to school routines? Begin with easy checklists and rewards to help take the pressure off Mom and Dad! ...»

Parenting With Empathy
Giving your children room to do as they are capable. This builds trust and empowers them. How do you convey to your girls and boys that you were once where they are without taking the wheel out of their hands.? ...»

What Are The Signs That Your Teenage Kids Are In A Lonely State?
This article deals with teenage kids during emotional trouble. It is knowing some points on how to reach out for them. ...»

A Kindness Honored
We should see all gestures of kindness and generosity as being significant, however small or insignificant they might seem to us. Sometimes all a person needs is an opportunity to realize the potential that is within them. Here's a true, historic account of the dividends a gesture of kindness has the potential to pay. ...»

Outsourcing Child Rearing to India
I am an Indian male who has lived in America for almost 20 years. My wife gave birth to our first son in July 2015 in a Govt. hospital in the hill state of Himachal Pradesh in India. Our second son was also born in the same hospital in March 2017. It was a deliberate choice on our part to have our kids born and raised in India. Many people, when they hear it, wonder why? So, let me tell you my story. ...»

How to Explain an Arrest of a Loved One to Children
An arrest in the family can be quite traumatic for multiple members. Learn some helpful tips about explaining the arrest and/or absent of a jailed parent or family member. ...»

Two Tips to Help Busy Parents Declutter, Tidy Up and Get Organized, Even With the Help of Your Kids
So if you have children in your home the entire day, every day, the sorts who stay home and homeschool, you can surely empathize with me when I say getting my house neat and tidy most days is no easy task. And because of homeschooling there is always the need to have other people's children in the home, too because the kids do after all need social time. Building friendships is an important aspect of growing up and being social in society, right? ...»

Don't Be One Of Those Sports Parents
My wife and I married in our mid-thirties. Over the next five years, we had three sons. When our boys were young, we had no real desire to go anywhere or do anything unless it involved our family. Traveling and entertainment were a low priority unless it involved a Disney character, the Power Rangers and the like. My serious passions such as hunting and fishing were put on hold until my boys were old enough to go with me. We were old in comparison to most parents. ...»

Adults Teaching Children: The Legitimization of Bullying
When I was in Grade 4, I struggled with an ability to read, especially when asked to read in front of the class. I wasn't dyslexic but I was quite shy, and not at all confident about my intellectual abilities relative to my peers. Unfortunately, I had a teacher who, I discovered many years later, had a reputation for being a bully that extended far beyond the city of Winnipeg where I lived for that one terrible year. ...»

Television Makes You Average
Television will destroy you. No joke. Tell me if this describes you: you get home from work, turn on the television, fall asleep with the television on, and wake up with it on. American adults average watching over five hours of television per day (John Koblin, New York Times). ...»

Keep Kids Safe Online, Step Two: Learning To Not Overshare
Oversharing is often a problem with young people on the internet and social media. They feel safe behind a screen and therefore don't always take the steps necessary to protect themselves on. This is a breakdown of the steps I took to teach my tween daughter to think about and turn off GPS location and MetaData in photos and consider the contents of her photos and the possible dangers of oversharing. ...»

Tips for Your Child's Happy Bedtime
Is your child's bedtime your most dreaded time of the day? Sometimes it's just good to take a step back, remove yourself from the emotion of it to get an objective view. Here are a couple tips you may find helpful. ...»

Fun Ways to Spend Time With Your Children
There are many exciting activities that you can do with your child. It is important for several reasons, including strengthening your parent-child bond. You are also giving your kids a way to explore the world around them ...»

Don't Wait to Start on a College Savings Plan
Outside of retirement and purchasing a home, there may be no more important financial goal that requires preparation than your children's higher education tuition. While saving for college may seem daunting, planning early and saving thoughtfully can make the goal more attainable for many parents. Here are four steps that can help along the way. ...»

Financial Planning for Adult Children With Special Needs
If you're a parent of a child with special needs, you've likely dedicated much of your life to researching, providing and advocating for the best care for your child. So naturally, you may worry about what will happen when you are no longer able to supervise your child's care due to declining health, illness or death. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help ensure your child has sufficient financial resources along with a dedicated support system. ...»

Top Incredible Breastfeeding Facts
Being a "Mother" is an incredible experience of a lady. You have heard your grandmother saying that "when a lady becomes a mother, she not only gives birth to a child but also her own new life takes birth". ...»

What Do You Mean, My Child's Not Brilliant?
EXPECTATIONS are tricky things. When we expect bad news it never seems so bad, but, of course, we get it mostly when we least expect it. ...»

The Hidden Hazards of Digital Devices and Blue Light on Kid's Eyes
Imagine it's 2035 and you get a call from your son who proceeds to inform you that, at the young age of 32, he's going blind as a result of macular degeneration. Your immediate thought is how is this possible? Macular degeneration is a disease of the old. It is not a disease for young, vibrant people in the midst of their careers, just starting a family, and buying and furnishing their first home. This cannot be possible... Your son explains that all of the years playing with your iPhone in a restaurant and playing "educational" games on the tablet you bought him when he was 3, have damaged his eyes. Blue light emitted from these devices was the cause. ...»

How Business Management Mirrors Parenthood
I accepted my first managerial position at the tender age of 24, a mere babe, and a full two years before I became a father. Placed in charge of a diverse accounting department of eight employees, it was a daunting period, to state it mildly. Gaining the respect of people much older and with much longer tenure was a challenge that I accepted with open arms, however. ...»

"You're Smarter Than That!" A Necessary Mantra for Today's Parents
Make family media literacy an every day priority and "Your smarter than that!" your mandated mantra. Believe me, you'll win this war that way. I guarantee it! ...»

5 Very Important Back To School Tips
As the current Summer season winds down, many parents and children are getting ready for the start of the new school year. As the current Summer season winds down, many parents and children are getting ready for the start of the new school year. ...»

Managing Kids With Hyperactivity
Kids who are over energetic don't just move their bodies a lot because their brains are also in trouble of slowing down. Hyperactivity is often caused by a medical condition called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome (ADHD). ...»

Baby Boomer Parenting - Did We Have It Easier Back in the Day?
Raising children has changed so drastically over the years.The question begs to be answered. Is it easier or harder these days to raise kids? ...»

Bottle or Breast?
If we had to choose between the natural and the artificial, undisputedly, we lean towards the natural product unless the artificial one has undeniable properties. Nature has equipped womankind with readymade milk when they give birth to their child. ...»

Baby Sign Language: Start the Conversation
Identifying the bottle or the breast, fixing vision, turning aside, turning upside down, moving on the belly, responsive sounds, crawling, sitting, teething, standing, walking a few steps holding, walking without support, initial conversations through signs, developing speech, learning to hold a pencil, alphabets and so on... inherently, the child develops cognitive and motor skills in the course of crossing all these milestones. Developing speech involves a long period of time with variable steps comprised in it. They start communicating with the caregivers or parents when they are few months old. ...»

How to Raise Your Daughter to Be Brave
To raise your daughter to be brave, you need to teach her to take risks, to not be afraid of failure and to blaze her own path in the world. Give her plenty of chances to try new things and help her to move outside her comfort zone so she'll be more apt to take on new challenges. ...»

I Wish My Mother Had Taught Me About Sex
A personal story about how I grew up lacking sex education and the effects it had on me. This marked the origin of my desire to be a source of sexual education knowledge to teen girls. ...»

Lack Of Emotional Stability
The selfishness of parents deprived children of suitable role models which make them doubt the sense of permanence. By the time they grow up, they were already accustomed to a discontinuous lifestyle marked by constant threats of abandonment and the lack of any emotional stability. ...»

Effects Of Emotional And Psychological Abuse On Children
Ideally, a married woman wants to live happily ever after with her husband. But life doesn't always play out the way you want. Sometimes that happily ever after ending doesn't always work out as planned. You need to adapt and move forward. It's not ideal, but you figure out that the kids are better off without their father in the long term. ...»

Why Infant Care Is Important for Both Parents
Man achieves immortality largely through his children and his work. As soon as an infant has been born, its health and welfare become the first concern of both its father and its mother. This is one of the points of difference between man and most of the lower animals; and as culture and civilization advance, we find mankind attempting to provide better and better protection and educational and vocational opportunities for children. ...»

How to Thrive (Not Just Survive) Your Empty Nest
Facing an "empty nest" can be a challenge! After years of raising our child, all of a sudden we are own our own. This transition can be hard but there are tools and strategies to thrive and not just survive the coming months. ...»

What Do I Need in My Diaper Bag?
Work done by other people sounds easy but ever thought how hard it can be to take care of a new born who sleeps 20 hours a day? Being a mother is not a piece of cake. You need to take care of a lot many things than you have ever thought. ...»

Why Manners Count
Children are born with a number of innate abilities. However, behaving politely is not one of them. Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you are aware of that, then, you have good manners. ...»

How To Be A Role Model To Your Kids
Kids need someone to look up to and learn from. Our role as parents is to model the kind of behavior that we would like our kids to adopt. Being a role model takes a closer look on how we live our lives. ...»

When 'Tough Love' Ends in a Hug
ESCALATION is never territory a parent wants to traverse when they sense they're losing control. I had one of those situations recently. ...»

The Most Important Thing A Father Can Do For His Children
The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love and respect their mother. No family is perfect. In order for children to become productive individuals in the future, they need to have a very strong foundation and that begins at home. ...»

A Contented Child Within the Separated Home
Marital separation and divorce is never the plan when parents come together and have children. But how do parents navigate the hurt of separation and simultaneously love their children the best they can? Here are some do's and don'ts to consider. ...»

Make My Bed Every Single Morning - Is There Any Real Benefit?
As a child you had to make your bed every single morning. You had to do it before you left for school. Why? Who sees it anyway? Your bedding just gets messed up again when you go to bed that night. ...»

Parenting Skills and Tips That Help Kids Build Self-Esteem
How to help your child develop self-confidence while staying grounded? These parenting skills or techniques can help build your little one's positive image. ...»

Ok, So If I Am Not Banning Devices, How Am I Keeping My Kids Safe? Step One
If I know my kids will use devices that have internet access, what steps can I take to keep them safe online? The first thing step I can take is testing all the software myself before approving it for their use. After all, playing the games your kid's play can lead to you playing games with your kids. ...»

How to Help Support and Motivate Your Child to Get a Job and Stay Employed
Many young adults lack job seeking skills. The unemployment rate on young adults is around 9%. This article offers suggestion to help the find a job and get off the couch. ...»

Healthy Babies and the Art of Breastfeeding
Pregnancy is the best time to learn about the benefits of breastfeeding so that you can give your baby a healthy start in life. Knowing what to expect will help you make the decision to breastfeed and make it easier to get through the rough patches. ...»

Homemade Baby Food: Is It Right for You?
Despite the experts suggestions to feed the babies breastmilk for 6 months, few enthusiastic mothers prefer to add external semi-solid diet from the fourth month onwards. Instead of getting into the debate of when to start the baby food, let us understand what a baby food should comprise of. ...»

It's Ok to Say No to Technology for Your Kids and Why I Didn't
Every kid wants a device now. Schools are handing them out. Parents give them to children all the time. Your kid's friends all have them. Does this mean you have to give in and equip your child with technology in order to be a good and fair parent? No, you don't. You have the right to choose how your children will be taught and equipped. You can say NO to technology. However, you may want to say YES. Here is why. ...»

How a Mother's Emotions Can Shape Up the Mood of an Unborn Child
A profound transformation takes place in every aspect of a woman's life during pregnancy. The expectant mother's emotions, thoughts and actions have an effect on the baby in the mother's womb. ...»

Do As I Do, Not Just As I Say
AFTER getting a little frustrated attempting to hang some twisted jeans on a clothes airer, my son said to me (as we do, him) "take a step back, Dad." (He had our attention, because we knew what was happening.) After modelling what we require him to do when he gets frustrated - take a moment's reflection - he comes up to me and, as I crouched down to his level, he says, "So what happened?" A discussion about what happened took place. Then he said, "Okay, I forgive you." A few seconds later he told me he was proud of me. ...»

Protecting Our Children, the Three Prong Connection
The crisis of who we really are would be simplified if it were limited to our children. Unfortunately it has spanned three or more generations creating a lot of confusion that seems like a family trait. Where did this begin? We may be able to look as far back as more than 2000 years where the Bible instructed us that a three prong connection in the family unit is not easily broken. Grandma and Grandpa begin this connection. ...»

How to Instill the Value of Volunteering in Children
This article discusses how to instill the values of compassion, caring, and selflessness in your children through volenteering. Spending family-time togeather to assist in a worthy cause will likely also bring family members closer together. ...»

Four Tips to Survive Market Day With Kids
Grocery shopping with kids can be a challenge. Face them head on with these survival tips that can help make grocery time a little more bearable and maybe even fun for both you and the little ones. ...»

3 Easy Ways to Inculcate Good Dining Etiquette in Children
The importance of good dining etiquette is inevitable in social and professional gatherings where you wish to portray yourself as a respectful and refined member of the society. Bad table manners can make the others sitting at the table cringe and even hinder your chances at being invited again by the same people; regardless of how nice you may be. Parents should start cultivating good table manners in children right from when they are toddlers. ...»

Young Parents - Pros & Cons
Marriage well in itself is a heavy word and we will get to see that in today's article. This is a divine relationship is of two souls who have vowed to be with each other throughout the ups and downs of life. This bond should ideally last until your last breath but in today's time the definition of marriage has completely changed specifically due to higher qualifications, higher expectations and also because of excessive self love and a selfish attitude. ...»

Letting Go Of Your Baby (of All Ages)
Our kids grow up and move through various stages of life. We may not like it when things change and we have to share them, but we have to learn to accept it and to make the best of each stage of their life (and ours). ...»

Kids, Like Our Seasons, Change Too Fast
Seasons change regularly and we sometimes try to rush it. As parents, we sometimes try to rush through childhood stages as we look forward to the next one. Each one holds its own value and should be enjoyed as it happens. You will never get those moments back, so try to enjoy each one for what it is. ...»

How to Sterilize and Clean Baby Bottles - What You Need to Know
It is not difficult to understand why newborns are more vulnerable to diseases than we adults. And thus, we, as parents, need to be extra careful to protect them from illness. Sterilizing and cleaning your baby's feeding bottles are one of the most important things you need to do in order to save your baby from potential health risks. Not just bottles, but all feeding equipment like rings, discs and even nipples should be cleaned with soap and lukewarm water. Germs can contaminate the milk in the bottle and cause health issues to your babies such as stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. Cleaning and sterilizing your infant's bottles and other feeding equipment until they are 12 months old will help you keep your newborn healthy. ...»

Hiring Caregivers
Undoubtedly, you've heard stories about nannies who abuse the children in their care. Since people are not always what they appear to be, it's a good idea to check thoroughly the background of anyone you hire to watch over your son or daughter. Here is an overview of what the process involves. ...»

10 Safety Tips for Hiring a Teen Babysitter
There was a time when finding a babysitter meant simply asking a teenager along the street to come over at a certain time. But times have changed, and parents are more vigilant than ever when it comes to the supervision of their children. As well as performing the necessary background checks, parents now have to ensure that every imaginable scenario is planned for when they leave their kids in the care of a teenager. If you are looking for a new babysitter, there are some very important tips you should follow before leaving your children in the care of a teenager. ...»

8 Ways to Have a Great Relationship With Your Nanny
In approximately 60 percent of American families, both parents work outside the home, while the parent in single-parent families also usually works, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This means that in families with young children, there is an increasing need for childcare. One option is to hire a nanny. It's important that you, as a parent, have a good rapport with your nanny; after all, she will be the one to make sure that your wishes for your children are honored while you're away at work. Here are eight ways to have a great relationship with your nanny. ...»

A Father's Lesson - Teaching a Son About Honesty
A story about a father teaching his son an important lesson about stealing while not breaking the spirit of his son. It's a touching and inspirational story about what real fathering is like. ...»

Useful Ways for Fidgety Kids to Release Energy
Many kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) think and learn better when they are humming, tapping, or moving. But, there are plenty of ingenious ways to get the kids to use excess energy without distracting those around them. ...»

How To Build A Good Relationship With Your Child
Parenting is something that you learn throughout your whole life as a parent. You can read all sorts of books about it, but developing good relationships with your child comes from experience. There are methods that you can try to give your relationship with your child the best chance to flourish. Some of these methods are actually very easy. Read this article to find out what they are. ...»

Surrogacy: A Demon Arising
Surrogacy surely makes a perfect demon to swallow up the happiness of another child probably orphan. Read on to find out why. ...»

Loss of Appetite in Children and When Should You Worry
Before coming to the conclusion that your child has loss of appetite, it is very important to understand what the term means and what is the time when you should worry and take action. Read more to learn everything on this topic. ...»

6 Tips To Parenting With Reduced Stress
Parenting is truly hard work and there is no instruction manual for your kids when they're born. There is quite a bit of stress involved in raising kids. This makes it imperative that you get a handle on your job as a parent by reading as much advice as you possibly can. This article will give you six great tips that can reduce the stress that comes with parenting. ...»

What To Do When Your Child Feels Lonely
Loneliness can have an adverse effect on anyone. Children are certainly no exception. In fact, loneliness is a common issue among kids. It is typically brought on by a number of factors. ...»

5 Surprises That Come With New Parenthood
The journey towards parenthood is one of the most memorable and cherished part of our lives. For new moms and dads, the experience of welcoming their newborn baby will be full of surprises and the parents will go through several life changing experiences. These experiences may be educative for the new parents and they should try to enjoy their complete transition process. ...»

My Experience in the World of Parenting
The life of parents is all about their children. Children becomes their priorities in every phase of life. on the other hand parents also expect all the pure love & care from their children when they become old. ...»

How Can I Keep My Kids Safe While Swimming This Summer?
Many families will not have to leave their own neighborhoods, or even their own backyards, to enjoy some time by the water. This is because they will be able to take a dip in a neighbor's swimming pool or their own. While having a pool can be a wonderful convenience, it also poses a drowning risk, especially for small children. ...»

Is My Child Ready for a Smartphone?
Your kids probably want one, and you probably want to get them one, but are your kids really ready for the responsibility of a smartphone? Have you really thought it all the way through? ...»

Catering Equipment to Blend Food for Babies
Mothers of young babies have only one main concern and that is the health of their babies. Healthy babies are strong and happy babies. When a baby reaches the stage where they are able to start eating solid foods, mothers look to provide their young ones with the best vitamin rich foods. Generally vegetables and fruits are the first types of solid foods that a baby will eat due to its high nutritional content. In order for a baby to ingest vegetables and fruits, you will need to blend or puree it so that it can be fresh, chewable and digestible. ...»