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Pregnancy Blogs and Articles

Pregnancy Blogs and Articles
Posted on : April 16, 2007
Having a New Baby: Getting Your Mindset Right In Pregnancy
We have a strange misconception about parenting that it should be easy. That mothers should be able to seamlessly work full time or part time, run the household, look after their health and happiness, be on top of their finances, maintain healthy relationships and just be calm, happy, fun, energetic and consistent parents all the time. But this is not the reality that befalls 99.9% of mothers in this world. Due to the fact the expectations do not meet reality, motherhood is often a shock for many new mums. Mothers can easily become confused about why it seems so tiring, difficult or not as seamless as expected and therefore can be left asking themselves regularly "why can't I cope as well as I expected I would?" But what if mothers were able to alter expectations and become more prepared for motherhood as a result? ...»

Abdominal Pain in Pregnancy - Do You Need to Worry?
It is quite normal to experience some amount of abdominal pain or discomfort during pregnancy. But severe or persistent pain can indicate something more serious and hence require a consultation with your obstetrician. Serious complications which can cause abdominal pain during pregnancy: • Ectopic Pregnancy - This is a serious and life threatening problem in which the fertilized egg gets implanted in the fallopian tubes outside the uterus. ...»

When Morning Sickness Is All Day Sickness
You are all excited to finally find out that you are going to have a baby and can't wait to break this news to your family. But how did you realize you are pregnant? Apart from the obvious symptoms, morning sickness is one sign that your baby is on its way. ...»

Digestion Troubles During Pregnancy
Pregnancy is an amazing time in a woman's life to experience wonderful changes in the body and to experience your baby growing inside you. Sadly, some hormonal changes during pregnancy can affect your digestive system and cause annoying discomforts. ...»

A Politically Incorrect and Inconvenient Contraceptive Truth
Can the pill affect your potentially fertilized egg, for months after stopping it? Is taking the pill a potential abortion every month? Is it possible to avoid pregnancy without the pill or an IUD, with relative certainty? How easy is Natural Family Planning? This topic is sensitive and a necessary one for all women, especially those planning marriage or intimacy soon. ...»

How Morning Sickness and Motion Sickness Correlated During Pregnancy
Morning sickness is one of the signs of early pregnancy. Normally, morning sickness occurs around the 4th week of early pregnancy and gets resolved between the 12th and 14th week. In some cases, 1 in 5 women, suffer from morning sickness throughout their second trimester. Some pregnant woman, experience morning sickness throughout the whole pregnancy period. ...»

Mindfulness Positive Ways to Overcome Childbirth Fear
Mindfulness is paying attention to the purpose and accepting the present moment. Therefore, mindfulness during childbirth is a preparation to develop a relationship with yourself, with your partner and with your family. ...»

I'm Not Comfortable in My Postpartum Body
After undergoing a C-section and having my baby, I indeed have all that I asked for but there's also an impending gloom and mild despondency that is smeared all over my mind. The truth is, I loved all that my pregnancy got me, but not this postpartum body. Other than my immediate weight gain which I anticipated, I have to accept the fact that my body nowhere feels close to what it used to pre-pregnancy. That's a complete disappointment! ...»

Want an Easier Labour? Having Support May Help
If you are giving birth to a child for the first time, the reality of "labour hurts" is something you must have heard before. And if it's the second time you are pregnant, then you have already witnessed it! Being able to bring forth a new life on the face of earth indeed takes a lot out of a woman, both mentally and physically. ...»

Handling Restless Leg Syndrome During Pregnancy
Restless legs syndrome is a neurological disorder, which affects the sensorimotor of the body. The physiological process of the disorder is still unclear, but the prevalence of the disorder is high amongst the patients depending on their primary and secondary etiological conditions. ...»

Balancing Pregnancy, Life, and Work
Have you ever walked into a room or sat at your desk and looked at the pile of crap that has to get done? As you're standing there you wonder how in the world can two people, who feel like they are never home, accumulate that much laundry and dishes. As I stared the third trimester in the face I knew I had to start changing habits now in order to make our lives easier. ...»

Stand Up for Yourself and "Take Back Your Birth"
Nowhere is the patronizing of women more prevalent than in the hospital delivery room. Thousands of women all across the country will end up with a disappointing childbirth experience where the expectant mother feels as if she has no voice in one of the most important events of her life, the birth of her baby. Make your childbirth experience a cherished moment that originates from within, not an event where you are told what to do by medical professionals who have their agenda and protocol and who don't know you. ...»

Infertility: Can Your Own Body Be Its Own Worst Enemy?
There are so many causes for infertility and they are usually external factors such as lifestyle choices. Smoking, eating unhealthily, drug use and environmental factors all play a role in infertility. However, your own body can also play a role in infertility and sometimes it can be your own worst enemy. ...»

Infertility: Why Is It So Difficult to Conceive a Baby?
For many people it doesn't take much effort but for others it may be difficult to conceive baby. It may take a few weeks to a few months for a normal couple to fall pregnant however other couples do not have any success. If you do not conceive after a period of 12 months, it is advisable to seek the advice of a fertility doctor. You may need to undergo a series of tests to determine the reason for infertility. ...»

Have You Heard About These Causes Of Infertility?
Motherhood is important and dreams of every woman, but many women have to deal with infertility. If you follow the recommendations of your gynecologist and lead a stress-free life, then with the help of medical science you can conceive a child. ...»

Ways to Prevent Birth Defects
Not all birth defects are severe - many are mild and can be treated. Here are some steps we can all take to prevent some common defects. ...»

Things You Should Know When Comparing IUI and IVF
The world we live in today has become polluted to a great extent which is a major reason for causing health issues. A lot of people are unable to keep up with the healthy lifestyle hence, often end up facing some critical health problems. There is a usual dilemma that is being faced by a lot of couples who have difficulties while conceiving is to whether undertake IUI treatment or IVF treatment. ...»

What's The Best Time To Get Pregnant?
For many women, pregnancy is not an issue, but there are many women in India who simply fail to achieve any success in getting pregnant. This also happens due to lack of knowledge and proper treatment. Every woman must know the basics about her body and the best time to achieve pregnancy. ...»

How to Choose the Right IVF Doctors for Treatment
If you are planning to go for IVF treatment for having your biological child we will want to share few things with you. First of all the process of IVF is a very complicated one and you being the candidate need to be very patient and calm while undergoing the treatment process. ...»

Pave the Way for Healthy Sleep Habits During Pregnancy
Pregnancy is a time when you are prone to sleepless nights. When you frequently catch yourself being wide awake at 2:30 am, you are far away from a healthy sleep cycle! ...»

The Causes of Infertility and Its Solution
If you are suffering from infertility problem then we are sure that after a certain period you will prefer to meet a specialist who can help you in fighting the problem. But before you go we will recommend being mentally ready to face the questions about your sexual life. ...»

Factors That Can Affect Your Chance of Getting Pregnant
Infertility is a major problem in India, and many women search for its solutions. Apart from getting medical help and taking prescribed drugs, you need to follow other things as well. Lifestyle changes are one of the major things that you need to follow to improve your fertility. ...»

7 Tips To Treat PCOS With A Proper Diet
PCOS is one the major reasons for infertility among women these days. Polycystic ovarian syndrome can have many negative effects on a woman's health and the reason behind its occurrence is still unknown. With diet and lifestyle changes, you can treat PCOS effectively. ...»

Infertility And PCOS Problems That You Need To Sort Out
PCOS and infertility are connected with each other. PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is known for decreasing the chances or capability of a woman to conceive. You need to sort out PCOS and infertility problems soon, if you're planning to get pregnant or trying without any success. ...»

Should You Ever Comment on a Pregnant Woman's Body?
The obvious changes in the body size during pregnancy are expected! In today's new era of free expression, sometimes people go slightly overboard in expressing their concerns or excitement in an inappropriate manner. There are times when a pregnant woman has people marvelling at her belly size, questioning her about her weight, her minute to minute health status and other embarrassing questions that can completely rob her of her internal peace. ...»

Pregnancy After Your 40's Is Not Dangerous If You Take Necessary Precautions
Although pregnancy is possible post 40's, it is obvious that it has complications over a pregnancy before your 40's and 30's. It is always suggested that one should have it as early as possible. ...»

Maternity Care - Top 10 Advantages and Care
Pregnancy is a difficult time for all women, as it is not just physically but also mentally challenging. Mothers need good care, proper medical attention and effective nutrition so that the newborn child can have a healthy development. ...»

How Will I Know I'm Pregnant in the First Three Weeks?
Pregnancy is a very special event in every woman's life. It is surprising how some women feel their pregnancy even before taking a test or going to the doctor. This can usually happen to ladies who plan their pregnancy hoping to have a baby. ...»

Unplanned Pregnancy Issues
Are you unexpectedly pregnant? If yes, then you are not alone! In the U.S., almost half of the pregnancies every year are unexpected. Most of the women, by the age of 40, have gone through a phase of unplanned pregnancy. Yes, it happens! Not all the pregnancies are necessarily planned - people just come to know about them as a big bang surprise. Don't feel bad if your emotions are jumbled after knowing about your unexpected pregnancy. It does not make you a bad mother. It is common for women to feel confused, conflicted, or overwhelmed in situations like this. All you need to do is to sort out your feelings in order to decide what you want next. ...»

Headaches During Pregnancy - Is It Normal?
Pregnancy is one phase that every woman wants to experience even if they are intimidated by its consequences. They equally are excited to hold their baby after all the turbulence that they go through. ...»

IVF Serves As A Successful Breakthrough For A Miscarriage
The recent study suggests In-Vitro Fertilization to be a major success for the women who got a miscarriage during their first cycle. However, they can still conceive the child. ...»

Infertility: Is Anyone to Blame?
Infertility can be a very sensitive topic for many couples. Seeing other couples have babies while you're trying so hard to conceive can be disconcerting and heart breaking for a couple. Although it's a sensitive issue to both parties, there may be a tendency to blame someone. ...»

Different Types of Pregnancy Tests Ordered During The First Trimester
Different types of pregnancy tests are ordered at during different trimesters. Each of these tests aid in keeping a closer look at the development of the fetus and ensuring the mother stays fit and healthy all throughout the 40-week pregnancy period. Read to know about different types of pregnancy tests ordered during the first trimester. ...»

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy - Pregnancy Guide
During pregnancy it's important to consider both mother and baby's dietary needs, and even though you are eating for two there are some foods to be avoided to ensure your baby has a bright and healthy start in life. Fruit and Veg A diet rich in fruit and vegetables is recommended to boost your vitamin intake, but ensure you rinse fresh fruit, salad and vegetables in warm water first to avoid traces of soil which may contain toxoplasma. Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic infection that can cause brain damage or blindness in your unborn child. ...»

The Long Wait Before You Fall Pregnant
You and your partner have decided that you want to start a family. That moment is very exciting and you literally cannot wait for the day when the baby is born. But the reality is, of course, that it is going to take nine months before a baby is born and the time before conception could be months. What are you to do before that time comes? ...»

What If I Can't Fall Pregnant Naturally?
There are many cases where women are not able to fall pregnant the natural way. After years of trying with no results, it can be frustrating for the couple if they don't know what the cause is. There is a course of action that you can take if you're not able to conceive naturally. ...»

What to Do When You Are Trying To Get Pregnant
Deciding that you want a baby is a significant decision to make. There are so many things that you need to consider which includes how you're going to raise the baby, feeding habits, clothing, health factors and schooling, amongst others. Before you get to those stages, conception is the first hurdle. Here are a few things to do when you are trying to get pregnant. ...»

Pregnancy and Chronic Diseases
Pregnancy is a wonderful phase for any aspiring parent. Some experience a smooth journey during this time, while some may not. Chronic diseases have a great impact on pregnancy, which may turn these beautiful days into a nightmare. ...»

How You Can Achieve A Healthy Pregnancy
It's an occasion of great joy when a woman gets the news of her successful pregnancy. A lot of excitement and anticipation are built in the hearts of the woman and her family members, who wait eagerly to welcome the new-born. It's a time when a woman goes through a lot of physical and emotional change within their body that occur naturally. ...»

Can Alcohol or Drugs Affect a Pregnancy Test?
This is reported as one of the most common questions posed by the people who are in the phase of checking the pregnancy results. It is the curiosity or the anxiety for positive or negative results of pregnancy. Similarly, it is the most common myth or misconception that people have in their minds that a pregnancy test is affected by the consumption of drugs or alcohol. ...»

False Positive Pregnancy Test Before and After Your Period and Its Effect
The confirmation of pregnancy for women can arouse mixed responses in them as it is the most awaited news for some and a threatening one for others. Both categories of women anxiously wait before the result appears on the pregnancy test kit. ...»

Dad Diary - Stepping Into the 2nd Trimester
When our doctor said that the 2nd trimester had started, I was a little perplexed and at the same time was wondering what to expect from this phase. If the 1st trimester brought along morning sickness, extreme mood swings and immense fatigue, what would the 2nd trimester accompany with! ...»

Pregnancy Back Pain - Origin, Care and Interception
A new born baby adds happiness in the family and this happiness is priceless. But do you know it takes lots of patience and efforts for a mother to give birth to a baby. A lady carries the baby in her belly for nine months. ...»

When Pregnant Women Experience Life Saving Dreams
A pregnant women, Sam discovers an important message in her dreams. I as a Dream Consultant discover an important lesson in dream interpretation. ...»

What Are the Symptoms of an Early Pregnancy?
Many women know very little about their anatomy. They just witness their periods every month but are not aware of the facts behind their menstrual cycles. Although they know that menses are related to the childbearing ability of a woman, many do not even recognize pregnancy in the first couple of months if they have an irregular cycle. ...»

Learning to Love Your Body During Pregnancy
Body naturally goes on adding weight after childbirth and women start to gradually feel this change. As it is apparent that childbirth transforms a woman, we need to understand the fact that women and men to that matter have to undergo the nature's ordeal and accept every role. ...»

Say Hello to EVATAR, a Mini Female Reproductive System on a 3D Chip
You might have noticed two unlinked things here in the title of the article. First, EVATAR. You must be thinking if it's the sequel of AVATAR. But wait. It's not. Now coming to the second on: A mini female reproductive system on a 3D chip. If you are assuming that it's a plot of a science fiction, you would be wrong again. ...»

Obesity, Fertility and IVF
IVF remains more complicated for Obese Women and they require different medication doses than normal weight women. In other words, not only does obesity make it much more difficult to conceive, but it also exposes both the mother and the infant to all manner of risks before and after birth. ...»

Pregnancy and Its Impact on Your Eyesight
Hormonal and physical changes that develop during pregnancy could cause morning sickness, lower back pain and even vision issues. It is critical to be aware of these changes and know how to address them. For example, pregnancy can affect your eyes causing you to experience blurry, dry eyes and more. Find out the symptoms to watch out for, what causes them and how they are treated. ...»

How to Relieve Morning Sickness?
Morning sickness is an unpleasant accessory to one's pregnancy. Probably this is nature's way of preparing a woman for the eventual hardships that she will face shortly. ...»

Getting Healthy Before You Get Pregnant Leads to a Healthier Pregnancy and Baby
It is just not that consuming healthy food is sufficient to conceive but you need to follow a series of steps to get healthy before you give birth to a healthy baby as it is evident that 1 in every 33 babies born in the USA have some sort of birth defect which can be fatal at times in the first year of the child birth. As it is apparent that healthy mothers have healthy babies, the women have lesser chances of having miscellaneous issues in their pregnancy such as miscarriages, premature labor, GD (Gestational Diabetes). The babies also are not vulnerable to premature birth, still birth or low birth weight. ...»

Preventing Birth Defects: Steps to Take Before and During Pregnancy
Nature has provided every organism with extreme defense mechanisms towards their off-spring and human beings are not an exception. In turn, humans do not leave any stone unturned to safeguard their younger ones with the help of their unique property called intelligence. ...»

Is It Better To Plan A Pregnancy?
We are all aware that there are many pregnancies that are unplanned and a surprise to the couple. Living in a modern era where we are able to control and plan so many situations, pregnancy seems to be another event that could be planned. So is it better to plan a pregnancy? ...»

The Best Summer Exercises for Pregnancy
As we have the option to plan our pregnancy, it is not surprising if one chooses on seasons. Unless one loves winters ardently, summer months give options for a lot of activities unlike the winter months which are very essential for pregnant women. ...»

Dad Diary - Dealing With the Perennial Hazard - Morning Sickness
Along with the joyride that pregnancy brings in, there are a number of perennial hazards too that an expectant couple face. While the mom actually goes through the pain and all body changes, the dad is the one who deals with all the mood swings and at the same time ensures enough treatment and care for the mom. ...»

Pregnant This Summer? A Few Tips for Relief and Relaxation
The advancement in science has enabled people plan their pregnancy as per their choice on contrary to the good olden days' unplanned or unexpected pregnancies with no much options. If you can take the pregnancy in your stride, you can plan it according to your financial stability, time, season and so on. ...»

Blood Sugar During Pregnancy
Blood sugar is a relatively serious condition wherein your body is unable to regulate the required sugar levels in your blood as it does not possess the essential amounts of insulin. More or less a common disease that grasps pregnant women, diabetes or more specifically gestational diabetes represents almost 3.3% of all live births. ...»

Why Do Babies Have Umbilical Cords?
Young girls who aren't mothers yet have a typical phobia towards. It is because they might have come across many women talking about their labour experiences as it is a favourite topic to women in general. ...»

3 Common Foodborne Bacteria & Parasites to Be Aware of During Pregnancy
Every woman in the course of her pregnancy takes an extra mile to safeguard her baby from all the odds of life. The parental instincts motivate her to grasp the necessary literature when it comes to safeguarding the baby in her womb. ...»

Green Pregnancy: Protect Your Baby From Outside Toxins
Have you heard of "Green" pregnancy? As an expectant mother, you may have gone through all the practices to protect your baby in the womb. Healthy lifestyle, balanced eating, proper sleep, positive thinking are some of the measures we all take to safeguard our babies. ...»

Five Things to Know When You're Past Your Due Date
Your due date come and gone, the hospital bag is all packed, and the nursery is all setup. Yet you find yourself still pregnant and anxiously waiting for your little one to make his/her debut! ...»

How Does Diabetes Affect My Pregnancy?
In diabetes, your body fails to regulate your blood sugar due to the lack of insulin. Moreover, during pregnancy, diabetes is one of the top medical complications. If you have diabetes, you can take some steps in order to have a healthy pregnancy. Let's know about diabetes and pregnancy. ...»

Pregnancy Symptoms That Prove You're Pregnant - Bad STI & Other Vaginal Infection Complications
So you think you're pregnant because you had sexual intercourse and didn't use protection. It's possible you may be pregnant or, unfortunately, have an STI. It's important to use a condom or take a contraceptive pill if you want to prevent either. If you're not ready for a baby don't make any rash decisions and speak to your partner. Should there be no man on the scene confide in mum? But, if this pregnancy is not to be publicly known speak to a doctor. No rash decisions remember. ...»

Herbal Products During Pregnancy
Herbal products are the products made from natural herbs and plants and are used for treatment of certain problems faced by humans. The use of herbal products is pretty common in many problems and it is also a known factor when it comes to pregnancy. It is argued and debated that herbal products are not safe and guaranteed, since they are not approved and tested by the FDA, and they tend to have the nag of causing unwanted harm, especially during pregnancy. ...»

What To Expect When Working With a Pregnancy Chiropractor
Make pregnancy better and safer by opting for chiropractic services. With these services, women can get rid of pain and help them give birth safely. ...»

11 Scary Pregnancy Symptoms That Tell Pregnant Women To Get Medical Help Before Complications Happen
What are the most common complications in pregnancy? This is difficult to answer, well not so much difficult as it is time-consuming because of the time it would take to list them all. Don't let this frighten you as millions of women around the world are giving birth to healthy babies every minute of the day. Most problems in pregnancy can be prevented by following the advice given by your doctor or midwife. Because women differ and carry their baby different, and, or, could have an underlying condition whilst pregnant, those women are more at risk of complications. Any woman who shows a doctor particular signs of needing extra care will be monitored throughout the pregnancy right up until delivery. ...»

Everything You Must Be Aware Of About Pregnancy & Prenatal Care
Improvement in obstetrical and infant care and the resultant decrease in the terrific death rates of mothers and infants are among the achievements to which modern civilization can point with greatest pride. Yet there are still far too many unnecessary deaths among both mothers and infants occurring today. The Course of Pregnancy Conception takes place and pregnancy begins when the male reproductive cell, called the "sperm", finds and unites with the reproductive cell of the female, called the "ovum. ...»

Ayurveda Effective Treatments to Cure Infertility
Many couples struggle for years to create a family. In addition to conventional treatments, many of them also look to alternative treatment options, one of which is the treatment Ayurvedic for infertility. Ayurveda is a time store test of medical wisdom and does offer treatment options for this problem too! ...»

Dad Diary: Midnight Cravings
You can never ever predict what your wife would be craving for in the midnight. So, always prepare yourself for the weirdest surprise. But as you will witness the broadest smile of her face, you will realize that it's worth all your time and effort. Trust me! ...»

7 Ways To Stay Healthy In Pregnancy
See what can be done to ensure yours and your baby's health is not compromised in this amazing, yet sometimes difficult time of life. Find out what is good and what isn't as much while you're expecting. ...»

Are Pregnancy Symptoms Reliable? Tips For Pregnant Women To Stay Healthy Before Giving Birth
The pregnancy symptoms are there, but you're not 100% sure that you are pregnant, even though the pregnancy test reading showed positive. You will need the help of a medic for assurance. You must not be scared to see a doctor if this is the reason that you are trying to identify the symptoms yourself. In pregnancy you cannot avoid seeing a doctor. At some point you will need his or her help. ...»

The Emotions of Infertility
Infertility is a difficult subject to address for most people who have to deal with it. For a couple, it can be quite challenging because your emotions can get the better of you. It is important to recognise the emotions that rise up during this time. ...»

Do Fertility Treatments Work?
Some couples who have fertility issues may tend to avoid fertility treatments because they are sceptical or afraid that it won't work. Advancements in the medical field have grown tremendously over the past couple of decades. There are different options available when it comes to fertility treatments for men and women. The key is to find the correct one for your body. ...»

Nutritious Diet For Pregnancy - Groundnut Tikkis
Figuring out an ideal pregnancy diet plan could at times end up being challenging. Now this is one recipe you absolutely must give a try! Go for Groundnut tikkis. Now did you know that groundnuts happen to be among healthy foods to eat when pregnant, mainly owing to their protein and folate content? Folate and folic acid are essential especially while pregnancy, so as to make sure that the baby is able to avoid all defects, especially those related with the brain or spine. ...»

Sleeping for Two: Sleep Changes During Pregnancy
Just like women are meant to eat for two when pregnant, health experts are now emphasizing on the fact - that women should also sleep for two -during this pregnancy period. The reason being that pregnancy can affect both the quantity and quality of sleep. ...»

Transition Between Pregnancy and Birth (1)
The period between pregnancy and childbirth is usually full of anxiety, understandably so for several reasons. Labour has always been seen as a period when the life of an expectant mother hangs between life and death. However if we remember that in every situation in life we are at risk of death, many may become more relaxed and regard labour as a normal physiological process that must be experienced before a new life is brought into this planet. ...»

My Misdiagnosed Miscarriage
I was incorrectly diagnosed with a miscarriage by my OBGyn, and it almost lead to the extraction of the "tissue". We scheduled one last ultrasound prior to the surgery and found that our baby had a heartbeat. He is now a happy, healthy one-year-old, and full of life! ...»

Why Should You Take Folic Acid During Pregnancy?
If you are planning on getting pregnant soon, you need to visit your gynaecologist or a fertility doctor for a general check up to check if everything related to your reproductive system is functioning normally. At this stage, your gynaecologist may tell you take folic acid supplements before conception and then during the pregnancy as well. But why is it so important to take folic acid during pregnancy? What does it do for the unborn baby and for you? ...»

Knowing More About The Benefits Of Visiting A Pregnancy Chiropractor
One of the most exciting news families want to hear about is the pregnancy of one of their loved ones. Indeed, knowing that a baby is coming is such a joy not only to both parents but also even to their loved ones and friends. However, for mums, this period also introduces a diverse array of changes to their bodies. ...»

Pregnant Mom's Guide to the Zika Virus Risk & Cord Blood Banking
You might be thinking why the Zika virus is a big deal for you, if you are an expectant mother? Well, before that let's just talk about what it is and how it spreads. The Zika virus is mainly spread by mosquito bites and sexual transmission. The virus does not cause major harm to adults. But it greatly affects babies, if the mother contracts the virus during pregnancy. ...»

Infertility: Why You Need To Avoid Alcohol
For many people the consumption of alcohol is a normal social activity that they deem as fun. It's a way for some people to loosen up and have fun, but that's only because the intake of alcohol lowers your inhibitions and affects your senses. In certain cases, this is not such a good thing. However, this is not the only affect that alcohol has on the human body. If you are trying to conceive a baby then you may need to avoid alcohol or lower it considerably. ...»

Prenatal Care Should Start Before Pregnancy
Planning to have a kid? Have you considered prenatal care yet? If you want to begin a new chapter of your life as a parent, just wait for a moment and think! Are you completely ready to have a baby, both mentally, and physically? Prenatal care will help you reach there. It should be started at least months before pregnancy. It's a procedure to make your mind and body perfectly fit for the next nine months. It's something that would ensure a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child. ...»

8 Tips for Choosing a Baby Name
Most parents choose a name before the baby is conceived. Some start looking for a good name after the baby is born. You can check out the tips given below to make your choice a bit easier. ...»

Both Over and Underweight Can Affect Pregnancy
One is well aware of the fact that excessive weight gain or loss could possibly lead to an inability to become pregnant. The imbalance of weight is affecting the fertility of women profusely, so much so that around 12 per cent of infertility problem is due to imperfect body weight, meaning either obesity or low body weight, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. ...»

Pregnancy Options: I'm Pregnant, What Are My Options?
Pregnancy options when facing an unplanned pregnancy. Explaining the pregnancy options of parenting, adoption and abortion. ...»

How Do I Tell My Parents I Am Pregnant?
Facing an unplanned pregnancy? Not sure how to tell your parents you are pregnant? This article offers practical advice on how to tell your parents that you are pregnant. ...»

Domestic Violence and Pregnancy
Domestic Violence is the number two leading cause of death for pregnant women (auto accidents is number one). This article discusses the most common effects of domestic violence on the pregnant woman and the short and long-term effects on her child. ...»

Pregnancy Pillows - How to Use Them
The news of you being pregnant brings a lot of happiness for you and your partner. But this happiness may follow some challenges for you during the nine-month period. This happens when the pain is a bit worse during the last few days. It becomes harder for you to move around and sleep during the night. As a result, you become uneasy, irritable and uncomfortable. If you are looking for a solution to these problems, read on. ...»

Dealing With an Accidental Pregnancy
Pregnancy can be the most amazing experience for a woman and her partner. But this does not mean that you need to feel an instant connection with your baby once the stick gives you a positive result. ...»

First Stage of Labour
Labour experience differs from pregnancy to pregnancy. For some, it may end in a matter of hours. For others, it may not be that easy and it can absolutely test the mother's physical and emotional strength. ...»

Fertility Treatments: Taking It One Step at a Time
It's always easy for someone else to say that you should take things one step at a time. When it comes to the smaller things in life it can be easy to follow this advice but there are bigger issues that we all contend with in our lives. For many people that issue could be infertility. So how do you take it one step at a time? ...»

Preventing Certain Types of Fertility Problems
Most people think that infertility is natural and that most people just have it but this is not always the case. In many cases, infertility can be self-inflicted, whether it was intentional or not. In other words, it could something that you're doing which is interrupting your reproductive system from performing at 100%. Let's take a look at what you could be doing to cause fertility problems. ...»

Infertility: Don't Give Up Hope
Finding out that you are unable to fall pregnant can be devastating news, especially if it is something that you've wanted most of your life. Most of the time, this news is given to you by your family gynaecologist who may not be aware of new fertility treatments. If this is the case, it is advisable to get a second opinion from a fertility specialist who knows more about infertility. ...»

An Overview of a Prolactin Blood Test
A hormone called prolactin primarily helps women to produce milk after childbirth. High levels of prolactin in the blood cause non-cancerous tumors to develop in the pituitary gland. It is highly recommended that a woman must get a prolactin blood test done in order keep the levels of this essential hormone in check in the body. ...»

3 Delicious and Nutritious Main Courses for A Mom-To-Be
When you're expecting a baby, it is vital to go for a nutritious diet to ensure your baby's health. These delicious main course recipes will surely hit the spot! ...»

How Do I Know If I Am In An Abusive Relationship?
One in four women experience domestic violence during their pregnancy. Learn the signs of abuse to protect you and your baby. ...»

Is It Safe to Drink Wine During Pregnancy Or Not?
Alcohol consumption can cause serious complications in pregnancy. It can lead to birth defects, low birth weight baby, pre term labor and mental retardation. Although it is a big no to consume alcohol during pregnancy, there are researches which show that a small amount of wine during pregnancy might be beneficial. ...»

Early Pregnancy - Importance of Communication Between Couples
Pregnancy is usually a time of joy, not only for the expecting woman, but also for the partner. In most pregnancies, there is very little to be said of the partner, as the attention is focused on the woman and the unborn child. Nevertheless, it takes two to tango, and that is how the term contraception came into knowledge. ...»

MSCs - Found in Your Baby's Umbilical Cord
Your baby in the womb is made of millions of tiny stem cells, which are the building blocks of life. As the baby develops, these cells grow as the baby's skin, nose, hair, heart, etc. At birth, a reserve of these miracle cells remains in the baby's umbilical cord. Progressive modern medicine has established that the umbilical cord is no longer a medical waste to be discarded. ...»

Arresting The Canker of Teenage Pregnancy in Africa: Retrospection of The Roles of The Chieftaincy
Teenage pregnancy has been on the rocketed increase in contemporary Africa. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) reported recently that Africa has the highest world rate of teenage pregnancies with a percentage of 51%. The canker is so alarming that the majority of young girls of ages ranging from thirteen to sixteen years has thrown in the towel of education to forced labor. This is due to the sudden parental roles that these feeble young girls assume that demand that they work to cater for their wards. This puts their educational goals, health, and entire future ambitions in jeopardy and in great peril. ...»