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Posted on : March 16, 2007
Time for a Fresh Start
by Cheri Alguire The tax credit has almost expired, now what? Well, the good thing is that it is SPRING! I saw some flowers off the trail on a recent hike. It reminded me how much I love Spring. I love the fresh starts. Beginning all over... ...»

Tips for Real Estate Moms
By Katrina Eileen As a working mother sometimes from morning "til our heads hit the pillows at night we are going. Taking care of clients, children, husbands, PTA, church & organizations that matter to us, the home, the car, balancing the bank... ...»

By Cheri Alguire Remember the "best made plans of mice and men often go astray?" The old adage applies readily to your business plan if you do not manage your time effectively and/or delegate activities when needed. You can have the most... ...»

Business Planning Tip: the Production Plan can be more effective if you plan for the stuff behind the numbers
By Cheri Alguire Like the budget, writing a production plan for success is a lot about numbers. Black and white. Hours, dollars, and widgets. There is a sensible layout to follow. You map out the big picture by breaking down your transactions to... ...»

Budget: A Necessary Part of a Good Business Plan
By Cheri Alguire With the constant bad news about the economy, everyone is talking budget these days as if it were a new and exciting phenomenon"just discovered! How to save a buckHow to budget for a successful futureHow to make your dollar... ...»

Why a Development Plan is Critical to Your Business Plan for Next Year
By Cheri Alguire It is almost time to begin creating your Business Plan for next year. One important part that is often overlooked is what I call the Development Plan. A Development Plan helps you to look at your overall business in different... ...»

Business and Life Planning
By Cheri Alguire Happy Fall! Autumn officially begins on September 22, but having the kids back in school is almost a better marker for the beginning of fall for me. It is like the TV commercial with the mom singing it is the Hap-Happiest Time of... ...»

Real Estate Scripts: FSBO Objections
By Cheri Alguire I am often asked, "What do you say when a For Sale By Owner seller says [asks]"?" I always have an answer for every FSBO objection, but only because I have the advantage of both knowledge and skill over the FSBO seller. Here is a... ...»

Real Estate Scripts - Potential Seller Objections
By Cheri Alguire I am often asked, "What do you say when a potential seller asks"?" I always have an answer for every objection, but only because I keep the objective of the conversation IN MIND at all times. Here is a list of common seller... ...»

Creating a Real Estate Team
By Cheri Alguire No doubt about it: when you set out to complete your goals, you will need a functional team to support you. Think back to your goals. Are you going to be able to handle that kind of volume and all the paperwork and follow up that... ...»

What is your Value Proposition as a Real Estate Agent?
By Cheri Alguire As a real estate agent, it is important to know your value. "Your value" is determined by what you have to offer the consumer. It is important to remember that consumer perception is consumer reality. Every agent on the path of... ...»

Real Estate Scripts: Buyer Objections
By Cheri Alguire I am often asked, "What do you say when a buyer asks"?" I always have an answer for every objection, but only because I use a method for analyzing every objection. Here is a list of common buyer objections and a quick follow-up... ...»

More Expired Real Estate Scripts: Avoid the Traps
By Cheri Alguire I have had an enormous response from you all about the first set of Real Estate Scripts. I had a couple of you send in more examples of objections and some that felt like they were being trapped by the expired real estate leads... ...»

Lead Generation and Marketing Plans for Real Estate Professionals
By Cheri Alguire In pervious articles, we focused on targeting a niche, the WHO that benefit most from your services. Now we turn our attention to generating leads from that given niche and creating a marketing plan for success (the HOW.) Once you... ...»

Expired Real Estate Leads Scripts
By Cheri Alguire With so many agents working on getting expired listings, my clients have been asking me to help them work on scripts during our coaching sessions for advice on how to deal with objections from expired real estate leads. Remember,... ...»

What is your Value Proposition and why do you need one?
By Cheri Alguire YOU know how special you are. YOU know that you outshine the competition. The question is: does your potential client? Helping clients understand the value you provide to them is essential in prospecting and keeping business.... ...»

Niche Marketing Lesson for Your Business from a Burger Restaurant
By Cheri Alguire Now in the current market and more than ever, you may be tempted to define your clients as any and every one who walks past you down the street. Everyone needs a place to live, right? Concerns over the economy and a desperate need... ...»

Mother of the Year Video
I hope all you Real Estate Moms enjoyed Mother's Day. I enjoyed "Mother's Day Weekend!" (Why have a day when you can stretch it to three!) I received this video in an email from a friend on Mother's Day. Watch it to the end and it will bring up... ...»

Moms on Facebook
By Cheri Alguire "Why isn't there a "Kids' Day?" is the question I heard from my fifteen-year-old daughter this week. Doesn't she know that her older brothers and all kids in the entire world that have ever asked this question before always get... ...»

How is your “Busyness” Doing?
By Cheri Alguire How is your Busyness Doing? No, I did not mean "Business" but if you tell me how your "Busyness" is, I bet I can tell how your Business is doing. We too often spend far too many hours attending the busy-work of the business,... ...»

Why did the Dog Cross the Road?
by Cheri Alguire In ancient times, lessons were taught via stories told around the campfires at the end of the day. The wise elders would tell and retell fables that turned into modern stories such as "the Hare and the Tortoise" where the moral of... ...»

by Cheri Alguire There is no shortage on advice on Goal Setting, and it's one of the "basics" of business planning. But how do you set goals when sales are down and all you hear on the news is bad news. What is the alternative? Participate in the... ...»

How NOT to Deal with Problem Areas in Your Business and Your Life
By Cheri Alguire Many people attack the problem areas in their business with the mantra, "When things get tough, I just work harder." This is a philosophy that looks admirable on the surface, but actually can adversely affect our goals.... ...»

Time to Review Your Goals and Business Plan
By Cheri Alguire It is the end of the first quarter and time to check the score. Just as planning your goals for the coming year should always begin with a look back at the year in review, so planning your business for the rest of this year should... ...»

Is Your Real Estate Business Running Smoothly?
By Cheri Alguire Let's face it. The time to ask yourself, "Is my business running smoothly?" is NOT after you have just had a flat tire and are bumping down the road. The time to ask that question and analyze its answer is during the business... ...»