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Posted on : April 16, 2007
I Could No Longer Play The Same Role
I grew up in a family where everyone had a role, and each person rarely stepped out of that role. My mother was the one who was in control, and this generally took place through making the decisions and keeping people inline through losing her temper. ...»

True-Self: Can Being Agreeable Cause Someone To Lose Touch With Their True-Self?
When someone has the ability to go along to get along, it can be a lot easier for them to get on with others. By not having the desire to rock the boat, so to speak, they are unlikely to rub other people up the wrong way. ...»

Back To Me
Our true self will never die, it just gets covered by all this negative energy. It is up to us to remember who we truly are every once in awhile so we don't get lost under these covers. ...»

I Had A Fear Of Being Seen
When I was growing up there was generally one person who did all the talking when we were around others - my mother. And, as time went by this would include my sister, which meant that my father and I didn't get the chance to say much. ...»

Loving Yourself By Forgiving Yourself and Others
Have you struggled with forgiving yourself or others? Discover how to reach forgiveness and the joy and freedom it can bring. ...»

6 Power Questions to Ask to Figure Out Your Strengths
Ever wondered how to make the most of your skill set and match a job out there? You simply need to find your strengths. How would you do that? Ask a few power questions. Look inside to find out. ...»

What Are You Willing to Let Go Of?
Share and enjoy! This week mother nature has been intense with over 6 significant fires breaking out in Southern California, spanning across four different counties. San Diego county being one of them. We have been safe with being about 30 miles away from the fire, but have to admit it was scary when first hearing about it. ...»

My Life Had No Meaning
I remember lying in bed as a child feeling overwhelmed by my emotions and wanting my life to end. This wasn't a one-off, though; as this was something I went through on numerous occasions. ...»

Answering a Coach's Question About Excuses Vs Reasons
Excuses stop action, but a reason calls for redoubled efforts to find one or more creative solutions. Read on to learn more. ...»

You Need To Be Able To Handle Your Own Emotions
Through reading books on self-development, taking courses and changing what was taking place in my mind, amongst other things, I started to settle down mentally and emotionally. This was something that often stood out when I was out socialising, as I generally felt as though I was in control of myself and that I could express myself however I wanted to. ...»

How to Prepare for a Past Life Regression
Are past lives real or simply imagined? Read about several theories of what past lives may be... only one theory involves reincarnation. Learn how to prepare yourself for undergoing a past life regression session to benefit the most from your experience to support your healing and transformation in your present life. ...»

I Couldn't Get In Touch With My Emotions
Towards the end of 2009 I did a Reference Point Therapy course in London, and the purpose of this course was to heal trauma. In the beginning, the person who was leading the course, Simon Rose, spoke about boundaries, the effect that our time in the womb can have on us and a number of other things. ...»

Critical Thinking: Why Do Some Men Say That All Men Are Bad?
If someone hasn't been living under a rock for a number of months, they are likely to be only too aware of what has been taking place in Hollywood. After a producer was accused of harassment and rape, a number of other men were accused of the same thing. ...»

I Kept Having Nightmares
During the beginning of my life, I remember having two reoccurring dreams. In one of the dreams, I would be at the top of a flight of stairs and shortly after, I would fall down the stairs. ...»

The Truth About the 'Performance' You
Nobody ought to be stereotyped that they're 'this' type of person or 'that' type of person. We're all capable of a range of different behaviours and responses. It's the environment and our own sense of well-being or ill-being in that environment that counts. ...»

The Power of the Present Moment
Do you find yourself living in the past or future? How about relishing the present moment? There is power in it. In what ways? Can you relate? Look inside to find out. ...»

True-Self: Why Do Some People Find It Hard To Assert Themselves?
As far as some people are concerned, the purpose of life is to be happy; whereas for others, it is to live a meaningful life. When it comes to the former, it is going to be all about feeling good. ...»

Relationships: Do Some Men's Childhoods Set Them Up To Please Women?
On the one hand, there are men who do what they can to fulfil their own needs and, on the other, there are men who do what they can to please others. What this can bring to mind is someone who doesn't give a damn about others, or someone who cares too much about others. ...»

The Annoying Chipmunk Fable
A story about an annoying chipmunk who learned he has to be serious some of the time. Andrew, the chipmunk, could be very annoying. He asked silly questions, played pranks on his friends, and bothered them while they worked. Will he be able to change? ...»

Will You Stop and Say Hi?
If you're rushing around from task-to-task, situation-to-situation, you're missing it. You're missing the opportunity to connect with other people and move both of your lives forward. You're missing the miracles right there for you. It's going to present itself in a way to connect and expand positive, loving energy, which just doesn't come with rushing around and being in a stressed out overwhelmed energy. ...»

Stop Judging & Scroll Past!
Stop judging people on Facebook and if you don't like what you see, scroll past! Let people be who they are and express themselves the way they choose. If their post doesn't speak to you, it wasn't meant for you. ...»

My Mother Lacked Empathy
It was not uncommon for my mother to act in a destructive way when I was younger, but that doesn't mean that she spent a lot of time apologising. Shortly after she had done something, she would generally act as though nothing had happened. ...»

The Other "F" Word
The power of words... they can determine our moods, reputation, and destiny! No, not that word! I have another "F" word that could change your life. It has mine. I learned it from a 9-year old girl several years ago. ...»

I No Longer Had A Purpose
Growing up in a guest house meant that there was always something to do; therefore, there wasn't much time to relax. If I didn't get up at a certain time or disappeared when I was supposed to be working, I would often be in a lot of trouble. ...»

I Felt Guilty After My Father Died
When my father had to go into hospital for a heart operation in 2011, I dropped him off at the hospital. And although there was a greater risk due to his age, I thought that he would soon be out. ...»

Emotionally Disconnected: Do Some People's Childhood Set Them Up To Feel Empty?
When someone feels like a whole human being, they are going to be in tune with what is taking place in their head and what is going on in their body. One is then not going to be dead from the neck down. ...»

It Wasn't Safe For Me To Express My Emotions
When I was about 12 years old, I remember being told to "stop moaning" by my mother. And based on how she responded in this moment, it was as though I was actually making a fuss over nothing. ...»

I Was Completely Out of Touch With My Own Needs
Once I had finished studying sport and leisure at college in 2003, I had absolutely no idea about what I was going to do next. I had only taken this course because I enjoyed working out and I didn't know what else to do. ...»

Critical Thinking: If Someone Is Always Offended, Does It Show That They Are Self-Absorbed?
One only needs to pick up a paper or to go on social media see how common it is for people to be offended in today's world. Nowadays, it is often said that offence is given, not taken; whereas in the past, it was typically seen as something that was taken, not given. ...»

Thanking God for the Courage in Your Encourager
The encourager has courage in them for putting courage in those they encourage. The outcome of encouragement is courage fills us. ...»

I Was Brought Up To Tolerate Abuse
I remember sitting at the dinner table, after I had come back from school and having an argument with my mother. This soon came to an end, though, as she ended up leaving the table and going to her room. ...»

I Felt Completely Violated
Whilst my mother was in hospital recovering from her stroke, towards the end of 2010, it was just me and my father at home. But even though my mother wasn't there, it was so much more peaceful. ...»

Critical Thinking: Why Do Some People Always Say That Other People Are Sexist?
There are a number of problems in today's world, and it could be said that some of these problems are more important than others. Still, that doesn't meant that the amount of attention a problem receives will depend on how important it is. ...»

What Could Actually Go Into Your Journal?
Have you ever speculated about the title question? In fact not only your gratitude statements can go in - it can be a good system for retaining a whole lot of other handy information. Look inside to find out. ...»

I Was Terrified of My Mother
In the middle of 2010, my life was going in the right direction; I felt confident, I had a relatively fulfilling job, and I had a plenty of good people around me. It was as though my life could only get better. ...»

Read This and You're Not Alone
OVERWHELMED is a feeling I get when I face a spiritual attack that always seems to come as a flurry of fiery darts. These six or seven issues confound my ability to face them one-by-one, and in being overwhelmed I just tear up and acknowledge that I can only accept what I cannot change. It is all I can do so it is all I do. ...»

I Was Told That I Was Useless
I remember listening to Dov Baron in 2006 and thinking about I would love to know as much as he did. At this point, I had already been learning about self-development for about three years, so it wasn't as though I hadn't come across anyone like this before. ...»

What Does It Say About Today's Relationships When Some People Have To Pay Others To Listen To Them?
Nowadays, it is not uncommon for someone to work with a therapist or a counsellor; in fact, it could be said that it is a fairly common occurrence. Even so, this doesn't mean that someone won't feel ashamed for needing to be assisted in this way. ...»

5 Tips to Feeling Grateful
I have struggled over the years to create a meaningful gratitude practice if I'm being really honest. The thought of writing out every single thing that I am grateful for every day felt daunting and overwhelming, and therefore defeated the entire purpose. Here are my top gratitude practices that I have found to be the most effective in elevating my energy, and helping me feel more connected and grateful. ...»

I Had Severe Learning Difficulties
Before I had read my first book on self-devotement, towards the end of 2003, I didn't really read books. The books that I had read were the ones that I had to read whilst I was at school, and this meant that I didn't have a choice. ...»

Simple Ways Of Fighting Laziness
Laziness can come in the way of getting things done and drag you from achieving your goals. When you are hit by lethargy, you may not be able to get your school work done, keep up with your workout program and even take care of your personal dreams and growth. This is because when laziness takes effect, you will end up procrastinating things you were supposed to do for later and this can end up in a cycle meaning that you get less and less things done. ...»

True-Self: Does Someone Need To Feel Safe In Order To Be Themselves?
How someone behaves around others can be in alignment with who they are, or it can be a reflection of their false-self. However, even if it is not a reflection of their true-self, it doesn't mean that other people will realise this. ...»

I Was Physically Abused
When my sister and I were growing up, we had to do as we were told; if we didn't, we would often end up being hit by my father. In a lot of cases, this would be something that our mother was behind. ...»

The Power of The Law of Cause & Effect
The universal law of cause and effect states that for every effect there is a definite cause, likewise for every cause there is a definite effect. Something I learned that created a massive shift for me with this law, is that the cause is always our thoughts. Always. ...»

An Attribute That Sums Up Leadership
I have been managing and leading numerous teams in different Industries and at different geographical locations in various capacities for several years now. Leadership is such a wonderful concept which has always kept me eager and inquisitive, asking for more each time. And I have rather been fascinated with different leadership attributes, styles and competencies contributing to a "perfect" leader. ...»

It's Graduation, Not Retirement
Will you retire - or graduate? Shut down from life - or move into an exciting new way of living? ...»

Just How Grateful Can You Be?
This is the season for Gratitude. It's easy to be thankful, to feel gratitude, for things we receive that we recognize immediately as gifts. ...»

Critical Thinking: Do Some People Act Moral In Order To Abuse Others?
On one hand, there is what one says and, on the other, there is what they actually do. Now, while it is easy for one to say something, it is not as easy for them to actually do what they say. ...»

I Didn't Feel Safe Enough To Cry
When I first started to face the emotional pain that was within me, in 2013, I didn't feel comfortable expressing my emotions. So, when I was working with a therapist, it was a challenge for me to express what was going on for me. ...»

Bedside Manner: Is It A Dying Art In Medicine?
Good patient rapport benefits patients and their doctors by maintaining open communication. The same technology that allows patients to have online access to medical information is the very technology that can be a barrier to engaging with patients. In patient care areas doctors and nurses are tied to computer screens that allow them to access patient history, radiology and lab tests, and document the patient encounter. Medical professionals have to now make conscious efforts to look up from the computer screen, establish eye contact and engage with patients and their families. ...»

I Thought It Was All About The Mind
When I was having hypnotherapy towards the end of 2012, I was told we were all nothing more than a conversation in our head. As a result of this, the way for me to change my life would be for me to change what was taking place in my mind. ...»

Introducing Star Wars Mindfulness
Star Wars mindfulness, huh? Now just what do those two completely unrelated topics have to do with each other? Only a whole lot, as it turns out. ...»

Forgiveness Is a Gift You Give Yourself
People who are angry often lose sight of why they were offended in the first place; all they know is that they're right and the other person is wrong. Being right makes the person angry and he/she goes around making everyone else angry. Learning to understand yourself and forgive provides the tools to understand what it feels like to forgive. ...»

You Need Therapy
Shorty after I felt where I was working in 2012, I felt overwhelmed with stress and emotional pain. Due to this, I head back to the spiritual shop where I had had a reading a little while before, and I spoke to the owner. ...»

I Felt Worthless
Once I had left my job in the beginning of 2012, I needed to take a break. I could no longer handle the amount of stress that I was under and this was one of the main reasons why I had to walk away. ...»

Stop Preaching
The first book that I read on self development was a by Louise L Hay and, shortly after I had read one of her books, I end up reading another. I bought the first book in a spiritual shop in Australia and the second book at a book shop in England. After I had finished this book, I read a few books on Buddhism. ...»

5 Steps to Self-Actualization and Living the Life You Want
Day 1. Eyes open. Mind awake. Let's make something happen! Hi there. I'm sure you have had the thoughts of wondering is this it? Is this where I want my life to go? ...»

Positives of Etiquette
Etiquettes are a set of undrafted rules which form the basis of social conversations and discourse. However, in the chaos of our daily life, what is the significance of etiquettes? Is it a mere social obligation or does it have a higher purpose? ...»

I Felt Suicidal
Went I went to a new salsa dancing class in the middle of 2010, there was one woman who caught my eye. And while we were dancing together, I asked her about where she was from and what she did, amongst others things. ...»

This Guy Was Masculine
When I started a new job in the beginning of 2010, it took me a while to settle down. One of reason for this was that before I started this job, I had gone on holiday to Bali and Australia and I had been on a healing course in Belgium just before I headed over there. ...»

I Found It Hard To Breathe
When I think back to what happened in 2001, I remember that there was a time when I was working out and I ended up finding it hard to breathe. At the time, I just thought that I had a cold coming on. ...»

Top 5 Reasons You Should Not Fear Examinations
With the right mindset, the average person can do well in any academic or professional examination. Therefore there is no need to entertain the common dread people feel when they are faced with an upcoming examination. You can do well. ...»

I Developed Another False-Self
After I had met a woman who gave readings and did a number of other things, in 2003, I wanted to know more. So, after I had been away for a number weeks, I went to see this woman again. ...»

Everything Happens For A Positive Reason
Everything happens for a wise purpose and there are no mistakes. We are always where we are meant to be and nobody has the power to destroy us, unless we give them that power. ...»

I Felt Recognised
In the middle of 2012, I ended up having a reading, and this took place at a shop that was about 9 miles away from where I lived. This was a time when I was looking for guidance, and this was partly because I had just left where I worked. ...»

I Wasn't Good Enough
When I finished school I had no idea what I was going to do, so I ended up going to a college to see what courses were on offer. During this time, I thought I would be good to study psychology, yet that was as far as it went. ...»

I Wanted To Help My Father
In the beginning of 2009, I had been working with someone for a little while, and this made me think about what it would be like to work with someone else. This was a time when I was doing a lot work around negative beliefs and past life trauma. ...»

My 8 Purposes for Life
TRYING to make ends meet, you're a slave to money, then you die... the immortal words of the Bittersweet Symphony. Life must have more significance than that! And it does. In a salient moment's reflection, God gave me this. I exist for these reasons: ...»

Hollywood: Is It A Surprise To Hear About How Immoral Hollywood Is?
If someone has paid attention to the news recently, they might be aware of the fact that a certain film producer has been accused of sexually harassing, assaulting, or raping a number of women. Then again, this could be something that they are not even aware of. ...»

Self-Worth: Can Someone Be An Underachiever When They Don't Value Themselves?
When someone values themselves, they can do what it takes to achieve their goals. Quite simply, they are not going to be willing to settle in life, and this will be what pushes them forward. ...»

The Power of True Choice
I am certain that I'm not the only one who feels that their power of choice is being chipped away at day by day. Choice is a human right - we should be able to decide for ourselves how we want to live our lifespan on this earth - I'm sure it wasn't in the divine plan that we be born to be enslaved and manipulated by others. However, from all the information that comes my way through various sources, it seems pretty clear that the majority of people are living lives in servitude to the choices and decisions of others - their own power having been stripped away. ...»

Why I Hate Swimming So Much
You will read about the reason why I hate swimming from a young age and how I managed to master it at the age of 41. I also learnt useful life lessons from this specific experience. ...»

It Is What It Is: What Do You Feel?
When you hear the phrase, "It is what it is," do you feel relaxed? Do you feel like screaming? Or do you go into an apathetic or complacent place? ...»

She Had A Big Impact On My Life
There was a moment in the beginning of 2013, when I didn't know why something was taking place. I had been in relationship for a few months and I didn't completely understand why the woman I was with was behaving in a certain way. ...»

The Fight With Yourself - You Are Your Own Worst Enemy
If you dig deep inside yourself, you will notice that you point the blame to everyone else for your life;your misfortunes and most of all your own upbringing. I am sure you all have heard the saying, "I didn't ask to be born" a few times and most likely you told yourself the same thing. Wrong! I am writing this article to enlighten you on REAL TRUTH. If you are over stressed, confused, hurt, upset, carry a lot of emotional pain from your past, then this article is for you. ...»

Your 'Job' & You
You think your work is XYZ or finding a way to make $$ and 'support' yourself. It's not. Your essential work at this point in time is to cultivate Consciousness and bloom. ...»

People Pleasing: Is Someone More Likely To Please Others If They Are Emotionally Dependent?
In order for someone to live a fulfilling life, there are going to be at last two things that will need to be in place. On the one hand, they will need to be aware of their needs, and on the other; they will need to feel safe enough to fulfil them. ...»

A Positive Outlook for a Complete Personality - It's Rather Easier
The process of self-improvement continues throughout the life time of a person. It should be incessant and in order to make it so the best part of its completion depends upon the positive attitude that you have. But now your question would definitely be, "How to gain a positive attitude?" It's easier but can be too difficult for you depending on how you take it. ...»

My Gums Were Bleeding
In the beginning of 2010, I was all fired up, and this was partly because I had recently been on a course. When I was on this course, I met some great people, and I wrote down some of the things that I wanted to achieve. ...»

This Was Someone Who Was In Touch With Their Emotions
Shortly after I got back from Mexico in 2014, I started spending more time with a friend who I had met a few years before. This was someone who I had met whilst I was at a social club. ...»

Big Thinking Is Not Sweet Talk
Really big thinking is not sweet talk. Recently, I encountered a few emails that basically said "Buy into my modality and you will get it all instantly". It does not work like that. Here is how it simply works though: Use the blessings you already have in a direct and workable way, and you will get what you want ultimately. ...»

Celebrities: Are Some Celebrities Hypocrites?
When it comes to a famous actor or singer, for instance, it could be said that their purpose is either to act or to sing. This is then no different to how a plumber or an electrician, for instance, is going to have their own purpose. ...»

An Expectation Is Resentment, Disappointment, or Anger, Waiting to Happen
Are you someone who expects certain things from your partner, children, friends, family members, coworkers or employer/employees? Do you notice that when what you expect doesn't happen that you feel resentful, disappointed, hurt, frustrated, or angry? Having expectations of others is a set-up for us. ...»

Am I Shy, Unfriendly, Antisocial, or Am I An Introvert?
Lately it seems that many of us are trying to classify ourselves, and others, as an introvert or an extrovert when in reality it's not always distinctly one, or the other. Yet, all too often introversion comes with a negative connotation. Frequently we judge, criticize, or label ourselves, or others, as snobbish, pretentious, unfriendly, antisocial, or just downright disconnected for being quiet, or not talking and interacting enough. ...»

You Were Abandoned
After the relationship that I was in at the beginning of 2013 came to an end, I ended up coming into contact with a lot of emotional pain. Although certain amount of pain had been coming up for a little while, the end of the relationship brought it all up the surface. ...»

Follow Your Dreams
How often do we go after our dreams? Most of the times we succumb to the family pressure and forget about our dreams altogether. Think about it and its worth it ...»

No, You Don't Have To Suffer Deteriorated Old Age
Contrary to popular belief and expectation, physical and mental decline that often accompanies advanced chronological age is not the result of chronological age. Mental and physical decline are usually a byproduct of an "old" mindset and lifestyle. ...»

Mindfulness Was A Waste Of Time
In 2010 I had tried a healing technique that didn't really have much of an effect on me, and this made me look for something else. Towards the end of this year, I got in touch with someone who I had met around a year before. ...»

Aren't You A Bit Young To Be Writing About This Stuff!?
In 2011 or 2012, I was asked if I would like to go to a talk at a university that was on food. I thought that this would be interesting, so I agreed to go along. ...»

You Have A Way With Words
In September 2005 I ended up studying music technology, and this was due to a number of reasons. Firstly, I was into dance music and wanted to learn how to create my own music and, secondly, I didn't know what else to do. ...»

The Love-Hate Relationship We Have With Truth
IMAGINE the spontaneous laughter, when Richard Rohr OFM says, "Before the truth sets you free, it tends to make you miserable." Humour makes us laugh because it sounds absurd, but it is, of course, at the same time, 100 percent true. ...»

I Was Carrying A Lot Of Grief
Towards the end of 2014, I felt a lot better than I did in the beginning of 2013, and what also played a part here is that I had recently been away. I had gone to Mexico for my sister's wedding in June that year. ...»

Organizing Your Day - How to Fix a Lack of Discipline
A preplanned day is almost always going to work well. A little lack of discipline shouldn't throw you off balance. Rather you need to fix it with quick wits and skill so that your day turns out delightful and productive on the overall. How is this possible? Look inside to find out. ...»

Over Analysis Leads to Paralysis
It kills your productivity.Overthinking leads to self-sabotage, and holds you back from your goals. Get yourself out of the over analyzing bubble and start doing things practically, be proactive, make amendments on daily basis. Aiming for perfection in every little thing does not work. Sometimes, just good enough is fine to go with. Find out the problem and focus mainly on the solutions. Try new things on daily basis; indulge yourself so much in work that you don't even get a chance to think again and again on a certain matter. ...»

Self-Worth: Why Do Some People Believe That They Need To Be Good At Everything?
What is clear is that if someone wants to be good at something, they will need to put the work in and to be patent. In addition to the time that they need to put in each week, there can be moments when they will need to change what they are doing. ...»

There's Always a Silver Lining
After I got the call, I raced over to the school and it was heartbreaking to see Ella in so much pain. The principal asked me how I was doing and I almost broke down into tears. He was so fantastic with checking in on me, and also explaining how everything worked. He was my saving grace in that moment. ...»

Possibility Living (Getting Rid Of Dark Morals And Fuzzy Math)
This is a universe of certainty, and reality. I wanted to tell my girlfriend that, and I wanted to tell her that it takes three weeks or so to genuinely program a mind and change a habit. However we may feel, and however it may "really" work, realistic brainwashing seems that cut and dry by the programmer when it comes down to it, especially when you really want or deeply need the habit changed. ...»

Why It Is Important to Accept Others As They Are
Attempting to change others and the world at large will call in for a huge hue and cry. The only person you can change is yourself and you can set an example for others. No arguments, no ill talk, no hard feelings - nothing at all for this to work out. Look inside for highlights. ...»

How Does It Affect You That Donald Trump Is President?
In this article you will learn that the only thing that affects you now that Donald Trump is president is that you have a point of contrast to better clarify the story that you want to tell and to manifest in your life. It would have been the same if Hillary Clinton had won: You would have a point of contrast to the same end. ...»

I Knew That Everything Would Be OK
After my father had been moved to a closer hospital, towards the end of 2011, we were pleased that it would be a lot easier to visit him. Even so, this was a time when he was on a life support machine, so it wasn't as if we could have a conversation with him. ...»