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Self Improvement Blogs and Articles
Posted on : April 16, 2007
How to Tame Your Inner Critic
How often do you find berating and rebuking yourself? How often do you punish yourself by negative self-talk for making mistakes? Remember none of this helps. What do you do? Look inside for highlights. ...»

Self-Worth: Do Some People's Childhoods Set Them Up To Attach Their Value To What They Do?
If one was to observer how the people around them behave, they may find that a lot of them have something in common. What could stand out is how so many people are always doing something. ...»

5 Ways to Reduce the Struggle
Here are 5 ways for you to move through the struggle too ? 1. Identify the beliefs you have around working. What have you been taught? Then look at who's approval and love you are looking for by sticking with this old belief system. ...»

Self-Worth: Why Do Some People Take It Personally When People Criticise Their Work?
It has been said that the only way that one can avoid being criticised is if they don't do anything. When this happens, one will be in the shadows, so to speak, and it will be normal for people to overlook them. ...»

If You Want to Find the Truth, You Must Vanish
Often times in our lives and typically at points where we become more mature, we start looking more and more for truth. We start wanting more out of lives other than the same old hustle and bustle such as work, kids, family, money. We evaluate our lives and realize a certain emptiness is present. Perhaps we are tired of going through the same things over and over. Broken relationships, failures, jobs that don't fulfill us, friendships that don't feel authentic, covering up our true selves, pretending to be something we may not be, lying, etc. ...»

Die to Self, Die to Yourself
What does die to self mean? - Dying to the things you think you know. - Abandoning the limiting beliefs systems you have adopted in your life that lead you down the wrong road ...»

Self-Worth: Can Someone Find It Hard To Relax When They Feel Worthless?
In today's world, it is not uncommon for someone to have a very busy life, and this can stop them from being able to just be. During the week, there is likely be the amount of time that they are at work each day and, once they get home, they may have other things to do. ...»

Victim Mentality: Do Some People Only Feel Loved When They Act Like A Victim?
When it comes to someone's self-image, there is the chance that it is having a positive effect on their life. How they see themselves is then going to allow them to feel good about themselves and to fulfil their needs. ...»

Pass the Damn Ball to the Kid Who May Fumble
Someone recently posted the article on social media, "Dear Kids: If I Die, Please Don't Be a Sh**head." As a parent and grandfather, it caught my attention due to the bluntness. But I also thought about it as a leader and manager. ...»

If Someone Feels Offended, Does It Prove That Another Person Has Done Something Wrong?
If one reads the paper on a regular basis and/or spends time on social media, they may have heard about people who have been offended by something. Now, one may see that there are times when this is valid, and times when it isn't. ...»

Sixty-Five Years Young!
Well, on August 7th I will have my sixty-fifth birthday! I can't really identify any significant changes in my health or personal life but there are a number of things that will change because of that milestone. First of all, I will no longer be required to contribute to the federal, provincial or personal pension plans. ...»

How to Become a Strategic Thinker and Problem Solver
Is it possible for you to be both a strategic thinker and problem solver? The answer is yes. Look inside for highlights. ...»

How to Simplify Thinking and Everything
Simplify! We all face the difficulties in life, especially when we must think instead of simply accepting. We all ask: Can we simplify our life? ...»

Authenticity Heals: 6 Steps to Being Authentic
Authenticity is the opposite of shame. It reveals our humanity and helps us connect with others.It builds self-esteem and empowers us. Follow these 6 steps. ...»

Do You Want Your Life to Improve?
MOST people do, but there are times when we need life to improve; we get sick and tired of being sick and tired; we find we can no longer live without hope. Rarely in life, though this does come fleetingly, a few times, there is this moment. ...»

Your Habit, Your Life
It is always said that your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, and repeated actions develop into habits which sum up to make your character that speaks more than a volume about who you are. Habits are integral building blocks in the construction of your life, be it a majestic edifice of sound, covetable personality profile or a dented, substandard and wobbly structure resulting from a pile-up mixture of negative behavior which of course heads straight for destruction. Simply put, your habit makes or mars you; this is an inspirational quote that has held its grounds of truth for many centuries. ...»

Hope: Is Hope Good Or Bad?
If someone is going through a challenging time in their life, they may hope that that this will soon change. What this could show is that one area of their life is not going as they would like it to go, or there might be a number of areas that are like this. ...»

For the Road Less Travelled
This seems to be exact thoughts of the travel agency, Cox & Kings who in their latest commercial wants to 'Enable Travel' for everyone. Because there is never the perfect time to travel. All you need to do is go with the flow. ...»

How You Should Stop Sweating the Small Stuff
Life is all about people and pets. When they start doing things that annoy you, you should stop sweating the small stuff. Why is that so? And how can you do it? Look inside for answers. ...»

Self-Worth: Do Some People Lack A Healthy Sense Of Entitlement?
When someone has an entitlement mentality, it can cause them to behave in ways that will have a negative effect on others. Through being this way, one of their main priorities will be fulfil their own needs. ...»

Death, How Mean Thou Art
This is a bitter script about the monster called death, directed to him as if he is a person because of the horror he forces out of people. There are some of the mournful, depressing words, tragic quotes and uninspiring poems you've caused to come out of the lips of innocent mouths; those are the terrible lyrics of horrible agony songs that you've caused people you never knew and families that never planned nor rehearsed it to sing as if they were choristers. You just come in uninvited, grab your victim unprepared and take them without any consolation. No thanks to you, sad memories of our deceased loved ones surge through our minds. We can't but point accusing fingers at you! How cruel you are in manner! How cold you are in deeds! ...»

Cultivating Mental Toughness
"Concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory", said Bill Russell. In fact, mental toughness is the most important ingredient that is very much necessary for achieving goals in life because during the course of your journey towards your life's goals, chances of you facing bumps are very high. Mental toughness will help you acquire resilience, determination and willpower so you can persist till you reach your goals. Though researches reveal that this trait has genetic links, it is possible to cultivate it. Let us see how. ...»

Self-Worth: Why Do Some People Believe That They Are Not Good Enough?
When one believes that they are not good enough, it can set them to live a life that is not very fulfilling. For one thing, this can stop them from taking the steps that they need to take to fulfil their goals. ...»

How to Trust the Universe More
Have you been cheated at various points in your life? It's time to remove your belief about not trusting enough. On the other hand, too much of it will lead you to trouble and deceit while on the flip of the coin, it will lead you to have a friendless, lonely life. In short be more trusting. Look inside for highlights of several possible scenarios you could find yourself in. ...»

Victim Mentality: Why Do Some People Always Act Like Victims?
When one gets to the end of their day, they might look back on what has happened, and this could be a time when they will see what good and bad things have taken place. Even so, they could believe that this is simply part of life. ...»

Humility Commands Respect
Being humble is the quality of not being arrogant or proud, but just being modest of one's own importance compared to others. It can also mean--a recognition of self in relation to God as well as acceptance of one's defects. ...»

The Difference Between SUCCESS And FAILURE Is The Ability To Take Action
In this article, I'll dwell on the harmful effects of Procrastination. I will discuss the latent symptoms and the various ways that this very bad habit can be overcome. ...»

Tired of Being Owned by an Alarm Clock
When I first quit drinking and began a new life in sobriety the only thing I truly wanted was to live a boring life. It has been anything but boring and I'm tired of it. I need to slow down and regain my focus on the spiritual side of life and get back to a more simplistic and boring life. In my life, to reach this point means taking control of my life. At the top of the list is getting rid of alarm clocks. Let me sleep as much or as little as I want. No machine should have that much power over me, to tell me to "Get up! Right Now!" ...»

Why Training on How to Spot a Liar Is the Most Important Tool in Your Life
Training on how to spot a liar is an extremely important, yet overlooked tool you need in today's business world. Every day we negotiate something important in our lives, why not be armed with the ability to uncover someone's true intentions. How much money or time is wasted on the unknown? Here is a short article in a series, on how learning to detect lies can have a positive impact on your life. ...»

Our Heart Is Our Real Guide
The article focuses on the fundamental role of our 'heart and soul' in its purest form in guiding us in the right direction in our life. It also implicitly pinpoints the crucial importance of keeping human 'heart and soul' pure. ...»

The Media: Is It Easier For The Mainstream Media To Manipulate The Older Generation?
If someone wanted to find out about what was going on around them in the past, they probably would have watched TV or read a paper. The reason for this is that the internet wouldn't have been available. ...»

How to Be More Likable
We all have the need to be accepted by society and above all, to be liked by people. We like being loved and cared about. How exactly can we make it happen? Look inside for highlights. ...»

Child Abuse: Can Someone Have One Good Parent And One Bad Parent?
During one's early years, they may have had two parents who treated them well. As a result of this, they may look back on their childhood with fond memories. ...»

The Fogiveness
When speaking of forgiveness, the most usual thing is to refer to another person and what this has done for us in life and what we must do to forgive. Actually everything that has done that person, often depends on how you look to see if it is right or wrong to act. Many times, being so angry at what we blindly believe is wrong, we do not see that the other human being also has our own needs and that it is fundamental for the analysis of the right is good to be able to put oneself... ...»

Transformative Storytelling - How Writing an About Page Can Change Your Life
Don't we all wish we could have our "life purpose" handed to us on a silver platter? No more doubts, second-guessing, or comparison? I certainly did. ...»

Self-Worth: It Is Harder For Someone To Make Mistakes When They Feel Worthless?
If one was to get something wrong, they may find that this is not something that will end up derailing them. They might need a little while to pull themselves together, so to speak, but that will be as far as it will go. ...»

How to Assess Your Strengths & Weaknesses
How do you assess your strengths and weaknesses? For instance, when I was a teenager, I would break easily whenever a challenge hit me. By now I have grown so much stronger and I go bigger whenever a challenge confronts me, downsizing it. What strengths and weaknesses can you identify for yourself? Look inside to find out. ...»

Self-Worth: Is It Harder For Someone To Be Sensitive When They Feel Worthless?
When one behaves in a way that is seen as being socially acceptable, it can be a lot easier for them to feel good about themselves. But before they were even old enough to go out into the world by themselves, there would have been how they were treated by their caregiver/s. ...»

Learning to Resist
When we talk about how to resist problems, we always end up saying you'll never make it. Finally, and as time goes on, the problem persists and we, as human beings, get up every day, live, sleep, and wake up again with the problem already included in our routines. With the passing of days, and without realizing it, we become hard, enduring the vicissitudes of life. ...»

Boundaries: Are Other People To Blame If Someone Always Ends Up Being Walked Over?
If one is in a position where other people have the tendency to walk over them, it is going to be a challenge for them to be themselves. They are likely to spend a lot of time on edge, as this will make it easier them to predict what will happen next. ...»

How to Deal With Change
Your daughter has finished secondary school education and is going for Higher Studies abroad. Or she is leaving for good to stay with her soul mate in their own home. Or your hubby is filing a divorce. All these are drastic changes - something difficult to cope. But what is the right way to deal with them? Look inside to find out. ...»

Self-Worth: Can Someone Try To Create The Perfect Body When They Feel Worthless?
If one was to think about their life, they may find that they have the need to be perfect in every area of it, or this might only apply to one area. When this is something that applies to all areas of their life, they are likely to experience a lot of pressure. ...»

Identity: Who Are You?
I recently watched an interesting video in which Paul McCartney was asked about the break-up of the Beatles. He explained that this was a shock and when it occurred he didn't get out of bed for days. The interviewer asked if he had been worried about money. ...»

Systems: They Make Your Life Easier
If you have ever had problems with eating or going to the bathroom you know what I mean when I say your system is messed up! Perhaps you are like my son who recently tried to pay a twenty-five dollar checked luggage fee. The airline hit his credit card forty-eight times! ...»

Life and Death: A Perspective
I am always pleased when I am invited to Mikaeli's school for Grandparent Day. This year it was held on a Wednesday which is my day off. That meant that I didn't have to get up extra early to take her for breakfast. ...»

It's Over
One of Barbara Streisand's famous hits was the tune "You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore" the lyrics of which imply that the romance is over. People sent flowers for a number of reasons: 1. Special Occasions - Advertising has encouraged us to order delivery of a bouquet for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day or other celebrations. ...»

Are You Creating a Monster?
I am often surprised when someone tells me that they are or aren't doing something because they are concerned about another's person's reaction. They don't want to cause anger, sadness or fear in the other person so they change their own behaviours thinking that this will alleviate trouble. Well, there are a number of things to consider about this: ...»

Fake News
There is a fairly new term that has been floating around for the past few weeks: Fake News. The implication is that journalists and media are making up lies in order to promote their political persuasion. I remember how different things were when I grew up. ...»

Competent and Compassionate Compassion
There are two types of compassion. There is competent compassion. And there is compassionate compassion. ...»

An Accident Is A Failure To Recognize The Hand Of Fate
There was no such thing as an accident, only a failure to recognize the hand of fate. We should resist that urge it to blame it on anybody. It is the result of our own actions. Risk-taking is a vital component of any conception of progress. ...»

Is It Harder To Realise When Someone Is An Energy Vampire When We Are Emotionally Disconnected?
While one will come into contact with people who will take their energy, they are also going to come into contact with people who won't. And it could be said that the ideal will be for them to spend more time around the latter than the former. ...»

How to Overcome Bullying
How can you stop bullying? Tell a trusted adult, avoid being alone, never show you are upset. Ignore and never mind bullies. ...»

Critical Thinking: Is Someone A Misogynist If They Criticize A Woman?
If a man was to do something wrong, he might end up being criticised for what he has done. It could then be said that the reason he is being criticised is due to what he has done, as opposed to the fact that he is a man. ...»

Relationships: Loving Yourself by Taking The Sacred Pause
All of us have 'triggers' that set off our fear or anxiety and may lead to our reactivity - anger, defensiveness, withdrawal, compliance or resistance. We are especially triggered in our important relationships. Take a moment right now to think about what, in your relationships, triggers you into your fear or anxiety. ...»

Why Does Being More Stoic Help You?
Being more stoic means being indifferent to pain or pleasure. If you get too happy, there will be a low time coming for you, which may throw you off balance. This is because joy and sorrow come by turns. On the other hand, if you are so sad that you cannot come out of your painful state, the only person who can help you is you. So you need to work on yourself in that area. In both the cases being stoic will help you a lot. Look inside for more highlights. ...»

Boundaries: Is Someone A Victim If Other People Walk Over Them?
When one can stand their ground, it is going to be a lot easier for them to handle life. The reason for this is that they will know that they have the ability to say no when they need to, and to walk away from a situation that isn't good for them. ...»

How Do You Better Understand People?
You may not get people the first time you meet them. Nevertheless understanding them could help you find a great friend in them. What more, they could be influential people as well and you could use their help in your endeavors. So what are the tricks to understand people better? Look inside to find out. ...»

How to Be More Accountable for Your Desired Elements
You have quite a few desired elements in your life that you want to achieve. They will make your life more comfortable, healthier and more pleasurable. So how do you hold yourself accountable for these elements? Look inside to find out. ...»

Control Versus Creation, Which Is What?
Control v. Creating - when to do what? First and foremost, I call bull shit on the idea that we're not in control of anything and we just need to surrender and let life happen. Initially that is... allow me to elaborate... We are active participants in the life we are creating because we have free will. Meaning we have the choice to do anything we do or don't want to do. The universe (Source, Creator, God), can show us our next steps but we decide if we're going to take action on them and bring them to fruition. ...»

Compassion: Do Human Beings Have Selective Compassion?
If one was to read a paper or to watch TV, there is the chance that certain things will draw them in. When it comes to a paper, they may look through the back pages before they look through the front pages, or they might not even look through the front. ...»

Welcome To The End Of Times
We are no more waiting for the end, we are right in the middle of the end of times. What does it mean to be in the end of times, and how can you survive the radical changes in it. ...»

How to Tap Effectively Into Your Imagination
Imagination can lead you from one thought to another productive thought. It can take you places via your mind you never imagined. How do you tap into your imagination and take advantage of it in various areas of your life? Look inside to find out. ...»

Boundaries: Can Someone End Up Being Walked Over When They Have The Need To Please Others?
When one spends time around the people who they are close to, they may find that they are able to be themselves. What this is going to show is that they won't have to put on an act. ...»

Relationships: Are Some People Only Friendly When They Are Nervous?
If one was to go into a new environment, they might be only too happy to talk to everyone they meet. This could mean that one is learning how to dance, or perhaps they have gone back into education. ...»

Better Thoughts, Better Results
How do you like to think? Negative or positive? How do you analyze your life so far? Good, fair or poor on the overall? Look inside to find out how you can have better results in life. ...»

Boundaries: Why Do Some People Feel Guilty For Saying No?
If one doesn't want to do something, they may find that they are able to stand their ground, and this could be what takes place on most occasions. Another way of looking at this would be to say that they have good boundaries. ...»

Living in the Now
"If you do not create change, change will create you." Unknown Are you living in the now? What does the phrase even mean? ...»

Intercept Your Fate
When my brain aneurysm was discovered, I was juggling a demanding job and running a home as a busy mom and wife. There was no time for exercise. Weekends were often spent doing chores. I was rushing through the 'to do list' of life, ticking off each item as I went, from early morning until I finally sat down and took a breath late evening. I was on this treadmill called life and it was not slowing down. Then came the aneurysm and I was forced to slow down. I had no choice. I simply could no longer do all the things I used to do at the same pace If you are struggling to keep up with the pace of your own life, here are some tips that may be able to help. ...»

Live Today Like It's Your Last - Or Your First?
If we lived like today was our first, rather than as our last, we would live it like children do. They don't care if the water's too cold, the ice-cream too sticky, or the jungle gym too high. They are curious and want to explore, embrace and experience all life has to offer. They want to have fun and try new things. They forgive easily, focus on the moment and do what they love. They trust, they believe in magic and they see the wonder around them in the smallest things. And they never give up. If we, as toddlers, gave up the first time we fell while learning to walk, we'd still all be crawling. ...»

Child Abuse: Why Do Some People Disown Their Parents?
While there are people in the world who have a close connection with their parents, there are others who don't. And if one is close to their parents, it might be hard for them to understand why someone wouldn't experience life in the same way. ...»

The Best Ways of Dealing With Disappointments
Too many a time we do not get what we expect. That is when disappointments set in. How can you turn them around? This article highlights some of the effective ways you can deal with them. ...»

Do You Persevere or Perseverate?
This article explains the difference between being persistent and being foolishly persistent. Tips are provided for avoiding the latter state-of-mind. ...»

False-Self: Can The Fear Of Being Harmed Cause Someone To Create A False-Self?
If one was to take a step back and to reflect on their life, they may find that it is a reflection of who they are. And as their life is this way, it is going to how that they are in touch with their needs and feelings. ...»

Self-Care to Avoid Burnout for Teachers
Are you a teacher heading towards burnout? Learning and mastering self-care strategies can help you achieve work/life balance, and extend your career in the education profession. ...»

How to Find Effective Solutions to Problems
As humans we all will encounter various problems in our lives which may result from how we think, feel, the methods we use to deal with life problems or it could come from unexpected events. Although it may seem easier to avoid these problems; it's best to face them and find effective solutions. ...»

Message From the Universe: Knowing How Much It Takes to Succeed
As per Wikipedia, "Time is a component quantity of various measurements used to sequence events, to compare the duration of events or the intervals between them, and to quantify rates of change of quantities in material reality or in the conscious experience." The time we have on earth is limited so we need to make the best out of it, the best way we can. Wasting time feeling miserable because we didn't achieve our goals is time you will never get back. Dust off this negativity lurking in your subconscious and move forward. Get up and make some changes. Stop feeling sorry about yourself and take action. If you fall 8 times, get up on the 9th and figure out what is not working. ...»

Self-Development: Can Someone Get Into Self-Development When They Feel Worthless?
When someone doesn't feel good about themselves, there are number things that can take place. One of the things they can do is to embrace how they feel, and to allow what is taking place within them to define their life. ...»

Why You Should Always Read Your Spring Reader
Back in grade 7, we used to have Spring Readers with stories in varieties with questions at the back of each chapter that we partly had to answer in class in our notebooks and do the rest as homework. There was a funny chapter in it that I remember today and yet it had a valuable moral lesson. So what was it? How is it going to help you now? Just look inside to find out. ...»

Control: Can You Control People By Telling Them That Nothing Is Their Fault?
While there are people on this planet who want other people to do well, there are others who don't. Along with this, it could be said that there are people who couldn't care less how well other people do. ...»

Coaching The Poor In Your Community!
Have you ever walked downtown and noticed homeless people panhandling or sifting through garbage looking for something to eat? How sad it that! Are they mentally ill, addicts or have they made bad choices? How do you really know? Have you walked in their shoes? Did you say a silent prayer of thanks that you are not where they are now? Have you given any thought to the millions of people who work yet cannot make ends meet? Are you one of them? ...»

The True Meaning of Digging Deeper
What if I told you that you could have what you want in life, but you're going to have to work harder? You wouldn't be too happy. Perhaps you'd roll your eyes or give me an exasperated huff. ...»

Why Not Aspire to Be Me?
More often than not we catch ourselves wondering why other people in the same professions get the better and larger part of the limelight. We ponder the 'fairness' of this recognition and this forces us to reflect on what our deeper motivations are, and what truly drives us to be the best we can be. ...»

Boundaries: Can Someone Find It Hard To Say No When They Feel Worthless?
If one doesn't want to do something, they might listen to what is taking place with them and speak up. However, there is also the chance that they will ignore what is taking place within them and simply go along with what someone else wants. ...»

Change Is Good
On my fourteenth birthday, my grandmother gave me a bottle of a wildly popular, fairly expensive perfume. My mother hinted to her, that perhaps the fragrance was a bit too 'grown-up' for me. Needless to say, my teenage ego soared, and I've worn this scent ever since. ...»

True-Self: Why Do Some People Lose Themselves Around Others?
When one is in touch with themselves and they feel safe enough to express who they are, there will be no reason for them to put on an act. How they come across on the outside is going to match up with who they are on the inside. ...»

What Are Your Margins?
First, I want to start of this week's article with us focusing on what is really important to you in terms of profit. Have you taken the time to look at what type of lifestyle you are really wanting? If it's been awhile, go ahead and do it again. Things shift, people change. ...»

Offended: Does Someone's Life Lack Meaning If They Are Always Offended?
One way of looking at today's world would be to say that it is the age of being offended, and this is due to how a lot of people behave. While there are some people who are offended from time to time, there are others who are offended practically all the time. ...»

My Tree Ring Neck
You might be able to fool yourself, but you can't fool Mother Nature. Make friends with yourself. Old age creeps up on all of us no matter how many facelifts you have or how many parts of the body have been surgically improved. We might look good for our age but old people will never look twenty again. ...»

Boundaries: Does America Lack Boundaries?
When one has boundaries, they will be able to say yes and no, and this is because they will safe in their own body. And through being this way, it will allow them to express their true-self. ...»

Success: Do We Pick Up The Habits Of The People We Spend Time With?
If one was to look back on the people they have spent time with throughout their life, they may find that some of these people have had a positive effect on them. This could be due to what they did for them, but it might not be this black and white. ...»

Boundaries: Do Some People Only Say Yes To Please Others?
If one was asked if they would like to do something by a friend or a family member, for instance, they could give them their answer more or less straight away. But if this doesn't take place, it could mean that one will need to think about it first. ...»

The Most Difficult Job in the World
Like a lot of us, I did not have the best childhood. I had done an immense amount of inner healing before my daughter came along or so I thought. From the moment my daughter was in my arms to the present moment 22 years later I have had a lot of doorways opened for myself that I did not know existed. ...»

Is Life Really Defined By Uncertainty?
Life to me is defined by uncertainty. That's one reason I favor a cautious approach. Fear comes from uncertainty. ...»

Today Matters, So Let Yesterday Go
Some of the greatest excuses in life come from our inability to forgive ourselves for past mistakes. That's a shame and an incredible waste of energy and time. And, we all know how limited and what a precious commodity time is in life. ...»

Make Yourself Great Again
Take a moment to assess where you are, and where you would like to be! If you are challenged by this assessment, take a few minutes and read this article. We are what we think. Thoughts direct our actions and behavior. Perhaps thought adjustment may be beneficial in your life! ...»

Critical Thinking: Do Some People Say That People Have A Phobia To Control Them?
When one comes across information that goes against what they believe, they can take the time to look over it. And if they were to meet someone who has a different outlook, they could also listen to what they have to say. ...»

The Natural Disaster Happening in People's Lives Every Day
Don't Let Yesterday Use Too Much of Today - Indian Proverb - Although I'm someone who has a significant presence in life, I don't want you to think I've got it all figured it out. Recently, I was asked why I'm so tough on leaders. I responded that I've been there. ...»

How to See the Upsides in a Challenge
Almost every challenge holds an opportunity? Do you know how to look for it? Once you have mastered looking for them behind every overwhelming problem, you win the game of life every time. So how do you trace these opportunities? Look inside to find out. ...»

Needs: Does The Fear Of Being Harmed Cause You To Focus On Other People's Needs?
Even though everyone has needs, it doesn't mean that everyone feels comfortable with their needs. There are going to be people who pay attention to their needs, and this means that they will do what they can to meet them. ...»

Being Seen: Can Toxic Shame Cause Someone To Hide?
There are a number of things that human beings need, and one thing they need is to be seen for who they are. And in order for this to take place, it will be necessary for them to feel comfortable in their own skin. ...»