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Self Improvement Blogs and Articles
Posted on : April 16, 2007
Pain That Heals a Soul's Pain
People often resist the path of pressure that will augment healing. It stands to reason, healing costs. ...»

Anything Worth Doing Takes Practice
My son and his friend started going door-to-door to sell their hats. I only WISH I had this type of training before starting my own business! They had a bunch of yes's and a few no's. I immediately went into helping them manage this, with telling them it's okay to receive a no and their hats won't be for everyone, but to keep going and not to give up. ...»

This Woman Is An Inspiration
A few weeks ago, I was doing a bit of research online for an article that I was going to put together. I was going to write an article about how women are being conditioned to see themselves as victims. ...»

Self-Development: Do Some People Only Judge Others If They Haven't Faced Their Own Issues?
When it comes to the people who are into self-development, it could be said that they all have one thing in common. What they all want is to do is to grow and to make their life better in some way. ...»

Critical Thinking: Are Some People Suffering From Thinkaphobia?
Nowadays, it is not uncommon for one to say that anther person has some kind of phobia. When someone has a phobia, it is likely to mean that they have an irrational fear of something. ...»

Erich Fromm on the Nature of Man and the Concept of Character
Mental illness comes in various forms (from depression and ennui to a full-blown psychosis) and is very common in the 21st century. But it's also very treatable if you understand what world renown psychoanalyst/philosopher Dr. Erich Fromm has to say on the subject. This essay is an attempt to simplify Dr. Fromm's incredible insights and to help anyone whe wants to understand, connect with, and to relate more effectively to themselves, their fellow humans, and the world around them. ...»

How Do You See Yourself?
Over a year ago, I was speaking to a friend called Wain, and we were talking about what we were working on at that stage in our life. I think he was working on a few videos and I could have been putting a book together. ...»

Why We Never Need to Be Good Enough
Preaching a message recently on Jesus being the author of gender equality reinforced an idea: I will never be good enough to preach such a message. You see, I will always be a man. ...»

Self-Empowered: Does Someone Need To Feel Safe In Order To Be Empowered?
If someone is an empowered human being, they are going to believe that they have control over their life. Along with what they believe, there is going to be how they behave in their day-to-day life. ...»

All Living Creatures Are Miracles Of Nature
Once you look all around you, you realize that all living creatures are miracles of nature. Our world is full of real wonders which make it incredible if you are willing to view it that way. However, sadly enough, most people's outlook on life is to take everything around them for granted or with despair. ...»

Critical Thinking: Do Some Feminists Lack Self-Awareness?
It has been said that while there was a time when the western world needed feminism, this time has long gone. Now, while it this is something that someone can come out with if they are not a feminist; this is not always the case. ...»

Sense Of Safety: If Someone Feels Unsafe Does It Mean That They Live In An Unsafe Environment?
In the same way that someone needs to eat in order to function at their best, it could also be said that they need to feel safe, too. The food they eat will give them the energy they need, but if they don't feel safe enough to face the world, it won't matter. ...»

He Taught Us How To Think, Not What To Think
For a number of months, I have thought about what was said during an English lesson while I was at school. A number of years have passed since that moment, but I can hear it as clear now as I did back then. ...»

Free Speech: Why Are Some Students Full Of Rage?
If someone has watched at least one video of a speaker give a talk at a university, they may have seen a number of students try to silence the speaker. After seeing this, they may have wondered what was going on. ...»

Holding It Together When Everything's Falling Apart
Leading a worship service at a nursing home should not be an especially difficult thing. It is actually an enormous privilege for those of us who have the opportunity. But one particular Sunday I was battling not only the technology, but also my own mind. I wonder if you relate. ...»

The Healing Power Of Nature
A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine called Wain, and this was a deep conversation. However, this was a conversation that was far deeper than usual and I ended up thinking about what we spoke about. ...»

Self-Knowledge: Does Society Stop People From Developing Self-Knowledge?
During someone's early years, there is a strong chance that they spent a lot of time being told what to do and what to think. There would then have been the conditioning that they received while they were in the education system. ...»

Living Like Life Will Never End
My little teddy bear, Michael, testifies to one thing: useful one moment, redundant the next. He's privileged to sit on display in my study, but the truth is he's of no use now... not like my son's teddy bear, Jack. He's a playmate, a source of conversation, and a crucial bedtime partner at night time. ...»

Critical Thinking: Do Some Men's Childhoods Set Them Up To Be Feminists?
If someone was to go into a certain environment, such as a university, they may come across a number of men who describe themselves as 'feminists'. Yet, one won't have to go somewhere like this is if they want to find men like this, as they can just use social media instead. ...»

The True Meaning of Reality
You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him to find it within himself." Galileo Galilei My name is Lourenzo Ferrer Doreste. ...»

Victim Mentality: Does Someone Lack Self-Awareness If They Have A Victim Mentality?
In today's world, it is not uncommon to come across someone who has a victim mentality. And while it would be easy to believe that this is kind of mentality that someone has if they are not doing well in life, this is not always the case. ...»

Critical Thinking: Do Our Fears Always Reflect Reality?
If someone was to walk down a dark alley way and heard people running towards them, it could be said that it would be normal for them to experience fear. For one thing, they won't know why these people are running towards them, with this being the reason why their body is getting them ready to fight, to run away, or even to freeze. ...»

The Truth I've Discovered Doing 10,000 Reasons
YOU may be aware that I'm currently pursuing 10,000 Reasons for my heart to find why God is good. Well, on top of the initial gratitude I was chasing, I've discovered something else. ...»

Why Do Some Students Need Counselling After They're Exposed To Different Viewpoints?
It seems as though it is not uncommon for a speaker to be interrupted when they give a talk at a university. When this happens, it might have a small effect on what they have set out to achieve, or it could be far worse. ...»

What Did The Film 'Due Date' Get It Wrong About Karma?
The other night I was at a friend's house and, while we were looking for something to watch, the film 'Due Date' caught my eye. I thought that it looked similar to the 'Hangover' films, so I thought that it would be a good idea to watch it. ...»

Relationships: Is Someone Out Of Balance If They Rescue Others?
While some people take the time to be there for themselves and to be there for others, there are others who don't. If someone can relate to the former, they are not going to have the tendency to neglect themselves; whereas if they can relate to the latter, this will be the norm. ...»

Critical Thinking: Are Some Universities Making People Mentally And Emotionally Weak?
If someone stays up to date with the news, they may have heard about the kinds of things that have been taking place at universities around the world. One could read news papers, watch TV, and use social media to stay up to date with what goes on at these institutions. ...»

Inner Guidance: Do Some People's Childhoods Set Them Up To Look Outside For Answers?
It can be easy for someone to believe that they wouldn't know anything if it wasn't for their time in the education system. The information that they were fed during this time in their life would then have played a big part in who they are today. ...»

Critical Thinking: Does Identity Politics Stop People From Having To Think For Themselves?
For a little while now, there has been something called 'identity politics,' and one way of looking at this would be to say that this is a way of viewing the world. Everyone is seen as belonging to a particular gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. ...»

He Is A Real Healer
Towards the end of 2016, it was clear that I was only getting so far; in fact, it was as though I was actually getting worse, not better. I had worked with people, but some of the changes that I had made didn't last and I was only getting so far. ...»

Critical Thinking: Is 'Toxic Masculinity' The Reason Why Some Men Don't Express How They Feel?
If a man behaves in a negative or destructive manner, it is often put down to 'toxic masculinity'. This is something that a feminist can come out with, as well as someone who isn't a feminist. ...»

Why Are So Many People Interested In Their Rights, But Not Their Responsibilities?
In today's world, it is not uncommon to hear someone talk about what their rights are or how their rights are being taken away. This is the type of thing that one is likely to hear if they use social media or go to a university, for instance. ...»

Boundaries: Can Someone End Up Being Walked Over If They Don't Feel Safe In Their Body?
If someone is in a position where they find it hard to stand their ground and to pay attention to their needs and feelings, they could come to believe that they need to become more assertive. As a result of this, they could end up taking part in some kind of assertiveness training. ...»

Critical Thinking: Is It A Bad Idea For Someone To Check Their Smartphone When They Wake Up?
Nowadays, it is not uncommon for someone to have a very strong attachment to their Smartphone; so close in fact, that it can be practically another part of them. It won't be physically connected to their body, but it can be as though it is. ...»

Laws of the Universe: Understand the Energy of Change
Do you ever wonder why change is so challenging for a person to undertake? Consider trying on a new style of clothing, perhaps a color you have never worn before. How uncomfortable does it make you feel? Or how do you respond to someone's suggestion you should change the style and color of your hair? ...»

My Family Was In Denial
In 2012, I started to read books on child abuse, and the only time that I had read anything like this before was in 2009, when I read the book 'Toxic Parents' by Susan Forward. So, up until this point, I had primarily been reading books on self-development. ...»

Seeing That This Test Is No Pest
MODES of frustration in life are merely the defeat of our disposition. We choose our disposition. But first, there is something you must know about tests. They can be managed very effectively by imagining it's us with God against the world; where the world is destined to learn the hard way. It's not that the rest of the world is evil or anything. The rest of the world just doesn't understand us as God understands us. That's an important distinction. ...»

Critical Thinking: Do Some People Use The Word 'Privilege' To Shame Others?
Social media has given people the ability to share their views with the world, and this can take place without the need for someone to reveal their true identity. Someone can then say just about whatever they want and they won't need to worry about the consequences of their actions. ...»

Critical Thinking: Do Some Feminists Believe That Women Are The Only Gender That Suffers?
It is not uncommon to come across a study that goes into how women are being held back in a certain area of life. When a feminist hears about something like this, she can believe that this is yet another example of how women are being oppressed. ...»

3 Simple Ways to Stop Wasting Your Time
This article discusses the importance of time as a resource for personal development. I put forward a number of very simple ways in which anyone can reduce the amount of time wasted each day. My point here is that there is a direct relationship between efficient time use and the rate of personal growth or success so it is necessary to use time optimally. ...»

2 Ways Living in the Past Can Get You Stuck in the Present
The main message of this article is this: We make our lives more complicated and frustrating when we're not able to let go of the past and focus on the here and now. I have outlined some disturbing outcomes of the tendency to keep wishing or regretting what was instead of directing one's attention to building what is and should be. You will also find some useful advice on how to finally stop resting on your past glories and forgetting your past regrets in order to construct a new and more positive direction for your life. ...»

Have the Courage to Stop Chasing What Is Not Working
In this article, I take a different look at the mantra of persisting or not quitting even in the face of daunting challenges. I have made it clear that while it is necessary to avoid becoming a serial quitter, it is equally important to sometimes get realistic and jump ship before you allow yourself to go down with a doomed, sinking boat. ...»

3 Reasons You Should Stop Considering Yourself A Loser
It is a bad habit to keep telling yourself that you're nothing but a loser. This is the message of this article. Each one of us has something to offer the world so long as we remain alive. This is one of the three reasons, outlined in this write-up, why you must abandon the idea that you're no good. ...»

Tired of the Old Ways? Here Are Four Ways to Reinvent Yourself Right Now
This article looks at ways in which it is possible to look at your life with a fresh new eye and develop a new perspective on the world around you. You will learn how to take the old, tired or simply unproductive methods and make them begin to transform your life. It isn't always good to keep doing the same old things. There comes a time in your life when you just must act differently for the results you desire. ...»

Giving Yourself A Competitive Edge
Even if you already have a Bachelor's degree, you probably need to do more to make yourself competitive. And if you don't have a Bachelor's already, that's a first step. In many states, over 35% of adults have one. ...»

Critical Thinking: Does The "MeToo" Movement Show How 'Privileged' Women Are?
Shortly after the allegations were made about Harvey Weinstein, the "#MeToo" hashatag went viral on social media. This gave people the chance to speak out about the sexual assault and harassment that they had experienced in the workplace. ...»

Boundaries: Do Some People's Childhoods Set Them Up To Walk Over Others?
When an area of land has been fenced off, it is likely to show that it is private property. As a result of this, someone is going to need permission in order to walk on the land; that is, of course, unless they own it or know the person who does. ...»

How Do You Achieve Your Dreams Without Money?
Is it mandatory to spend money to achieve your dreams? In fact, the best things in life are free. And it is not necessary to use money to materialize your burning desires. Look inside to find out more. ...»

Critical Thinking: Do Some Feminists Need Therapy?
If a woman was asked to talk about what she thinks holds women back in life, she may say that it is themselves. What this might then show is that she has an internal locus of control. ...»

Masculinity: Do Some Men's Childhoods Set Them Up To Reject Their Masculinity?
It is often said that more men need to get in touch how they feel and to feel comfortable enough to express what is taking place within them. Said another way, they need to embrace their feminine side. ...»

I Ended Up Getting Defensive
Whilst I was helping a friend to move house a number of years ago, I ended up meeting someone there who was into self-development. It didn't take long for me to see that we had a lot in common. ...»

How to Start Changing Someone's Point of View
We are always told not to make hasty decisions but always put ourselves in others' shoes and come to understand their point of view and talk accordingly. The modern question now arises: Is it at all possible to change someone's point of view? Look inside to find out. ...»

Expect, See, Meet, Overcome The Test
Life is full of tests. The harder we try, the more we can feel under the pump. Surely there is a spiritual dimension. ...»

There Is A Reason Why We Project Our Issues Onto Others
For a number of years, I thought that the reason we projected our inner world/issues onto others was due to a lack of awareness; therefore, this wouldn't take place if someone was self-aware. This was something that I was fairly convinced of. ...»

How to Have More Courage While Confronting Life's Setbacks
Do you feel fear in the face of a challenge? Teach yourself, on the contrary, to welcome challenges bravely. You won't die a lot of times but get good at the game of life. Sound good? Look inside to find out. ...»

Critical Thinking: Why Did Some 'Feminists' Want To Ban 'Grid Girls' and 'Walk-On Girls'?
Recently, a darts organisation decided to no longer have 'walk-on girls', and, shortly after this, the F1 decided to stop using 'grid girls'. Unsurprisingly, not everyone is happy with what has taken place. ...»

This Guy Is An Expert At What He Does
Towards the end of last year, I was introduced to someone called Collin Smith, who is also known as 'The Listener'. Now, this not merely a fancy term that he uses; it relates to what he is actually like. ...»

The Art of Being More Forgiving
Is it really possible to forgive others and let go of the past? It would be good if it were possible for you. As for me, I have faced serious challenges in the past and it has been hard for me to forgive anyone. So how am I still surviving and thriving? Look inside to find out. ...»

Critical Thinking: Is Someone Self-Absorbed If They Are Always Outraged?
Nowadays, there are plenty of people who are offended just about every time they go online, and, the same thing can take place when they are in the real world. This can be because they have seen something has had an effect on them directly, or it might be due to another reason. ...»

I Was Full Of Self-Doubt
Before I started writing articles, I had been on the path for around seven years. During this time, I had put a lot of effort into trying to understand myself and why my life was the way it was. ...»

What Is Your Word for 2018?
A few weeks ago one of my teachers asked me what my word was for this year, and to be honest I was having a little trouble with it. I kept thinking the word slow. To slow things down. To truly tune into what I was saying both yes and no too. It didn't quite "feel" right though. She asked me what feeling I wanted the word slow to bring. Bingo! That was the missing link. The feeling I want with slowing down is inner peace. And thus inner peace is my word - my defiant side secretly loves that it's actually two words because who made up the rule that it has to be one anyway??!! ...»

I Wanted To Convert People
After I had been into self-development for a few years, in the middle of 2005, I learnt about the effect that our thoughts, emotions and beliefs have on how we experience life. I think the first time I had heard about his was when I read 'The Power of the Subconscious Mind', by Joseph Murphy. ...»

Tips to Help You Get Awesome
An "issue" that I have run into a few times is that some people are asking how they could possibly become better at their respective art forms. While the cliche "practice makes perfect" is sufficient enough for me, it is probably not nearly sufficient enough for you. And you all are awesome for that because if you made me ponder on how I chose to further my craft and how other chose to further theirs. ...»

Sights, Sounds and Smells of Winter
What beauty surrounds us during this winter season! The old adage "take time to stop and smell the roses" isn't just for the seasons of the year that roses are blooming. It is important, even vital to our well-being, to take time to see, hear and smell what God has put right in front of us every day of every season. It only takes time... and that is something we all have. ...»

Does Someone Need To Develop The Ability To Observe Their Mind If They Are Always Offended?
During one's time at school, they are likely to have noticed that not everyone responded in the same way when it came to being told off by a teacher. There may have been people who just generally shrugged when this happened, while there may have been others who typically lost control. ...»

Do You Believe in Supernatural Change?
Thanks to many very precise and objective measurements of the human brain, heart, and immune system, we can literally "see" changes, even genetic changes or healing, as the result of doing meditation, for example, or of immersing ourselves in intensive thoughts. A supernatural change occurs when you provoke or induce, from inside, your current status to make a change, for better or worse. ...»

He Is A Great Teacher
A number of years ago, I got together with a friend and he spoke about a video that he wanted to make on domestic violence. This was one of many that he was looking to put together. ...»

I Learnt How Dangerous It Was To Have A Closed Mind
When I first got into self-development, about a year I left school, I wanted to share what I had learnt with my family. But although I was extremely curious and wanted to find out as much as I could, my family were not really interested. ...»

Critical Thinking: Do Some People Alternate Between Being A Victim And A Perpetrator?
If someone was to hear the words 'victim' and 'perpetrator', they might have a good idea about what these words mean. Perhaps one of their friends has been in a relationship where they were victimised, for instance. ...»

I Walked On Eggshells As A Child
If I wanted to ask my mother something when I was younger, I would often wait until there were guests around. The reason for this was that I knew that there was less chance of my mother raising her voice or losing her temper. ...»

I Didn't Know What It Was Like To Lose Someone
Towards the end of my time at school, I would work at a crematorium whenever I didn't have to go in. There were times when I would tell people about what I did and their responses said a lot about the kind of job that I had. ...»

How to Live Like a Millionaire Even If You Are Broke
Are you in a huge debt owing a lot of people lots of money? Fear not, despite everything, dare to live like a millionaire. Think it's impossible? Say to yourself instead: It is possible! And magic occurs. Look inside to find out more. ...»

People Pleasing: Why Do Some People Believe That They Need To Please Others In Order To Survive?
At the start of someone's life, their survival would have depended upon their caregivers. As a result of this, they wouldn't have had much control during this stage of their life. ...»

Laws of the Universe - What Is the Collective Consciousness of Mankind?
It is easy for you to accept and believe there are planets in the universe because you can see them. You may also accept there is a supreme being or higher power who created this universe because you were told so, as a matter of faith, even without ever having seen this supreme being or higher power. But is it possible that what you were told by religious leaders, and what you have accepted as a matter of fact, is not how the universe was created or how it operates? ...»

Free Speech: Is It Dangerous For Someone To Think Critically In Today's World?
If someone goes along with the status quo, it is unlikely that they will have to worry about saying the wrong thing. Through accepting what they have been told by the mainstream media, politicians, and what they have learned whilst they were in the education system, amongst other things, they will have the 'right'' thoughts and 'right' way of looking at the world. ...»

Critical Thinking: Is Being Outraged Another Way For Some To Receive Attention?
In today's world, it is not uncommon to hear about someone who is outraged about something. But while this is nothing new, there is something that is new, and this relates to the kind of things that people get worked up about. ...»

Marriage, Ministry, Life, All Cost More Than We Bargain for
THIS sounds like it feels to me right now - a dark piece, this. But real. And I know many will ignore it. You should. You would not make the decisions you need to make if you didn't. ...»

I Started To Develop Boundaries
Around 2014, I no longer wanted to say yes all the time and to go along with what other people wanted. Not only this, there were times when I could stand my ground and say no. ...»

5 Things We Cannot Change in This Life and Are Best to Accept
ANXIETIES bear down in myriad ways, in a multiplicity of situations, for many reasons. Inputs to the anxieties that inhabit us are the things we struggle to accept and cannot change. ...»

Child Abuse: Why Would Someone Only Say Nice Things About Their Parents After They Have Passed on?
There are likely to be a number of people out there who not only have plenty of good things to say about their parents now that they passed on, but who had good things to say about them when they were alive. When something like this takes place, it could be said that someone valued their parents. ...»

2018 Is an 11 /2 Year - A Year of Inspiration, Acceleration and Relationship
2018 is a year to take your goals to the next level. Examine your relationships and clean them up. Don't let your ego block your blessings. Above all, plan Big and play Bigger! This is a year that can make a difference in your life, but you have to be proactive in the game. ...»

I Couldn't Believe That He Wasn't Sharing His Views With The World
When I met Wain in 2015, I thought that our paths had crossed in order for us to make videos together. For a little while before this, I had been looking for someone who made videos. ...»

What Is Legitimate Suffering?
A number of years ago, it must have been around 2013, I came across a term that fascinated me. I can't remember how I came across this term, but what I do remember is that I was part of a quote by Carl Jung. ...»

I Didn't Realise They Were So Insecure
Before I went to Mexico, in the middle of 2014, I ordered a few copies of 'A Dialogue With The Heart - Part One: A Collection Of Poems And Dialogues From The Heart'. This was a book that I released towards the end of 2013. ...»

Ditching the Old Scripts As the New Habit Sticks
DAY 4 of any new regimen, and the initial grit begins to wear off as you begin to settle in on the 'drudgery' of what you're missing out on. Sacrifice bites. It costs. None of us really like the sort of change that involves loss - even those who normally thrive on change. ...»

I Was No Longer As Motivated
For a number of years, I felt extremely motivated when it came to writing articles, and I had a strong need to become a successful author. There was no middle ground; it was a case of hitting the big time or nothing at al. ...»

Grey Hair Is Elegant
People betray themselves into dyeing their grays. They however, don't realize that it makes them look much older than they really are. God in His kindness and wisdom causes the hair to keep pace with the declining freshness of the face. ...»

Where Do You Spend Your Time? Past, Present or Future?
There are three places where you can live your life: 1. In the past - People who have regrets and are "stuck" thinking about things that cannot be corrected often experience depression. Some therapists believe that anger turned inward becomes depression. ...»

Ten No Cost Options
At the beginning of each new year it is easy to set goals that have a big price-tag. But that doesn't have to be the case. In fact, planning expensive activities or shopping for material items can be the complete opposite of what is needed right now. ...»

Trust Your Instincts And Avoid Problems
It was early in the morning and I had just woken up when my home phone rang. The gentleman on the other end called me by name and asked if I had made a transaction for $300.00 on my credit card at four o'clock that morning. ...»

You Have To Be Careful What You Focus On
When I was with a friend last year, I remember touching upon what was going on with the presidential election in America. I had been paying attention to this, but this friend hadn't been doing the same thing. ...»

That Fresh New Start You're Hoping for
New Year is an opportunity for a fresh new start, that is for sure. Yet, just because the first day or early days of New Year seem no different from the past year doesn't mean we should give our dreams up. If anything, we're counselled to press even more deeply into the wishes we have for change. ...»

This Guy Is An Inspiration
In an article that I wrote a few months ago, I spoke about someone who I met whilst I was at a spiritual shop a few years ago. His name was Ian Baillie, and this was someone who was into past lives. ...»

This Guy Gets To The Root Of The Issue
In a previous article, I mentioned someone who I met after I helped a friend move house. This was someone called Wain, and since our paths crossed in the middle of 2015, a number of thought-provoking conversations have been had. ...»

I Came to Accept People From Other Cultures
When our family guest had only just been opened, a lot of the people who stayed were just passing by or on holiday. Yet, as the years went by and our guest house became more well-known, we started to have people stay from all over the world. ...»

Lessons Learned
I recently lost a few pounds and decided that because of this, it was a good time to go through my closet. One of the surprises I experienced was to find a lovely pair of black pants that I had forgotten about. So, I washed them and was happy to find that they weren't too tight in the waist. ...»

Passion Over a Lifetime
When I heard that Ian Tyson was coming to the city, I thought it would be fun to buy an extra ticket so my daughter could attend the concert with me. Her first word after I issued the invitation was "Who?" I explained that when I grew up we would look forward to the "Ian and Sylvia" show. ...»

I Learnt The Importance Of Self-Discipline
I grew up in a guest house, and this meant that I had to help my family by doing different jobs. However, it wasn't uncommon for me to stop doing a job and then to go to my room or somewhere else. ...»

Focus So You Save Time and Money
I remember a few years ago when a client told me that his garage was a huge mess. When he needed a screwdriver it was easier to just go to the store and buy a new one! His dream was to travel more but he didn't feel that he had the time or money to do so. ...»

Preparing for Life
My eighteen year old grandson graduated from high school this year and was fortunate to be hired by a large cement company. His hitch is fifteen days in Kindersley followed by seven days off. This is the first time that Andrew has been far from home for several days at a time. ...»