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Self Improvement Blogs and Articles
Posted on : April 16, 2007
Everything Happens For A Positive Reason
Everything happens for a wise purpose and there are no mistakes. We are always where we are meant to be and nobody has the power to destroy us, unless we give them that power. ...»

I Felt Recognised
In the middle of 2012, I ended up having a reading, and this took place at a shop that was about 9 miles away from where I lived. This was a time when I was looking for guidance, and this was partly because I had just left where I worked. ...»

I Wasn't Good Enough
When I finished school I had no idea what I was going to do, so I ended up going to a college to see what courses were on offer. During this time, I thought I would be good to study psychology, yet that was as far as it went. ...»

I Wanted To Help My Father
In the beginning of 2009, I had been working with someone for a little while, and this made me think about what it would be like to work with someone else. This was a time when I was doing a lot work around negative beliefs and past life trauma. ...»

My 8 Purposes for Life
TRYING to make ends meet, you're a slave to money, then you die... the immortal words of the Bittersweet Symphony. Life must have more significance than that! And it does. In a salient moment's reflection, God gave me this. I exist for these reasons: ...»

Hollywood: Is It A Surprise To Hear About How Immoral Hollywood Is?
If someone has paid attention to the news recently, they might be aware of the fact that a certain film producer has been accused of sexually harassing, assaulting, or raping a number of women. Then again, this could be something that they are not even aware of. ...»

Self-Worth: Can Someone Be An Underachiever When They Don't Value Themselves?
When someone values themselves, they can do what it takes to achieve their goals. Quite simply, they are not going to be willing to settle in life, and this will be what pushes them forward. ...»

The Power of True Choice
I am certain that I'm not the only one who feels that their power of choice is being chipped away at day by day. Choice is a human right - we should be able to decide for ourselves how we want to live our lifespan on this earth - I'm sure it wasn't in the divine plan that we be born to be enslaved and manipulated by others. However, from all the information that comes my way through various sources, it seems pretty clear that the majority of people are living lives in servitude to the choices and decisions of others - their own power having been stripped away. ...»

Why I Hate Swimming So Much
You will read about the reason why I hate swimming from a young age and how I managed to master it at the age of 41. I also learnt useful life lessons from this specific experience. ...»

It Is What It Is: What Do You Feel?
When you hear the phrase, "It is what it is," do you feel relaxed? Do you feel like screaming? Or do you go into an apathetic or complacent place? ...»

She Had A Big Impact On My Life
There was a moment in the beginning of 2013, when I didn't know why something was taking place. I had been in relationship for a few months and I didn't completely understand why the woman I was with was behaving in a certain way. ...»

The Fight With Yourself - You Are Your Own Worst Enemy
If you dig deep inside yourself, you will notice that you point the blame to everyone else for your life;your misfortunes and most of all your own upbringing. I am sure you all have heard the saying, "I didn't ask to be born" a few times and most likely you told yourself the same thing. Wrong! I am writing this article to enlighten you on REAL TRUTH. If you are over stressed, confused, hurt, upset, carry a lot of emotional pain from your past, then this article is for you. ...»

Your 'Job' & You
You think your work is XYZ or finding a way to make $$ and 'support' yourself. It's not. Your essential work at this point in time is to cultivate Consciousness and bloom. ...»

People Pleasing: Is Someone More Likely To Please Others If They Are Emotionally Dependent?
In order for someone to live a fulfilling life, there are going to be at last two things that will need to be in place. On the one hand, they will need to be aware of their needs, and on the other; they will need to feel safe enough to fulfil them. ...»

A Positive Outlook for a Complete Personality - It's Rather Easier
The process of self-improvement continues throughout the life time of a person. It should be incessant and in order to make it so the best part of its completion depends upon the positive attitude that you have. But now your question would definitely be, "How to gain a positive attitude?" It's easier but can be too difficult for you depending on how you take it. ...»

My Gums Were Bleeding
In the beginning of 2010, I was all fired up, and this was partly because I had recently been on a course. When I was on this course, I met some great people, and I wrote down some of the things that I wanted to achieve. ...»

This Was Someone Who Was In Touch With Their Emotions
Shortly after I got back from Mexico in 2014, I started spending more time with a friend who I had met a few years before. This was someone who I had met whilst I was at a social club. ...»

Big Thinking Is Not Sweet Talk
Really big thinking is not sweet talk. Recently, I encountered a few emails that basically said "Buy into my modality and you will get it all instantly". It does not work like that. Here is how it simply works though: Use the blessings you already have in a direct and workable way, and you will get what you want ultimately. ...»

Celebrities: Are Some Celebrities Hypocrites?
When it comes to a famous actor or singer, for instance, it could be said that their purpose is either to act or to sing. This is then no different to how a plumber or an electrician, for instance, is going to have their own purpose. ...»

An Expectation Is Resentment, Disappointment, or Anger, Waiting to Happen
Are you someone who expects certain things from your partner, children, friends, family members, coworkers or employer/employees? Do you notice that when what you expect doesn't happen that you feel resentful, disappointed, hurt, frustrated, or angry? Having expectations of others is a set-up for us. ...»

Am I Shy, Unfriendly, Antisocial, or Am I An Introvert?
Lately it seems that many of us are trying to classify ourselves, and others, as an introvert or an extrovert when in reality it's not always distinctly one, or the other. Yet, all too often introversion comes with a negative connotation. Frequently we judge, criticize, or label ourselves, or others, as snobbish, pretentious, unfriendly, antisocial, or just downright disconnected for being quiet, or not talking and interacting enough. ...»

You Were Abandoned
After the relationship that I was in at the beginning of 2013 came to an end, I ended up coming into contact with a lot of emotional pain. Although certain amount of pain had been coming up for a little while, the end of the relationship brought it all up the surface. ...»

Follow Your Dreams
How often do we go after our dreams? Most of the times we succumb to the family pressure and forget about our dreams altogether. Think about it and its worth it ...»

No, You Don't Have To Suffer Deteriorated Old Age
Contrary to popular belief and expectation, physical and mental decline that often accompanies advanced chronological age is not the result of chronological age. Mental and physical decline are usually a byproduct of an "old" mindset and lifestyle. ...»

Mindfulness Was A Waste Of Time
In 2010 I had tried a healing technique that didn't really have much of an effect on me, and this made me look for something else. Towards the end of this year, I got in touch with someone who I had met around a year before. ...»

Aren't You A Bit Young To Be Writing About This Stuff!?
In 2011 or 2012, I was asked if I would like to go to a talk at a university that was on food. I thought that this would be interesting, so I agreed to go along. ...»

You Have A Way With Words
In September 2005 I ended up studying music technology, and this was due to a number of reasons. Firstly, I was into dance music and wanted to learn how to create my own music and, secondly, I didn't know what else to do. ...»

The Love-Hate Relationship We Have With Truth
IMAGINE the spontaneous laughter, when Richard Rohr OFM says, "Before the truth sets you free, it tends to make you miserable." Humour makes us laugh because it sounds absurd, but it is, of course, at the same time, 100 percent true. ...»

I Was Carrying A Lot Of Grief
Towards the end of 2014, I felt a lot better than I did in the beginning of 2013, and what also played a part here is that I had recently been away. I had gone to Mexico for my sister's wedding in June that year. ...»

Organizing Your Day - How to Fix a Lack of Discipline
A preplanned day is almost always going to work well. A little lack of discipline shouldn't throw you off balance. Rather you need to fix it with quick wits and skill so that your day turns out delightful and productive on the overall. How is this possible? Look inside to find out. ...»

Over Analysis Leads to Paralysis
It kills your productivity.Overthinking leads to self-sabotage, and holds you back from your goals. Get yourself out of the over analyzing bubble and start doing things practically, be proactive, make amendments on daily basis. Aiming for perfection in every little thing does not work. Sometimes, just good enough is fine to go with. Find out the problem and focus mainly on the solutions. Try new things on daily basis; indulge yourself so much in work that you don't even get a chance to think again and again on a certain matter. ...»

Self-Worth: Why Do Some People Believe That They Need To Be Good At Everything?
What is clear is that if someone wants to be good at something, they will need to put the work in and to be patent. In addition to the time that they need to put in each week, there can be moments when they will need to change what they are doing. ...»

There's Always a Silver Lining
After I got the call, I raced over to the school and it was heartbreaking to see Ella in so much pain. The principal asked me how I was doing and I almost broke down into tears. He was so fantastic with checking in on me, and also explaining how everything worked. He was my saving grace in that moment. ...»

Possibility Living (Getting Rid Of Dark Morals And Fuzzy Math)
This is a universe of certainty, and reality. I wanted to tell my girlfriend that, and I wanted to tell her that it takes three weeks or so to genuinely program a mind and change a habit. However we may feel, and however it may "really" work, realistic brainwashing seems that cut and dry by the programmer when it comes down to it, especially when you really want or deeply need the habit changed. ...»

Why It Is Important to Accept Others As They Are
Attempting to change others and the world at large will call in for a huge hue and cry. The only person you can change is yourself and you can set an example for others. No arguments, no ill talk, no hard feelings - nothing at all for this to work out. Look inside for highlights. ...»

How Does It Affect You That Donald Trump Is President?
In this article you will learn that the only thing that affects you now that Donald Trump is president is that you have a point of contrast to better clarify the story that you want to tell and to manifest in your life. It would have been the same if Hillary Clinton had won: You would have a point of contrast to the same end. ...»

I Knew That Everything Would Be OK
After my father had been moved to a closer hospital, towards the end of 2011, we were pleased that it would be a lot easier to visit him. Even so, this was a time when he was on a life support machine, so it wasn't as if we could have a conversation with him. ...»

Body Confidence: Is It A Good Idea For Women To Use A Celebrity's Body As Inspiration?
If a woman wasn't very happy with her body, there are number of things that she could do. And the approach that she takes can all depend on what kind of personality she has. ...»

We've Had A Complaint
Whilst my father was in hospital, towards the end of 2011, I was working somewhere where I had the opportunity to speak to a lot of people. When I first started working there, there were a number of things that I enjoyed. ...»

Secrets to a Flourishing Practice
A recent issue of Psychotherapy Networker asserted 33% fewer people turn to therapy than they did 20 years ago. Good news. Bad news. The good news is that our clients are more savvy than 20 years ago. They often come in with a higher level of awareness and clarity about what they want. They are seeking rapid relief and may even tell you they don't have the patience or time for those "slo-mo" approaches from a "by-gone era." ...»

I Don't Care If Your Father Is In The Hospital
As I have said in a previous article, my father had to go into the hospital in the middle of 2011, and this was a time when I was under a lot of stress. My mother had had a stroke the previous year and soon my life would change once again. ...»

This Guy Has Good Boundaries
As I look back on my journey, I can see that there have been a number of moments when what I was doing no longer worked. And, when this has happened, it has caused me to look for something else. ...»

Humanology, a Story
John was really upset. Things had just not been working for him the last few months. Not only was he in trouble with his immediate boss and two of his colleagues, but also his wife had threatened to file for divorce unless things changed completely and very fast. ...»

5 Tips for Stepping Into Your Power
What does it even mean to step into your power? Well, my perspective on this is that means stepping into the best version of yourself. The kindest, most loving and happiest version. My talk earlier this week was centered around this very topic, and I shared that most people have a hard time doing this because of the negative thoughts swirling around in their minds. ...»

Boundaries: Does Someone Need To Feel Safe In Order To Have Boundaries?
What is clear is that when someone has boundaries, their life is going to be a lot better than it would be if they didn't have them. The reason for this is that one has their own needs and feelings. ...»

Superiority Complex: Do Some People's Childhoods Set Them Up To Have A Superiority Complex?
While one can believe that they are better than other people at doing certain things, they can also believe that they are better than others at just about everything. When it comes to the former, there is the chance that one is telling the truth. ...»

You Are Wasting Your Money
After hearing Dov Baron speak about how important our beliefs are, through an interview I listened to in December 2006, I searched for more information on this topic. Ultimately, I was looking for a way to change or remove what I believed. ...»

True-Self: Is It Harder For Someone To Express Their True-Self When They Are Emotionally Dependent?
In order for someone to be able to fulfil their needs, they will need to be in touch with them. But that's not to say that this is all there is to it, as one will also need to feel as though it is safe enough for them to fulfil them. ...»

You Seem Super Strong
In the middle of 2011, my father had to go into hospital in order to have an operation. I drove him there and expected to be bringing him home in the not too distant future. ...»

You Shouldn't Have Asked
In early 2000, I started to learn a martial art, and for a little while before this I had thought about doing something. What had a played part here was that I had been watching films with Jean-Claude Van Damme in. ...»

I Knew It Was Over
After I had got back from Australia and Bali in 2003, I started to change quite rapidly. Before I had been away, I had only read a few books, and these were books that I had to read for school. ...»

Chaos to Hope
We need to go from chaos to hope The events of the past week have been dizzying. Riots in Charlottesville North Carolina have brought the nation to its knees. Shootings and outbursts have put most everyone on edge. When will this all end? Will we have civil war? How can we march from chaos to hope? Let's consider several possibilities: ...»

Angels of Hope
According to Pastor Ron Tucker, there are three types of angel visitations: Clear angelic interventions, hunches, and sensory directives. I am posting about experiences I've had that cover each type of angelic visitation. ...»

I Need To Write About That
In the middle of October 2010, a friend and I had decided to go out for the night in a city nearby. There were a number of places where we had gone in the past, and tonight we were likely to go to the same places. ...»

Taking the Stress Out of Learning
When I travelled to California for my doctoral convocation I was surprised to be asked this question by the Registrar of the University. "How did you complete this program in only two years?" My reply was "I thought it was a two-year program. ...»

Distractions Can Harm Us
Anne Katherine who is an author, screenwriter, ghost writer and retired therapist stated: "When we clutter our minds with imagined obligations, unnecessary activities, and distractions that only kill time, we dilute the power of our lives." It is so easy to just focus on things that are fun while ignoring the basics of life for which we have responsibility. When you spend more than you earn, for example, it won't take long until you are facing financial problems. ...»

Things Happen
Boxer Mike Tyson once said: "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth". It is interesting that most of us think life should be peaceful and predictable without any problems or crises. But that isn't realistic. ...»

What I've Come to Know About My Purpose & Loyalty
In my adult life, I've been a pretty loyal person since I was a child and because of this characteristic of my personality, I stayed in a relationship even when it didn't fulfill my life because of my loyalty. Then one day after years and years of struggle and pain, I finally got tired of being tired and decided to make another choice for my life. ...»

Don't Just Be Another Brick In The Wall
Towards the end of 2003, I went to a number of different countries, and one of the countries that I visited was Australia. But while I was going to another country, it wouldn't be completely accurate to say that I was going on holiday. ...»

Two Rare Expressions of Wisdom - Both and Neither
DIVISION is the way of the wise in a world where God is pushed far into the nether regions of thought. We hear so much these days about the Left and the Right, about Conservatives and Liberals; as if everyone must be painted into one or the other corner. ...»

Why Do You Want To Do That?
A few years ago a friend of mine asked me if I was able to help them move house. I asked them when they were moving and I came to see that I was available on that day. ...»

No One Will Listen To You
Over the years, I have had a number of mentors, and one mentor that has had a big effect on me is one that I met at a charity event in 2003. This person was offering readings there and it turned out that this was not the only thing she did. ...»

What People Say About You Is None of Your Business
Do what you want to do and be truly happy. Who cares what people think of you. It's no one's business what you choose to do. Make sure that what you do is as great as you believe it to be; no one has to agree or disagree with it. Just be committed to providing a contribution and your happiness is already fulfilled. The truth is that people think all sorts of things and very few of those thoughts will be about you. ...»

Social Media: Can A Lack Of Real Relationships Cause Someone To Crave Attention Online?
Nowadays, it is not uncommon for someone to spend more time speaking to people online than they do in the real world. And when one uses social media, they are going to be socialising online. ...»

Overcoming Anything Through Overcoming Yourself
EVERY thorn in life can be overcome, literally or spiritually. We can learn to transcend it or acquire the patience to tolerate it. ...»

True-Self: Why Do Some People Only Feel Safe When They Are Playing A Role?
Although there are going to be moments in someone's life when they will need to be serious, they won't need to behave in this way all the time. Along with this, one will need to be easy going at times, and at other times, they will need to be firm. ...»

Boundaries: Can A Lack Of Boundaries Cause Someone To Project Their Issues Onto Other People?
While every human being has an inner world and an outer world, it doesn't mean these two worlds are completely separate. What is taking place internally will have an effect on what is going on externally and vice versa. ...»

This Is a Game Changer
Stress. It sneaks in right??!! I had a great summer and so much fun with our family and friends! Our Global Circle theme for August was FUN after all, and I really took this on whole heartedly! I reduced my work hours so I could spend more time with the kids in the afternoons and thought I had it all mapped out. Well somewhere along the way I forgot to fit in time for myself. I was keeping up with my regular morning self-care routine and exercising, so it definitely seemed like I had everything in place - hence the sneakiness. What I didn't realize is I would move straight from work to being with the kids. Add in extra social activities and then our dog Roxy almost passing (she is okay now - phew), and well you have a recipe for burn out. ...»

Relationships: What Can Happen When A Woman Rejects Her Feminine Side?
Men and woman look different, but that doesn't mean that they haven't got anything in common. First and foremost, they are human beings; thus, despite their differences, they have a lot in common. ...»

Helpful Tips for an Emcee
There are countless ways you can improve your ability as the emcee. Here are some of the helpful tips. ...»

Therapy: Can Someone End Up Working On The Wrong Area When They Have Therapy?
If someone is in a position where they are unable to handle life, it could be said that it will be a good idea for them to reach out support. What this could show is that one feels depressed, or they might suffer from fear and anxiety, for instance. ...»

Self-Worth: Why Do Some People Only Feel Valuable When They Please Others?
It could be said that there are going to be times when it is possible to please others and times when it isn't. But while this is just part of life, it doesn't mean that everyone is able to accept this. ...»

50 Years Ago, When I Was 30
IMAGINE borrowing from the future to invest in your present to make your past better than it could have been. Gifted a vision - two actually - and fifteen years apart - and joining them together. That's what this is. ...»

Let Go of What Holds You Back - Even If This Means People You Love
Are you having difficulty letting go of the people you love? Are they holding you back? In any case you have a choice to make. What is it? Look inside to find out. ...»

Rejection: Why Do Some People Feel Worthless When They Experience Rejection?
It could be said that there are certain things that are part of life, and this means that it is not possible to avoid them. Still, this is not to say that some people won't try to make sure that they don't experience something. ...»

Blame: Is It Normal For Someone To Blame Others When They Feel Powerless?
If one stays up to date with what is taking place in the world, they may have heard about people who blame others for what is taking place in their life. Along with this, they may have heard about certain groups that blame other groups for the challenges in their life. ...»

Racism: Why Do Some People Always Say That Other People Are Racist?
If one reads the paper or watches the news on TV, they may come to the conclusion that racism is getting worse. When it comes to what has played a part in this, it can be the result of what has taken place in their own country, as well as what has taken place abroad. ...»

What Are You Doing With Your One and Precious Life?
As another summer will soon be drawing to a close, and as we get ready for a busy time of year, I'm grateful. I came across an old poem the other day called "The Summer Day" by Mary Oliver, and I want to share part of it here with you. Tell me, what else should I have done? ...»

The Power of Expectation - Making Happen What You Expect to Happen
Is there something you want to happen in your life? Why not believe and make them happen? This article shows how. Look inside to find out. ...»

Why Do People Don't Want To Change For The Better
People with the potential to improve are more likely to succeed than when applied to people who have no interest in changing. If you are still trying to change people who have no interest in changing, just let them go. ...»

Vulnerability: Why Do Some People Feel Extremely Vulnerable?
While some people feel as though it is safe for them to exist, there are others who don't. Even so, this could be something that someone is not consciously aware of; how they experience life could just be what is normal. ...»

You've Got a Lot Invested, Right?
So... you've got a lot invested right?! Well, I'm not talking finances - although important - but what I am talking about is beliefs. The reason you're having a hard time shifting old belief patterns that are no longer serving you is because you've got a lot invested in them. That's right, we all do. No matter how much you say you want to change, you must look at the whole picture in order to do so. Read on to learn why you're so invested in old beliefs and how to shift them to a much more empowered belief system instead. Because when you have empowered beliefs, you will create an empowered life doing what you love. ...»

Free Speech: Are Facts Too Offensive In Today's World?
If someone has the need to say something, it doesn't mean that they will say what is on their mind. And what can define whether or not they speak up is if what they have to say is politically correct. ...»

Why Do We Need to Feel Special?
There is a reason why we all came to this lovely planet. We have a purpose to serve and we need to be happy doing that. So why do we need to feel special? Look inside to find out. ...»

Emotionally Reactive: Do Some People's Childhoods Set Them Up To Be Emotionally Reactive?
One person could hear something and respond in one way, and another person could hear the same thing and respond in a completely different manner. Consequently, this is going to show that they have interpreted it differently. ...»

People Pleasing: Can The Fear Of Being Harmed Cause Someone To Please Others?
One of the reasons why someone would get into self-development is because they have the need to please others. What this will show is that they are aware of what is wrong and this is then why they have been able to take the next step. ...»

Emotional Regulation: Do Some People's Childhoods Set Them Up To Be Emotionally Dependent?
When someone has the ability to regulate their own emotions, they are not going to be used to being overwhelmed by them. And even if they were to find themselves in a position where they were unable to handle what is taking place within them, it doesn't mean that they would suffer in silence. ...»

How to Recognize Opportunities Right There In Front of You
Have you gotten over situations only to realize that you have missed some golden opportunity? How do you make sure you recognize these opportunities? Look inside to find out. ...»

7 Indicators to Determine If You Are Emotionally Bound
Are you emotionally bound? Do you keep making poor choices in your personal life? If this is you, you can learn how to become finally free from emotional bondage. ...»

Free Speech: Are People With Emotional Problems Being Used To Control Others?
It seems that there is a not a moment that goes by when someone isn't offended about something. In fact, it could be said that this has become a competition for some people, and the person who is the most offended is the one who wins the prize. ...»

Relationships: Are The People Who Try To Do Everything By Themselves Developmentally Stunted?
While there are people who realise that they can't do everything by themselves, there are others who have a different outlook. When someone can relate to the former, they are going to accept the fact that they are an interdependent human being. ...»

Celebrities: Do Certain Celebrities Normalise Attention Seeking Behaviour?
In today's world, there are a number of ways for someone to become famous, and this has opened the door to people from all walks of life. Said another way, it is no longer necessary for someone to have real talent; they can end up in the public eye for other reasons. ...»

Boundaries: Does Someone Lack Boundaries When They Don't Let Other People Speak?
If one was to have a conversion with a friend or a family member, for instance, there will be what they say and what the other person says. What this comes down to is that one will talk and they will listen. ...»

The Pleasant Ways To Treat People
Courtesies and pleasant behaviors go a long way to be a part of people's life realms. They show interest in you and like to help you in your painful times. So it is important to treat people well. Rely on these people when you hit low times. This article shows how in pleasant ways you can be in their good books. ...»

Social Justice Warriors: Are Social Justice Warriors Emotionally Undeveloped?
If one stays up to date with what is taking place in the world and/or if they use social media, they may be familiar with the term 'social justice warrior' or SJW for short. One way of looking at this would be to say that this is someone who is trying to make a difference in the world. ...»

True-Self: Does Someone Need To Feel Safe In Order To Express Their True-Self?
When the term 'true-self' is mentioned, it can sound a bit air fairy, and it could be said that this it to be expected. One thing that can come to mind for someone is that human beings don't have a self that is fixed. ...»

The Seven-Day Target Plan To Thrive High
Have you ever figured out the priorities in your life? How about a seven-day target plan to prioritize your vital elements of life? This is exactly what this article talks about. Look inside to find out. ...»

Free Speech: Is The Western World Walking On Eggshells?
If one lives in America and they are against Donald Trump, or if they live in the United Kingdom and they were against Brexit, it could be said that there would be no reason for them to keep their views to themselves. They could share their views with their friends and online, and there is a strong chance that they would receive a lot of positive feedback. ...»

Goodbyes and Hellos
When one door closes, another opens. It is the end of summer and we need to say goodbye to the scorching hot days, flexible schedules and having school-aged children with us round the clock. Yes, it is time to prepare for fall. ...»

Walls Can Trap Us
My pedicurist is so wise! At my last appointment she was talking about how people can be imprisoned by unresolved issues. Roxanne placed her hand at chest level with palm down as she explained that trouble comes and the individual doesn't do anything to resolve it. ...»