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Self Improvement Blogs and Articles
Posted on : April 16, 2007
Why Do We Need to Feel Special?
There is a reason why we all came to this lovely planet. We have a purpose to serve and we need to be happy doing that. So why do we need to feel special? Look inside to find out. ...»

Emotionally Reactive: Do Some People's Childhoods Set Them Up To Be Emotionally Reactive?
One person could hear something and respond in one way, and another person could hear the same thing and respond in a completely different manner. Consequently, this is going to show that they have interpreted it differently. ...»

People Pleasing: Can The Fear Of Being Harmed Cause Someone To Please Others?
One of the reasons why someone would get into self-development is because they have the need to please others. What this will show is that they are aware of what is wrong and this is then why they have been able to take the next step. ...»

Emotional Regulation: Do Some People's Childhoods Set Them Up To Be Emotionally Dependent?
When someone has the ability to regulate their own emotions, they are not going to be used to being overwhelmed by them. And even if they were to find themselves in a position where they were unable to handle what is taking place within them, it doesn't mean that they would suffer in silence. ...»

How to Recognize Opportunities Right There In Front of You
Have you gotten over situations only to realize that you have missed some golden opportunity? How do you make sure you recognize these opportunities? Look inside to find out. ...»

7 Indicators to Determine If You Are Emotionally Bound
Are you emotionally bound? Do you keep making poor choices in your personal life? If this is you, you can learn how to become finally free from emotional bondage. ...»

Free Speech: Are People With Emotional Problems Being Used To Control Others?
It seems that there is a not a moment that goes by when someone isn't offended about something. In fact, it could be said that this has become a competition for some people, and the person who is the most offended is the one who wins the prize. ...»

Relationships: Are The People Who Try To Do Everything By Themselves Developmentally Stunted?
While there are people who realise that they can't do everything by themselves, there are others who have a different outlook. When someone can relate to the former, they are going to accept the fact that they are an interdependent human being. ...»

Celebrities: Do Certain Celebrities Normalise Attention Seeking Behaviour?
In today's world, there are a number of ways for someone to become famous, and this has opened the door to people from all walks of life. Said another way, it is no longer necessary for someone to have real talent; they can end up in the public eye for other reasons. ...»

Boundaries: Does Someone Lack Boundaries When They Don't Let Other People Speak?
If one was to have a conversion with a friend or a family member, for instance, there will be what they say and what the other person says. What this comes down to is that one will talk and they will listen. ...»

The Pleasant Ways To Treat People
Courtesies and pleasant behaviors go a long way to be a part of people's life realms. They show interest in you and like to help you in your painful times. So it is important to treat people well. Rely on these people when you hit low times. This article shows how in pleasant ways you can be in their good books. ...»

Social Justice Warriors: Are Social Justice Warriors Emotionally Undeveloped?
If one stays up to date with what is taking place in the world and/or if they use social media, they may be familiar with the term 'social justice warrior' or SJW for short. One way of looking at this would be to say that this is someone who is trying to make a difference in the world. ...»

True-Self: Does Someone Need To Feel Safe In Order To Express Their True-Self?
When the term 'true-self' is mentioned, it can sound a bit air fairy, and it could be said that this it to be expected. One thing that can come to mind for someone is that human beings don't have a self that is fixed. ...»

The Seven-Day Target Plan To Thrive High
Have you ever figured out the priorities in your life? How about a seven-day target plan to prioritize your vital elements of life? This is exactly what this article talks about. Look inside to find out. ...»

Free Speech: Is The Western World Walking On Eggshells?
If one lives in America and they are against Donald Trump, or if they live in the United Kingdom and they were against Brexit, it could be said that there would be no reason for them to keep their views to themselves. They could share their views with their friends and online, and there is a strong chance that they would receive a lot of positive feedback. ...»

Goodbyes and Hellos
When one door closes, another opens. It is the end of summer and we need to say goodbye to the scorching hot days, flexible schedules and having school-aged children with us round the clock. Yes, it is time to prepare for fall. ...»

Walls Can Trap Us
My pedicurist is so wise! At my last appointment she was talking about how people can be imprisoned by unresolved issues. Roxanne placed her hand at chest level with palm down as she explained that trouble comes and the individual doesn't do anything to resolve it. ...»

Do Some People Go From Being Abused By Their Parents To Abusing Their Parents?
It could be said that not everyone is brought up by parents who treat them in the right way, and this can have a big effect on how they will experience life as an adult. For some people, this would have been a time when they were abused on a regular basis, for others, this would have taken place from time to time. ...»

The Seven Ways to Better Contribution
Are you a giver? Do you like to contribute something to your neighborhood, city, country or the world at large? Then this article is for you. Being a giver is, in fact, good because the more you give, the more you get. Look inside for highlights on how to give. ...»

Fall In Love With Yourself - Know, Like, and Trust - Then There's No Turning Back
The first step with regards to doing anything is more often than not the most difficult. However, Martin Luther King, a.k.a. my birthday twin and hero said, "Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." ...»

Offended: Can Being Sensitive Set Someone Up To Be Offended By Just About Everything?
On the one hand, there are people who are rarely, if ever, offended, and on the other, there are people who are offended by just about everything. This is something that is going to have a big effect on how they experience life. ...»

Discrimination: Is Discrimination Good Or Bad?
If one was to hear about someone who is being treated unfairly, they could end up feeling angry about what is taking place. This could relate to someone who, because of their gender, was turned down from a job. ...»

Eighteen Inches - A Voyage of Discovery
While living in Washington, DC I heard about a homeless women's shelter run by Carmelite nuns. I was familiar with this Roman Catholic order from my previous foreign service assignment to Kenya. At that time I took a holiday to visit an American lay couple living in a remote backwater, along a winding river, deep inside a dense tropical forest-far from the pleasant highlands of Nairobi. ...»

Critical Thinking: Is It Normal For Children To Have Gender Identity Issues?
In recent years, a lot has been said about children who have gender identity issues. It doesn't end there though, as a lot of exposure has been given to adults who are also going through the same experience. ...»

Reflections in Life
One thing that I realized after my wife died in 2016 is that people experience different "seasons" in their lives. The Bible says "for everything there is a season" (NLT). One of the most important things about these "seasons" is thinking about what we learned; how we treated people; and what we accomplished. We can take these "seasons" for granted and not know what impact they have in our lives. I want to share with you my thoughts and perceptions about "seasons" in life. ...»

How to Remain Positive When the Outcome Doesn't Look Good
You probably find yourself in debts or your team at work is not progressing well or you have an ailing parent with whom you have to spend majority of your time. What do you do in these cases? How do you remain positive when things look so bleak? Look inside for highlights. ...»

Emotionally Sensitive Body: Do Some People Have An Emotionally Sensitive Body?
If one was in a position where they spend a lot of time feeling drained, they might end up looking into what they eat. Along with this, they could take the time see if they are getting enough sleep. ...»

Self-Worth: Can Someone Feel Inadequate Around People Who Feel Worthless?
When one spends time around the people in their life, they may find that they generally feel good about themselves. And through feeling this way when they are around them, it is likely to mean that they will feel good when their time together comes to an end. ...»

Self-Worth: Why Do Some People Feel Worthless When They Lose Their Looks?
If one was to think about what the modern day world values, beauty and youth may come to mind. And even if other things cross their mind, it will be only too clear how important these things are. ...»

Stop the Stagnancy
If there's one thing I'm great at it's pointing out my own flaws and weaknesses. I should have a crown because I'm the Queen of some pretty bad characteristics in my own mind. Another weakness I have... stepping aside and letting others who have stronger, more dominant characteristics, take the reigns. I am not one for confrontation. I prefer to allow myself to be weak just to avoid having a tough conversation with someone. Knowing this about myself made it impossible for me to see myself as a leader. ...»

I Love What I Do
I love my work. It warms my heart and gives me pleasure. I have a sense of joy and freedom that fills me up each day. I love what I do and I love coaching others day in and day out. I am The Potentiator, and my focus is helping men and women to expand their confidence and self-esteem and create the life of their dreams. ...»

How to Boost Your Wisdom
There is information everywhere. It becomes a challenge to extract knowledge from the right places. I have made it easy for you in this article citing a few places where you could access and gain wisdom. Look inside to find out. ...»

Are You Feeling Stuck?
Life happens to all of us! We look up and so much time has gone by and we begin to think "this is not what I planned for my life. This is not where I thought I would be at this point in my life." ...»

Being Conceited and Arrogant
Arrogance, in other words, haughtiness is known as considering oneself superior in comparison to others and acting with this negative pride. In the roots of such a character lies the belief that one has the idea of possessing the things that cause him to feel superior although they have actually been given to him as a trust by Allah Almighty. ...»

Child Abuse: Why Do Abusive Parents Always Talk About How Good Other Children Are?
While a parent can offer encouragement and acknowledge what their child is good at, they can also behave in a different manner. Instead, they can criticise their child for what they can't do and overlook what they can do. ...»

Ho'oponopono Is The Easiest Way
It was many years ago, but I still remember the day like it was yesterday. My son was yelling and screaming at me. And make no mistake about it, this wasn't just a fight between mother and son. This was deeper than that. It wasn't just his biting words or disrespectful tone that shook me. It was his anger, a deep-seeded anger that was pouring out from the deepest part of his being. ...»

Boundaries: Can Someone Let Other People Walk Over Them When They Hate Themselves?
There are a number of things that will make it easier for one to live a fulfilling life, and having boundaries is one them. It will then be possible for one to be able to stand up for themselves and to be around the right people. ...»

What Makes People Human?
Sometimes we lose temper, get aggressive and say angry swear words. Or, we become workaholic and stay devoted to work for a greater part of our time, neglecting our families. None of these scenarios makes someone human. So what does it take to be human? Look inside to find out. ...»

Can Toxic Shame Stop Someone Who Was Abused As A Child From Getting The Help That They Need?
In an ideal world, perhaps every child would receive the level of care that the need in order to develop into a well adjusted adult. Still, this is not to say that genetics don't play a part; what it comes down to is that is that it will be a lot easier for someone to develop in the right way when they receive the right nutrients, so to speak. ...»

Victim Mentality: Do Some People's Childhoods Set Them Up To Be Victimised By Others?
It could be said that that are moments in everyone's life when things don't go to plan, or something 'bad' happens. This is just part of life and not something that can be changed. ...»

Words That Can Change Your Life
When John Lennon sang "Well I tell them there's no problem, only solutions" in his "Watching The Wheels," he perhaps meant that we should learn our lessons from our problems. In other words, problems are nothing but opportunities. How you handle problems and hurdles determines your success. ...»

Do You Put Your Constituents FIRST?
Why do you want to be a leader? What do you hope to accomplish? How often do you objectively evaluate your reasons, perceptions, motivation, and who, you should be answering to? ...»

Relationships: Why Do Some People Walk On Egg Shells When They Are Around Others?
While there are some people who are on alert from time to time, there are others who are more or less always on alert. And even though these people will have a radically different experience on this planet, it doesn't mean that they won't come into contact with each other. ...»

Learning From Your Mistakes - How to Overcome Carelessness
How many times in your life have you made silly mistakes and regretted? Instead of feeling bad and lamenting about them, it is time to take a smart approach. What do I mean? Look inside to find out. ...»

Lakshmi Mittal - An Exclusive Short Story
One of the biggest names in the steel manufacturing industry, Lakshmi Mittal had a very humble beginning in his native state, Rajasthan, in India. Due to a lack of entrepreneurial activities in Rajasthan, his father shifted base to Calcutta (now Kolkata). ...»

Are These Sound Bites Screwing With Your Mind?
9 Sounds Bites That Are Screwing With Our Minds. Respect the words you use. ...»

With Self-Confidence And Humility, Go For Your Dreams and Goals Guilt Free
To reach for goals and go for your dreams is essential for gaining confidence in all that you pursue in life. Doing so guilt free and all loving, regardless of what others may think you should otherwise do, helps your character shape up nicely and gives you a sense of accomplishment. One lovely sunny afternoon at Lansbrook Golf Course in Palm Harbor, while grinding away at my own swing on the driving range, fantasizing about my own goals and dreams, I met Jon Phillips. Learn to bring your dreams to the surface I could see that this nice man, about my same age, had undoubtedly been at the game of golf for many years. ...»

Afraid to Say NO? Learn How This Is Impacting Your Business
So what is behind this tiny little word? Well, most of us are people pleasers at heart. We don't want to offend anyone or hurt their feelings. This can be traced back to a deeper fear of not wanting to be alone - of not wanting to be "shunned" from the group. Essentially being unloved. ...»

Boundaries: Why Do Some People Always Blame Others For How They Feel?
On one side of the spectrum there is total responsibility and, on the other, there is total irresponsibility. And while it might sound as though the ideal will be for one to be on the left side of it, it is not going to be this black and white. ...»

True-Self: Can Someone Lose Themselves When They Have The Need To Please Others?
It could be said that there are two worlds: the inner world and the outer world. When it comes to the inner world, it is going to relate to what is taking place within and, when it relates to the outer world, it will relate to what is going on without. ...»

Jealous of Other People's Success? How to Deal With Jealousy
Too many a time we let ourselves become belittled because of others' achievements and success. We compare our case with theirs and feel jealous. Is there any good out of this other than stress and mental torture? It's time to change your thoughts and look at others from another perspective. What is it? Look inside to find out. ...»

Self-Worth: How Can People Who Are Attractive Act Confident Even Though They Feel Worthless?
When someone is in touch with their inherent value, it is going to be a lot easier for them to act in a confident manner. For one thing, they are not going to feel as though they have anything to hide. ...»

Where and How To Start For Self-Improvement
Self-Improvement is a good thing to think about and we all should do that time to time because one's personality, moods and attitude changes with the passage of time and the analysis is really important to characterize ourselves to see where are we falling and what we can do for the betterment of it. A simple trick of doing it is to sit down for a while and list out all the flaws you think you have and try to think about the solution to overcome them because this is the only way you make really sure and keep in check who you are and who you want to be. ...»

Knowing When to Get Fresh New Starts
Sometimes staying in the same place or career becomes stale for you. Instead of staying stuck, it gets time to kick yourself and get moving and grabbing other opportunities. So how do you give yourself fresh new starts? Look inside for highlights. ...»

Boundaries: Does The Fear Of Rejection Stop Some People From Saying No?
When one can stand their ground, it is going to stop them from having the need to please others. One will have the ability to say yes when they want to do something and no when they don't. But even though both of these words have a part to play in their life, it doesn't mean that they both have the same value. ...»

How to Tame Your Inner Critic
How often do you find berating and rebuking yourself? How often do you punish yourself by negative self-talk for making mistakes? Remember none of this helps. What do you do? Look inside for highlights. ...»

Self-Worth: Do Some People's Childhoods Set Them Up To Attach Their Value To What They Do?
If one was to observer how the people around them behave, they may find that a lot of them have something in common. What could stand out is how so many people are always doing something. ...»

5 Ways to Reduce the Struggle
Here are 5 ways for you to move through the struggle too ? 1. Identify the beliefs you have around working. What have you been taught? Then look at who's approval and love you are looking for by sticking with this old belief system. ...»

Self-Worth: Why Do Some People Take It Personally When People Criticise Their Work?
It has been said that the only way that one can avoid being criticised is if they don't do anything. When this happens, one will be in the shadows, so to speak, and it will be normal for people to overlook them. ...»

If You Want to Find the Truth, You Must Vanish
Often times in our lives and typically at points where we become more mature, we start looking more and more for truth. We start wanting more out of lives other than the same old hustle and bustle such as work, kids, family, money. We evaluate our lives and realize a certain emptiness is present. Perhaps we are tired of going through the same things over and over. Broken relationships, failures, jobs that don't fulfill us, friendships that don't feel authentic, covering up our true selves, pretending to be something we may not be, lying, etc. ...»

Die to Self, Die to Yourself
What does die to self mean? - Dying to the things you think you know. - Abandoning the limiting beliefs systems you have adopted in your life that lead you down the wrong road ...»

Self-Worth: Can Someone Find It Hard To Relax When They Feel Worthless?
In today's world, it is not uncommon for someone to have a very busy life, and this can stop them from being able to just be. During the week, there is likely be the amount of time that they are at work each day and, once they get home, they may have other things to do. ...»

Victim Mentality: Do Some People Only Feel Loved When They Act Like A Victim?
When it comes to someone's self-image, there is the chance that it is having a positive effect on their life. How they see themselves is then going to allow them to feel good about themselves and to fulfil their needs. ...»

Pass the Damn Ball to the Kid Who May Fumble
Someone recently posted the article on social media, "Dear Kids: If I Die, Please Don't Be a Sh**head." As a parent and grandfather, it caught my attention due to the bluntness. But I also thought about it as a leader and manager. ...»

If Someone Feels Offended, Does It Prove That Another Person Has Done Something Wrong?
If one reads the paper on a regular basis and/or spends time on social media, they may have heard about people who have been offended by something. Now, one may see that there are times when this is valid, and times when it isn't. ...»

Sixty-Five Years Young!
Well, on August 7th I will have my sixty-fifth birthday! I can't really identify any significant changes in my health or personal life but there are a number of things that will change because of that milestone. First of all, I will no longer be required to contribute to the federal, provincial or personal pension plans. ...»

How to Become a Strategic Thinker and Problem Solver
Is it possible for you to be both a strategic thinker and problem solver? The answer is yes. Look inside for highlights. ...»

How to Simplify Thinking and Everything
Simplify! We all face the difficulties in life, especially when we must think instead of simply accepting. We all ask: Can we simplify our life? ...»

Authenticity Heals: 6 Steps to Being Authentic
Authenticity is the opposite of shame. It reveals our humanity and helps us connect with others.It builds self-esteem and empowers us. Follow these 6 steps. ...»

Do You Want Your Life to Improve?
MOST people do, but there are times when we need life to improve; we get sick and tired of being sick and tired; we find we can no longer live without hope. Rarely in life, though this does come fleetingly, a few times, there is this moment. ...»

Your Habit, Your Life
It is always said that your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, and repeated actions develop into habits which sum up to make your character that speaks more than a volume about who you are. Habits are integral building blocks in the construction of your life, be it a majestic edifice of sound, covetable personality profile or a dented, substandard and wobbly structure resulting from a pile-up mixture of negative behavior which of course heads straight for destruction. Simply put, your habit makes or mars you; this is an inspirational quote that has held its grounds of truth for many centuries. ...»

Hope: Is Hope Good Or Bad?
If someone is going through a challenging time in their life, they may hope that that this will soon change. What this could show is that one area of their life is not going as they would like it to go, or there might be a number of areas that are like this. ...»

For the Road Less Travelled
This seems to be exact thoughts of the travel agency, Cox & Kings who in their latest commercial wants to 'Enable Travel' for everyone. Because there is never the perfect time to travel. All you need to do is go with the flow. ...»

How You Should Stop Sweating the Small Stuff
Life is all about people and pets. When they start doing things that annoy you, you should stop sweating the small stuff. Why is that so? And how can you do it? Look inside for answers. ...»

Self-Worth: Do Some People Lack A Healthy Sense Of Entitlement?
When someone has an entitlement mentality, it can cause them to behave in ways that will have a negative effect on others. Through being this way, one of their main priorities will be fulfil their own needs. ...»

Death, How Mean Thou Art
This is a bitter script about the monster called death, directed to him as if he is a person because of the horror he forces out of people. There are some of the mournful, depressing words, tragic quotes and uninspiring poems you've caused to come out of the lips of innocent mouths; those are the terrible lyrics of horrible agony songs that you've caused people you never knew and families that never planned nor rehearsed it to sing as if they were choristers. You just come in uninvited, grab your victim unprepared and take them without any consolation. No thanks to you, sad memories of our deceased loved ones surge through our minds. We can't but point accusing fingers at you! How cruel you are in manner! How cold you are in deeds! ...»

Cultivating Mental Toughness
"Concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory", said Bill Russell. In fact, mental toughness is the most important ingredient that is very much necessary for achieving goals in life because during the course of your journey towards your life's goals, chances of you facing bumps are very high. Mental toughness will help you acquire resilience, determination and willpower so you can persist till you reach your goals. Though researches reveal that this trait has genetic links, it is possible to cultivate it. Let us see how. ...»

Self-Worth: Why Do Some People Believe That They Are Not Good Enough?
When one believes that they are not good enough, it can set them to live a life that is not very fulfilling. For one thing, this can stop them from taking the steps that they need to take to fulfil their goals. ...»

How to Trust the Universe More
Have you been cheated at various points in your life? It's time to remove your belief about not trusting enough. On the other hand, too much of it will lead you to trouble and deceit while on the flip of the coin, it will lead you to have a friendless, lonely life. In short be more trusting. Look inside for highlights of several possible scenarios you could find yourself in. ...»

Victim Mentality: Why Do Some People Always Act Like Victims?
When one gets to the end of their day, they might look back on what has happened, and this could be a time when they will see what good and bad things have taken place. Even so, they could believe that this is simply part of life. ...»

Humility Commands Respect
Being humble is the quality of not being arrogant or proud, but just being modest of one's own importance compared to others. It can also mean--a recognition of self in relation to God as well as acceptance of one's defects. ...»

The Difference Between SUCCESS And FAILURE Is The Ability To Take Action
In this article, I'll dwell on the harmful effects of Procrastination. I will discuss the latent symptoms and the various ways that this very bad habit can be overcome. ...»

Tired of Being Owned by an Alarm Clock
When I first quit drinking and began a new life in sobriety the only thing I truly wanted was to live a boring life. It has been anything but boring and I'm tired of it. I need to slow down and regain my focus on the spiritual side of life and get back to a more simplistic and boring life. In my life, to reach this point means taking control of my life. At the top of the list is getting rid of alarm clocks. Let me sleep as much or as little as I want. No machine should have that much power over me, to tell me to "Get up! Right Now!" ...»

Why Training on How to Spot a Liar Is the Most Important Tool in Your Life
Training on how to spot a liar is an extremely important, yet overlooked tool you need in today's business world. Every day we negotiate something important in our lives, why not be armed with the ability to uncover someone's true intentions. How much money or time is wasted on the unknown? Here is a short article in a series, on how learning to detect lies can have a positive impact on your life. ...»

Our Heart Is Our Real Guide
The article focuses on the fundamental role of our 'heart and soul' in its purest form in guiding us in the right direction in our life. It also implicitly pinpoints the crucial importance of keeping human 'heart and soul' pure. ...»

The Media: Is It Easier For The Mainstream Media To Manipulate The Older Generation?
If someone wanted to find out about what was going on around them in the past, they probably would have watched TV or read a paper. The reason for this is that the internet wouldn't have been available. ...»

How to Be More Likable
We all have the need to be accepted by society and above all, to be liked by people. We like being loved and cared about. How exactly can we make it happen? Look inside for highlights. ...»

Child Abuse: Can Someone Have One Good Parent And One Bad Parent?
During one's early years, they may have had two parents who treated them well. As a result of this, they may look back on their childhood with fond memories. ...»

The Fogiveness
When speaking of forgiveness, the most usual thing is to refer to another person and what this has done for us in life and what we must do to forgive. Actually everything that has done that person, often depends on how you look to see if it is right or wrong to act. Many times, being so angry at what we blindly believe is wrong, we do not see that the other human being also has our own needs and that it is fundamental for the analysis of the right is good to be able to put oneself... ...»

Transformative Storytelling - How Writing an About Page Can Change Your Life
Don't we all wish we could have our "life purpose" handed to us on a silver platter? No more doubts, second-guessing, or comparison? I certainly did. ...»

Self-Worth: It Is Harder For Someone To Make Mistakes When They Feel Worthless?
If one was to get something wrong, they may find that this is not something that will end up derailing them. They might need a little while to pull themselves together, so to speak, but that will be as far as it will go. ...»

How to Assess Your Strengths & Weaknesses
How do you assess your strengths and weaknesses? For instance, when I was a teenager, I would break easily whenever a challenge hit me. By now I have grown so much stronger and I go bigger whenever a challenge confronts me, downsizing it. What strengths and weaknesses can you identify for yourself? Look inside to find out. ...»

Self-Worth: Is It Harder For Someone To Be Sensitive When They Feel Worthless?
When one behaves in a way that is seen as being socially acceptable, it can be a lot easier for them to feel good about themselves. But before they were even old enough to go out into the world by themselves, there would have been how they were treated by their caregiver/s. ...»

Learning to Resist
When we talk about how to resist problems, we always end up saying you'll never make it. Finally, and as time goes on, the problem persists and we, as human beings, get up every day, live, sleep, and wake up again with the problem already included in our routines. With the passing of days, and without realizing it, we become hard, enduring the vicissitudes of life. ...»

Boundaries: Are Other People To Blame If Someone Always Ends Up Being Walked Over?
If one is in a position where other people have the tendency to walk over them, it is going to be a challenge for them to be themselves. They are likely to spend a lot of time on edge, as this will make it easier them to predict what will happen next. ...»

How to Deal With Change
Your daughter has finished secondary school education and is going for Higher Studies abroad. Or she is leaving for good to stay with her soul mate in their own home. Or your hubby is filing a divorce. All these are drastic changes - something difficult to cope. But what is the right way to deal with them? Look inside to find out. ...»

Self-Worth: Can Someone Try To Create The Perfect Body When They Feel Worthless?
If one was to think about their life, they may find that they have the need to be perfect in every area of it, or this might only apply to one area. When this is something that applies to all areas of their life, they are likely to experience a lot of pressure. ...»

Identity: Who Are You?
I recently watched an interesting video in which Paul McCartney was asked about the break-up of the Beatles. He explained that this was a shock and when it occurred he didn't get out of bed for days. The interviewer asked if he had been worried about money. ...»

Systems: They Make Your Life Easier
If you have ever had problems with eating or going to the bathroom you know what I mean when I say your system is messed up! Perhaps you are like my son who recently tried to pay a twenty-five dollar checked luggage fee. The airline hit his credit card forty-eight times! ...»

Life and Death: A Perspective
I am always pleased when I am invited to Mikaeli's school for Grandparent Day. This year it was held on a Wednesday which is my day off. That meant that I didn't have to get up extra early to take her for breakfast. ...»