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Self Improvement/Coaching blogs and Articles
Posted on : April 16, 2007
Motivational Coach - Three Elements of Motivation
When you see a motivational coach, they help you deal with motivation in three different ways, which include motivating you, coaching you to motivate others, and teaching you ways to motivate yourself. When working with a motivational coach the first session is done to find out what type of things are most likely to get you motivated. Going from bored, sluggish, and unhappy to feeling motivated is something that is not going to happen overnight because it takes time, practice, and exploration. ...»

Give Yourself Permission to Live Your Purpose
If you are not living your purpose you may be missing out on a lot! There are many pieces to your purpose puzzle and becoming a Certified Life Coach may be a part of your purposeful life. If you feel drawn to life coaching then it may be a perfect fit for your life. ...»

Business Mentors From Game of Thrones
Having a business mentor is a proven way of growing your business - as long as you find a good mentor. And that's the thing... There's a ton of bad business mentors about these days. Thing is, in today's "internet age", anyone can pose as an online mentor and get people believing them. And these self-proclaimed mentors are nothing more than cons. After all, the only businesses a lot of them have ever run is their mentoring program. In other words, the only business they have experience in, is the business of telling other people how to run a business. Mind = Blown. Like I say, these self-proclaimed business mentors are nothing more than scam artists, in my humble, yet accurate, opinion. Anyway, this whole business mentoring thing reminded me of a scene in Season 2 of Game of Thrones. Have a read of this and let me know what you think. By the way, my mentors Dan Meredith and Dexter Abraham are fantastic. Why? Because they are both successful entrepreneurs outside of their coaching business. Plus they're both very genuine guys who are out to help, as opposed to many online business coaches and mentors these days. ...»

No Soap Anymore! Thanks
Ladies, don't confuse being nice for being afraid and dishonest. As I entered a ladies bathroom I came across a sign taped to the mirror, "No Soap Any More! Thanks". After a few minutes it occurred to me that the sign was significant... not the lack of soap but the lack of clarity. ...»

Finding the Best Life Coach Training
There are hundreds of life coaching courses promising new life coaches instant success. There is more to coaching than doing a quick online course and getting a few business cards. A life coaching course should prepare you for various aspects of both coaching clients, as well as succeeding in your coaching business. ...»

10 Facts About the Adult Bullying Mindset
This article gives you insight into the ways bullies function in the world. While the article is about bullying in general, the target group is adult bullies. ...»

Why Would You Go to a Financial Coach Rather Than a Financial Adviser?
This article takes as its starting point the principle that money is not an end in itself. It is a means to an end, that end being life itself. I argue that those seeking help around money should therefore start by looking for something deeper and more creative than financial advice. I review the different forms of financial help available and I summarise the deep differences between so called 'Traditionals' on the one hand and 'Freeformers' or the 'New Economic Order' on the other and consider who is most likely to benefit from the various forms of help. Finally, I argue that financial coaching should be an integral part of life coaching and a precursor to taking financial advice. ...»

The True Meaning of Giving
People have different understanding to the word "Giving". They also have various beliefs about how giving should be performed. In this article, I'm going to share my views about giving and help you see it from a new perspective. ...»

Be Wise: Choose Wisely
Commanding a positive journey of decision-making depends on wise thoughts consisting of awareness, understanding, and actions. Your thoughts direct your actions and behavior. ...»

Why Hire A Personal Life Coach?
As a Personal Life Coach, people ask me what I do and who I help. Coaching is for everyone. Wherever you currently are, coaching can take you higher. The most successful people we hear about have coaches, and this is one of the reasons why they are succeeding in their field. Coaching isn't just available to them. Coaching is available for everyone. ...»

Motivational Coach - How to Become One
This person helps individuals who are struggling to achieve their goals and stay positive. An individual may come to you to seek guidance for personal issues that they do not feel comfortable discussing with family and friends. When they come to you for motivational coaching it will be your role to help them identify the issue they are facing and then help them to deconstruct it so they will find a solution to the issue that will transform their attitude. ...»

The Pressure of the Passage of Time
On Time Something I've noticed for a while now is the pressure of time. How fast you are, how slow you are, are you on time for an appointment, do you arrive on time, are you always late, do you have to arrive early? Do you feel that time is getting away on you, do you feel as if you are constantly in a midlife crisis? ...»

What Meaning Do You Assign To Your Life?
Courses I'm doing two courses at the moment, a Food Body and Spirit course through a Sufi University and a 6 month course with high vibration teacher plant essences. Both courses are bringing up a lot of memories from my childhood. The Shame Game The core energy I am experiencing in the healings is around Elevation. ...»

Accept, Survive & Thrive
Recovery - What a misunderstood word that is! After a catastrophe, what do you do, how do you survive & thrive? It's not easy, but it you can do it! ...»

Making Progress, Recovery Through Acceptance 1971 - Now
What do you do when you've lost everything? There is nothing magical about me or my story. In this article, I'll explain how I managed to not only survive my catastrophe, but thrive in spite of my circumstances. Then, I stumbled, fell down, picked myself up and continued to prosper. After all is said and done, RECOVERY IS MAKING PROGRESS - one small step at a time! ...»

Are You Stuck in Life? The Ultimate Life Purpose Checklist for Women
Sharon really wanted a change for 2017. She had just gotten out of a bad relationship and she was not ready for another relationship. Instead she wanted to work on herself, discover her passion, and fulfill the plan God had for her. But she felt stuck because she didn't know where to start. She had invested so much in her relationship over the past two years that she had lost herself. She was frustrated because she felt like she had wasted her time. But she still had hope in believing that she could rediscover herself and discover her purpose. Does your story sound like Sharon's? Do you feel stuck? To get your personal checklist on how to get unstuck, read the following article... ...»

Life Coaching for the Overburdened Client
Life Coaching can help you find your inner purpose and a path to a more fulfilling life.No matter how intelligent you are you may be missing important information already tucked inside you. ...»

3 Careless Mistakes That Hinder Women From Discovering Their Purpose
Have you ever asked, "Why am I here?" I have. There have been many times when I have wondered why I was here on earth, especially in my times of failure. Often failure can lead us to... ...»

Life Coach - What You Need to Know
These are professionals who provide the guidance and encouragement their clients need to improve their relationships, lives, and careers. They help them to be aware of their dreams and skills, and refocus on their life's goals. They also help the client move past challenges that are standing in their way of those goals they want to reach. ...»

Message From the Universe: Be the Problem Solver
Help others with their problem so you can solve your own. As Zig Ziglar often said: "Help others first succeed so you can experience your own success" It holds true everyday. Many do not have the talents to make it big in life and need that extra push to get things done and accomplished. You were put into this world to make that happen. Focus on the help you can offer to others and always stay positive. Your time to shine will come, as it may have already happened. Be patient as great things are about to happen. ...»

6 Good Reasons Why Every Mentor Should Have a Mentor
Mentors volunteer for many reasons, but often they want to 'put something back' or, 'pay it forward'. So why is it that many mentors, especially in the voluntary sector, do not consider having a mentor themselves? ...»

Can You Sell Coaching If You're a Newbie?
A lot of people think that to be a coach or consultant, you must have built a few million dollar businesses and have a ton of experience under your belt. The good news is this is not entirely true. Here's why. ...»

What Is Inner Game Coaching?
Is it something that coaches should think about as they work with clients? Is it something that will help them find more outcomes for their clients? Is it a model of coaching which should be studied and implemented by coaches across all segments of the industry? ...»

Is There a Difference Between Life Coaching and Success Coaching?
Can one be a life coach and also be a success coach? Are there different strategies and skills that success coaches use that are not employed in a life coaching practice? ...»

How to Become a Relationship Expert and Coach - The Secrets to Success
Do you want to know how to become a relationship expert? Do you want to become a relationship coach and help individuals find, develop, and sustain loving and mutually beneficial relationships? Well, there are a few dirty little secrets about relationship coaching that you should know before you begin. ...»

Is There a Need for Conflict Coaching?
Conflict coaching is a set of coaching strategies and skills used to help clients manage conflict and resolve conflict. Having the coach act as a neutral third party gives the client someone to use as a sounding board to help explain, consider, and contemplate solutions to the conflict. ...»

How To Become Wise
Wisdom is the ability to make sound judgments and choices based on experience. When we associate with wise people, we become wise ourselves since the one who understands much displays a greater simplicity of character than one who understands little. In fact, wise people never judge his fellow. ...»

Integrity: Doing the Right Thing Matters!
Exemplifying integrity on a consistent basis is a choice and whether good or bad, the choices people make can impact the entire trajectory of their life. Having integrity shows that some people are simply more conscientious in making morally sound decisions than others. How wonderful it would be if more people would exercise more selfless choices. ...»

Become a Life Coach CEO
If you have a dream to become your own CEO then it is time to get that dream out of your head and into your hands. You have what it takes to be your own boss, and you can be in a powerful position to help others excel in an amazing way. Becoming a life coach CEO can also help you grow emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and financially! ...»

Healing Through Forgiveness
Forgiveness When it comes to forgiveness we all have our crosses to bear, some of us has been abused physically, some mentally, and some both spiritually and mentally. If you have been reading my Blog then you will know that I have said that the bible was written as an allegory. An allegory is a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal many hidden meanings; typically they can be morals spiritual or political meanings. ...»

Who Are You Living For?
You only have one chance at living your life here on earth. So it is important that you live for yourself and not for others. That is a big mistake that many of us make, only to look back years later and feel disappointment and regret because of our decision. We can't let people determine our destiny. And we can't let the opinions of others cause us to give up on our goals and dreams. ...»

3 Ways to Pick a Business Idea That Fits Your Personality and Strengths
I often hear that people think that because they are introverted that they can't be an entrepreneur. They assume that you need to constantly be meeting new people and going to networking events. That is partially true. But there is more to it than that. ...»

Getting The Most Out Of Your Career Coaching Session
Career coaching will help you prosper in your profession. This will also help you better live a happy life. Remember though to work with a reliable coach. ...»

The Power of Your Mind: Use Your Mind to Reach Your Goals
Have you reached all your goals this year? What is stopping you? Most likely your mind is stopping you from taking action. What can you do? Learn the power of your mind. ...»

Spring Cleaning: For Your Head, Not Just Your Home
We clean, organize and beautify our homes; yet we clutter our heads - our most intimate space - with the emotional equivalents of trash, dust and junk. We hold onto anger, resentment and frustration. Why do we make more effort to clean our physical spaces than our heads? ...»

THE POWER OF BELIEF - All Realities Are Not Invented Equally!
We create our reality about ourselves and about others around us, and those realities will determine our relationships to ourselves as well as others, and who they are around us. Our responses to others, as well as others responses to us are linked to the belief and expectations we have for and about them as well as for ourselves. We create realities, then we forgot we have created them, and then we relate to them as something that someone else put upon us. Others responses to us is a reflection of the expectation we have for and about them. In the wise words of Albert Einstein; "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." ...»

4 Ways to Drown Out the Fear
I can write a whole book on fear (in fact, my current book focuses on that issue quite in depth). I write on the ways it shows up and robs people of their God given purpose and calling. When fear shows up, take that as a good sign. ...»

The Psychology of Coaching and The New Frontier for Coaches
The coaching of psychology is concerned with the psychological principles on which coaching is based. Though coaching incorporates many different disciplines, positive psychology is one of the most critical and most effective. Applying Psychology to Coaching The art and science of psychology is used in the coaching realm. ...»

How to Become a Personal Development Coach
If you want to become a personal development coach, there are a few personal assessments to make and a few steps to take. Since there is no accrediting process or licensing requirements, anyone can call themselves a personal development coach, or as they are commonly known, life coaches. But, before you just claim the title of life coach, here are a few things to consider. ...»

Why Coaching Over 3-4 Months Adds More Value Than Coaching Over 4-6 Weeks
Many coaches offer the coaching process of 4 or 6 weeks and then offer their clients the possibility to extend the it. In the field of executive coaching asking clients to prepay 3-month blocks of coaching sessions is standard practice. And now more and more coaches are jumping on the bandwagon by offering 3-month blocks to their life coaching clients. Why does this approach add more value than the traditional 4 - 6-week approach? ...»

Have You Been Missing Out?
What have you been missing out on in your life? That is a question that we should all ask ourselves. And many of us might be surprised at the answer. ...»

A Hidden Secret to Manifesting Financial Abundance
Money can be manifested but it just don't automatically happen. So many people feel like they are living stuck financially, not realizing that there is hidden money all around them. There is a hidden secret that can cause money to manifest from the invisible to the physical. Now this isn't the only secret, but it is a huge secret that can make a huge difference! ...»

Is Your Calling to Be a Life Coach For Women?
If you are a woman who has been blessed to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals and dreams, then why not empower other women to do the same? Becoming a life coach for women can help you to fulfill your calling, stand out in the world, and make a huge difference in the lives of others. As a life coach your opportunities can almost be unlimited. ...»

Become a Certified Life Coach and Thrive
There are gifts inside of you that are ready to shine. Did you know that you already have what it takes to be an amazing life coach? Life coaching is a phenomenal profession with an abundance of opportunities available for you. ...»

7 Listening Techniques to Increase Professional Success
Listening has always been considered a critical determining factor in successful communications. However, in this post, I'd like to emphasize how a professional can use good listening skills to achieve more success and strengthen his/her Personal Brand. According to iPEC Coaching, listening can be a challenge because: • We have less training and practice in listening than the other forms of communication. ...»

Refuse to Live a Life Less Than You Deserve!
We all have the opportunity to live the life we dream about. But many people don't. Right now you still have an opportunity to live the life you desire and deserve. How do I know? Because you are still breathing. And if you are still breathing you should still be achieving. ...»

Live Pressure Free and Be Who You Were Born to Be!
We can feel pressure when we try to be who other people think we should be. Too many people try to fit in a mold they were never created to fit in. Happiness, fulfillment and peace can manifest when you are committed to being who you were born to be! ...»

How to Become a Fitness Coach - Traits and Skills Needed
How to become a fitness coach? If that is the question, then you'll want to know the traits, skills, and attributes you possess before you learn the steps needed to become a fitness coach. Once you determine if you have what it takes to enter the fitness training industry, then you can move on to the steps needed when wondering about it. ...»

Coaching and Leadership - Different But Equal
Though coaching and leadership are intertwined and intrinsically linked, they are different and should be looked at with a different lens. As a coach, you should understand the importance of being a leader when you are coaching, but you should also recognize that coaching and leadership are also separate, distinct qualities and tasks. This is especially true within the framework of companies. ...»

How to Become Wealthy As a Personal Wealth Coach
Is it possible to become wealthy as a personal wealth coach? Can you rise above the average salary and start earning the big bucks? What is the Average Salary for a Wealth Coach? ...»

Why Should You Become a Student Success Coach?
A student success coach isn't a math tutor, an SAT tutor, or someone who helps students work on their college entrance essays? It's not a college career counselor or a vocational trainer. In fact, a student success coach is all of these and more! ...»

How To Become Anything You Want To Become
Man that's a rather big goal. Can anyone really get everything they want from life? When you compare most people you'll find that everyone has very different goals. Some of us are trying to change the world others just want to settle down and be healthy and happy. Then there are those people who want to fly. Can they all potentially get what they want in life? My argument is going to be yes. Sure some of it is about getting a better understanding of what it is you actually want and some of it is about making do. But for a huge number of goals you'll find that the same kinds of principles apply time and time again. There's always formula you can apply to any aspect of your life in order to achieve the things you want to achieve and to be successful and I'm going to share that formula with you now. You should be much closer to achieving what it is that you really want out of life and to understanding where you might have been going wrong in the past. ...»

Motivation And Coaching
When it comes to motivation you will notice that it does more than get you going. It gets you to the point where you are able to accept the things the way they are and reach out for better things. There are so many ways that one would say that it can increase self-esteem. There are so many reasons why you try to find something that motivates you so that you can in the end be happier with who you are and with your life. ...»

How to Live Up to Your Full Potential
People mix growth with potential. Potential is much beyond growth and success in our Career. It is about realizing the real purpose of your life. Though a philosophical questions there are simple tips which emerges from the field of Coaching. ...»

Why Is Promoting Self-Awareness in Our Coaching Clients So Important?
Could promoting self awareness in our clients be the first step to empowerment? Promoting self awareness in a coaching client helps them to find out where they are now so that they can make more powerful decisions. ...»

Life Coaching for a New Outlook
Life Coaching can help the mature adult seek out their second act! The kids are grown and out of the house. Now is the time for you to shine and finally get to what you want to do! ...»

Don't Live Frustrated or Unfulfilled - Do Something About It!
If you are living a life that is frustrating or unfulfilled then you don't have to. You deserve to live the life you were born to live. You have the power to create the life you desire and dream about. It is possible! ...»

The Ugly, Green, Outrageously SAFE Cellphone Case
If you know me, then you know that I am a fashion queen and I love beautiful things. I have very good taste for the fine things in life and truly believe that it is one of my divine superpowers. When I upgraded to the iPhone 5s, I was told that it was a very delicate phone that needed protection. ...»

The 4-Step Process To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone Today
Leaving your comfort zone is scary, but it's essential if you want to live a bigger, better, stronger life. Here's your 4-step process to lean towards your edges and expand your capabilities. ...»

How to Find the Right Certified Life Coach Online Training
There are hundreds of coaching programs in the world, with most of them having an online presence. It's up to you to take the time, ask the right questions (of yourself and of the program), and do the proper due diligence before you select one. Finding the right certified life coach online training will give you a significant advantage when you begin your coaching career. ...»

How to Pick a Niche Coaching Business
Selecting a niche coaching business will help you focus your talents and skills, and narrow your target market to make marketing and promotion easier. Though selecting a niche can be a great idea, it's wise to do a little analysis and research before your narrow your group of potential clients. ...»

Isn't All Coaching Actually Behavior Coaching?
If you are going to call yourself a behavior coach, you better own the name and be the best coach at coaching behavior. You may be one of the only coaches to call yourself a behavior coach in your market, but you'll still have plenty of competition - every other coach in the area! ...»

What Is Career Coaching and Career Development?
So, what is career coaching and development? It is a way to get guidance, inspiration, information, encouragement, and help in finding the right career, preparing for your dream job, and finding happiness and fulfillment in your career choices. ...»

Excellence Isn't a Surprise
Excellence isn't waiting around the corner ready to jumps out and shock and amaze you. She is more like a calculator adding up your effort, commitment and persistence and the sum becomes the destination - Excellence. ...»

Why Get Financial Help Even If You Have Low Income
We are the time we put forth. Financial education is a process. ...»

Crying of the Disenchanted Millennial Worker and the Morals to Be Learned From It
To be a successful leader, you must learn how to be a successful coach and mentor. This is because coaching is the best way of engaging and consequently inspiring the millennial worker into peak performance. This is because the millennial worker is easily disengaged. ...»

Life Is Too Short Not To Do More and Be More!
It is not too late for you do more and be more. There are still opportunities that are fresh, new and exciting. Opportunities that can change your life in dramatic ways. But you have to take the steps to seize the opportunities. You can do it! ...»

Quality Teaching - Five Loopholes
No profession is as mysterious as teaching is. Nobody can assess objectively what a teacher does inside the class room. Nor can anybody constrain activities of a teacher in the class by suggesting what he/she should do. The quality of classroom ambience is the prerogative of a qualified teacher. The subjectivity within which teacher-student relationship is functioning is so precarious that teacher has total freedom to personalize it. Depletion of quality education in any society is due to lack of viable strategies to ensure whether there is inclusiveness in teaching. Whether teaching is taking place for transferring knowledge or transforming student life is the crucial question. ...»

5 Habits to Develop NOW to Be Wildly Successful In Life
Andrea wrote me a question about my daily routines, disciplines and habits that I have in place that has led me to the successful life I have today. I LOVED the question. And today, I want to share with you my top 5 Habits to Develop Right NOW to experience a wildly successful life. ...»

Why You Haven't Achieved What You Are Teaching?
Not having enough evidence attracts doubt. Theories are not fact how things work. ...»

Skills Needed to Be a Recruitment Consultant
In the financial services industry, why it is important to build lasting relationships with potential clientele & business associates. Improving the way motivated people connect. ...»

Delegation: How to Delegate
Why is it so hard to delegate? It seems delegation either doesn't happen, or becomes a business and life saver! This article discusses the obstructions and winning strategies for delegation. ...»

What's the Difference Between Little Minds and Great Minds?
Washington Irving made a quote that may be more eye opening than first meets the eye. His quote distinguishes between little minds and great minds. This article explores his quote from a counter intuitive perspective. While the difference between little minds and great minds may be subtle, the results are like night and day. ...»

Success Coaching - Meet Your Clients Where They Are!
This is an article about sales and connecting with your prospects, but first I am going to tell you a story. I had been feeling pretty good overall, but then suddenly, everything was bothering me. My feet were sore, my shoulders were achy and my thumb hurt. ...»

Sold To The Businessman In a Cold Sweat - Says The Business Coach
One of my favourite film franchises of all time is Christopher Nolan's Batman. I never was into comics. But the "Dark Knight" trilogy really got me into Super Hero films. The way Nolan fit these characters into a realistic and believable "world" was second-to-none. And funnily enough, one character in it reminds me of all the self-proclaimed business "egg-sperts" out there. (You know, the ones who are trying to get you and other business people to spend tens of thousands on hiring them as a marketing coach/mentor... ) ...»

Attention Purpose Seekers! It's Your Time!
If you are a purpose seeker then it is time for you to discover and unleash your purpose. We all deserve to live a purpose-filled life. That is our divine right. You must refuse to let anything or anyone stop you from living a purposeful life. This is your moment to live the life you dream about! ...»

How to Come Up With A Coaching Program
Take inventory of what you have to offer your clients. For example, if you've had success in writing romance novels, then you already have something big to offer - advice on how to pursue that genre. Create a questionnaire that gets to the root of why someone may want to write in that genre. ...»

How to Eliminate Self-Sabotage for Good!
As we become more self-aware we start noticing patterns of self-sabotage in our lives. Some may say that these are just bad coincidences that keep happening over and over, but I don't believe in coincidences. {"In mathematics, two angles that are said to coincide fit together perfectly. The word coincidence does not describe luck or mistakes. It describes that which fits together perfectly." - from the book Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer} In essence, these coincidences, these 'happenings', are matching our exact vibrational alignment to specific situations in our lives. ...»

A Coach for Business Rebirth
Birthdays are rather special events. Last weekend we joined a street party to celebrate the Queen's birthday. In fact it went on from lunchtime into the early hours. A group had been organized and they played throughout the afternoon. Beer was served with burgers, pork rolls and chips. All delicious and provided by the owners of Orchard Park Caravans where we are staying, a generous feast enjoyed by probably 100 people. To top it off a local ice-cream van arrived at an appropriate time and we were able to enjoy ice-cream. In fact we were blessed with sunshine for the only day this week and children and adults alike enjoyed the festive occasion. ...»

Time With Intention: How a Life Coach Helped Me Manage an Unruly Work Schedule
I'm a nut for "productivity hacks", to do lists and apps galore, but these things mean nothing when I'm facing down a story deadline or project. All those hard fought priority rules go out the window, and in comes the full blown panic and productivity lag that finds me wandering down YouTube makeup tutorial wormholes. Like clockwork, I forget how to work as deadlines loom. I didn't see this pattern emerge until my life coach helped me discover it. Managing stress and anxiety doesn't take a secret cure or hack, it's just learning to manage. With the help of my coach, we developed these tools to combat the dreaded deadline funk. ...»

Intuition in Coaching
An extra step surely takes you miles ahead in life. To gain that edge over your elusive goals, it surely helps to take a bigger plunge, endure greater risks and above all, seek help when you need it the most. ...»

What Is Intuitive Coaching?
Is your life anchored enough without a true-spirited and compassionate mentor and guide? In this tumultuous journey of the world, it is natural to waver, falter and get distracted from your goals of life. With a companion to keep you grounded and focused, you are surely bound to leap ahead towards satisfaction and happiness in life. ...»

Relationship Coaching for Women: Can It Really Help You to Create Relationship Goals?
My husband hates when I bombard him with a ton of questions all at one time. He says it makes him feel like I'm interrogating him. I don't understand why. I'm not trying to accuse him of anything. My goal is to... Many women seek out and hire life coaches because they feel stuck in certain areas of their lives. Some want to improve their communication skills. Others want to lose weight and others seek out a coach because they are struggling in their relationships... ...»

The Divinely Driven CEO
Are you ready to unleash your inner CEO? If you feel like you are being divinely led to start your own business then it is possible. And one of the great things about becoming your own boss is that you can work hours you want, days you want, and with your ideal clients. If that resonates with you then this article can get you going in the right direction. ...»

Relationship Coaching for Women: 3 Things a Life Coach Cannot Be for You!
Whether it's a life transition such as a job change, job loss, marriage problems, parenting struggles, or anything else, I've learned how important it is to find a place of stability and peace. Often when women go through many of these changes they find themselves seeking the guidance of a life coach. They believe a life coach will give them... ...»

Relationship Coaching Questions to Consider When Relationship Problems Hit!
How important are the relationships in your life? Relationships are challenging and often require a lot of work on all parties involved. What is a relationship? A relationship is a connection between two or more people with a common bond, interest, or cause. It can often go in many different... ...»

Message From the Universe: The Power of Your Thoughts and Actions
Your thoughts are the creation of your actions and beliefs. Without them, you have just an empty shell. You decide how life should go for you and no one else has a say over it. Go out there and show what you can do and whatever the outcome, always know you have done your best. ...»

Message From the Universe: Always Remember to Visualize!
Message from the Universe and its interpretation. Laws of attraction at its best. ...»

Is Being a Relationship Coach a Part of Your Purpose?
You were born with purpose. And if you feel led to the field of relationship coaching, then there is a great chance that being a relationship coach is a part of your purpose. There are so many opportunities waiting for you as a relationship coach. And it is your time to seize them. ...»

Is a Relationship Coaching Career Calling Your Name?
Relationship coaching is a specialized area of coaching where you can make a positive difference. As a relationship coach you can even integrate spirituality to help couples succeed. Relationship coaching can be beneficial for your clients and yourself. ...»

3 Ways to Generate Income As a Certified Relationship Coach
Generating income doing what you love is possible. Providing coaching services in the area of relationships could provide an additional income stream for you. So why not transform your passion into profit? ...»

Become a Certified Relationship Coach and Soar!
If you have a passion for love and relationships and you want to serve in that capacity, then becoming a Certified Soulful Relationship Coach can help you go to the next level of success. You can coach and guide couples to manifest a more harmonious and soulful relationship. That is something that every couple deserves! ...»

Help, I Need a Life Coach! What About You?
I have a confession to make. I struggle with... ...»

7 Ways to Know If Life Coaching Will Work for You
Often people hear a lot about life coaches and life coaching, however, they don't really understand what life coaches actually do. If you've had a problem in a certain area of your life you have probably considered a life coach at one point. However maybe you didn't quite understand what the job of a life coach was and how they could help you. A life coach is different from a counselor. To find out how, read the rest of this article. Also, find out if life coaching can work for you! ...»

Why Developing Your EFT Niche Is So Critical for Success
While there are many skillful EFT practitioners, clinical skill does not necessarily result in a successful and thriving practice or business. One of the pillars of success in this field is the development of a specialty or niche. Understanding how to focus your marketing efforts and imagining an ideal client can go a long way in clarifying your marketing message and resultant success. ...»

Legal Considerations for Marketing Your EFT Practice
Many EFT practitioners do not want to address the important but uncomfortable legal aspects of marketing thier business. It is often ignored or dismissed. It can be confronting and feel overwhelming. But let's proceed forward knowing that tapping is an excellent resource for calming anxious feelings. ...»

How a Great Coach Can Change Your Life!
How a great coach can change your life. When you want to learn a new hobby or sport you enlist the help of someone who has done it before, a coach or mentor. An instructor at the gym or fitness coach, a music teacher, night-school tutor etc. working online is no different. ...»

Life Coaches Will Make You Lose Your Mind
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