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Sports/Running Blogs and Articles
Posted on : April 16, 2007
5 Common Running Shoe Buying Mistakes
Running is a very effective cardio activity, but it is essential to wear the proper footwear to enjoy the healthy running routine. It is a great physical activity to burn calories, strengthen the joints, and benefit the heart. ...»

We're Not Children - Why the Headphone Ban Is Stupid and Wrong
I'm going to lay out exactly why it is stupid and wrong to ban headphones in a race. It may be controversial, but I believe in trusting in adults to behave properly. ...»

5K Basics: How to Run a Faster 5K - The Speed Does Count!
How to run a faster 5K can be achieved by focusing on endurance, strength, speed. 1-2-3 intervals of warm up, brisk walk, speed run is the key to run a faster 5k. ...»

Life Is Not Just A Training Run - It's Real, This Is A Competition, Win In Life!
Okay so, let's discuss something for a minute, but let me tell you a story first. Today I went out for a rather hardcore tail run, about 15-miles, with lots of steep hills, both up and down and some long slow hills too, elevation gain around 4,000 feet total and I ran it hard, so I am a little blitzed right now attempting to carb back up, and feed my muscles all the protein they need, and yes, I am sore as hell and they need that protein and nutrients badly along with a couple of hours of steady electrolyte hydration as it was about 80 degrees today and probably hotter in some of those canyons. ...»

Essential Running Gear You Need To Know About
If one fine day you decide to shape up your life and hit the running track, then let us assure you that you are making one of the best health related decisions in your life. The task of running seems very simple at first, and it is because for the first few days the motivation lasts. However, as time progresses, it starts becoming more of a burden than a wanted incorporation in your routine. So you need to make sure that all the obstructions and self-imposed difficulties are removed which seem to block your willingness. For that, there is some essential running gear that you need to purchase without which running will always be a hassle for you. ...»

Get Started Running
Anyone can become a runner, even in later life! The key is to keep trying until you find a resource that works for you. ...»

Mountain Running Essential Skills and the Danger of Relying on Electronic Devices
There is no doubt that electronic aids to navigation, such as GPS and altimeters are very useful and can help. The devices are now cheap, and even smartphones can be used for such a function. However, misunderstanding of their function, lack of battery power, and risk of failure of electronics is a concern. It is important to have the basic skills with a map and compass first. ...»

Improving Qualification Standards in the UK Trail and Extreme Trail Races
In the last 10 years, there has been an explosion in the number of events labelling themselves as "Extreme", such as the Marathon Des Sable. There has also been an increase is participation is moderate events, such as The OMM, or The Rab. Most of these events have logged incidents of injury, and in some cases fatalities. There are ways to improve participants safety, by vetting them more thoroughly. This article looks at some methods that are employed. ...»

How To Prepare for a UK Mountain Trail Race
If you are preparing to enter an event such as The OMM, The Dead Sheep 100, or the Dragon's Back Race also in Wales, there is some key advanced preparation that can be done by everyone. First of all, they require strong navigational skills. The next key area to ensure safety is the right clothing, and footwear. The final area is fuelling and hydration. ...»

Why Poor Preparation for a Mountain Race Can Have Serious Consequences
In mountain racing, a near fatal episode occurred in the UK in 1987 during an inaugural edition of a mountain race called The Dead Sheep 100 race. One participant was ill prepared to face to conditions on the day. The article recounts the story and highlights the key learning messages in preparation so we can all avoid similar issues. ...»

History Of UK Mountain Trail Races - OMM, Rab, Dead Sheep 100
A brief history of the most famous UK mountain races ever to be held, and how modern health and safety protocols have caught up with the sports to reduce the number of accidents and deaths. When you think of mountain races in the UK, the most famous is of course the Original Mountain Marathon, or the OMM, Dragon's Back Race, Dead Sheep 100. ...»

5 Benefits of Proper Running Shoes
A high-quality pair of running shoes is designed for the active person and gives the desired protection to guide and cushion the movement of the foot and ankle. A poorly chosen pair of running shoes can result in painful ankles, sore feet or hurting hips after a run. ...»

5 Things Every Runner Must Do in Preparation for His or Her First Marathon
So, are you going to run the first marathon of your life anytime soon and you are looking for do's and don'ts to get running? Running a marathon is not as easy as the smiling selfies of the winners depict. Running for a long distance is for sure a tedious task and many who set out to run do not even complete half of it. So, how can you run without facing the embarrassment of pulling back midway? The only answer is to train to run the big run. Training is the way to go forth to run this 26.2 miles endurance race. If you fail to train, you have already proven to be a poor runner. It is a known fact that running well that too for long distances cannot come abruptly. Among us are many who have started to run every Sunday and dropped the idea in a few weeks as we could not deal with the physical challenges the sport entails. An easy glance at the runners after a couple of miles into the run can give you a runner from a beginner. ...»

A Guide To Buying Running Shoes
Before you start working out, make sure you have a good pair of running shoes. You are at a high risk of getting injured should you put on shoes that don't fit you. The wear and tear of shoes may not be visible to the naked eye but it may result in a serious injury. Therefore, investing in a sturdy pair of shoes is essential. Follow the tips given below to get your hands on the right stuff. ...»

How to Buy the Right Running Shoes
Choosing the right shoe from a large collection is not always easy. There are lots of brands to choose from and you find it hard as to what you should make your decision upon. If you want to make sure you get out of the store with the pair of shoes that fit you, you should avoid the common mistakes mentioned below. Read on t find out which mistakes to avoid and you are supposed to do to invest your money on the right thing. ...»

Runner's Knee Is One of the Most Common Overuse Injuries
Overuse injuries can be some of the most frustrating to deal with. This is not just because of the pain (which can be quite uncomfortable). It's because you can't move like you used to. Running is a very common exercise, and as such, runner's knee is one of the most common of these overuse injuries. Let's do a quick overview... ...»

How to Reach the Next Level in Your Running
Reach the next level of your running potential by focusing on foot strike, cadence, terrain, speed work and finally brick sessions. There are several essentials to work into your training regardless of the total volume you actually complete. ...»

5 Useful Items of Running Gear
Running is a type of aerobic activity that most people can get involved with without needing expensive equipment or a gym membership. But, there are several pieces of running gear that can make the experience more enjoyable and productive. ...»

7 Surprising Ways to Become a Better Runner
You don't have to go to great lengths to be a better runner. However, there's no ala-Captain America super serum either, just a bit of work and some nice tricks on the side. Here are 7 surprising ways to become a better runner. ...»

Marathon Running and Vegan Diets For Beginners
It's OK if it takes you several months, or years to develop the confidence to sign up for a marathon, as long as you keep moving in a positive direction. Whether preparing for a marathon or starting a plant-based diet, you've got to expect occasional setbacks and self-doubt along the way. The key is to never give up on reaching your goals. ...»

9 Ways to Make Your Runs Easier
Runs, as wonderful as they are at times, seem to be more difficult for some people. If you are one of those people, check out these 9 ways to make your runs easier. ...»

Running: What Are The Myths and Truths?
Running, like any other sport, has its share of myths. Even the most seasoned runner can get wind of these running myths - which sound really believable - causing them to alter their routine and beliefs. What happens is their performance dips or their injury risk increases. Experienced and new runners alike can avoid all this by knowing what are the myths and truths about running. ...»

Don't Give Up on Yourself - How to Rediscover Your Love of Running
Learn how to overcome obstacles and regain your footing when life or injuries sidetrack your running progress. Motivational tips to make you want to lace up your running shoes and get out the door again. ...»

What Is a Virtual 5K?
For many years people have participated in 5K's and other local races. New to the scene are virtual races. The question is, what is a virtual 5k? ...»

Suunto Ambit3 Model Comparison
Suunto is one of the top brands when it comes to GPS sportwatches. If you're into running, cycling, swimming, hiking, or a combination of these sports, Suunto has just the watch that would include the features you need for a certain sport. Learn how the Suunto Ambit3 product range: Run, Sport, Peak, and Vertical GPS sportwatches compare with each other. ...»

Running During the Fall - What Outfit Do You Choose?
With increasingly shorter days and rapidly falling temperatures, making the most of opting out any physical activity seems inviting. This is a big mistake! Nothing warms you up, gives you energy and strengthens your immune system like a good old fashioned regular dose of outdoor activity. For all those who do not want to waste autumn form, we have prepared some tips that make training even more efficient and safe. ...»

Improve Your Running - 3 Solutions Now
Answers to the 3 most common questions new runners struggle with. Let my mistakes and lessons learned help to improve your running. ...»

5 Tips for New Runners
Learn 5 valuable tips for new runners, as learned by a new runner. Don't make the same mistakes I made and enjoy your running from the start. ...»

TomTom Spark Comparison - What's The Difference of Each Model?
Wearable tech looks like a trend that won't be wearing out soon. Just recently, TomTom has released their new product range, the TomTom Spark. With multisport capabilities (running, cycling, pool swimming), activity tracking, built-in heart rate monitor, and music player, it maybe the all-in-one wearable tech most runners are looking for. ...»

Winning a Running Trophy Is Not a Cake Walk
Winning a running trophy can be difficult. Because the sport is so universal, there are countless participants. However, there are a few steps you can take to get ahead of the curve. This article mentions a few of these points. ...»

What's the Difference Between Garmin Forerunner 620 and 630?
Learn what's new with Garmin's latest flagship GPS watch for runners, the Forerunner 630 and check out how it compares to Forerunner 620. This guide will help you decide if you're considering to upgrade your watch. ...»

Why Picking the Right Running Shoe Is Important
More and more people are beginning to run. The reason for this is that running has many physical, emotional and social benefits. However, if you are deciding to get into the running craze, you should carefully pick out the right gear for you. ...»

Reflective Safety for Runners
The time change in fall means shorter days and less daylight. In addition, to your busy jam-packed schedule, this can make running in daylight hours nearly impossible. Those after-work, stress relieving runs by sunset are now in the dark and that black hoodie just isn't going to cut it. ...»

Everest Marathon
Everest Marathon is the world's highest altitude marathon. Everest Marathon starts from Everest Base Camp and ends at Namchhe Bazar. The participants have to cover more than 42 km in order to complete the marathon. ...»

Winning a Marathon Medal
The marathon is a tough, grueling competition. However, this does not mean that it is the exclusively meant for elite athletes. Training and winning a marathon is possible, if you train the right way for enough time. This article details some tips for training for marathons, so that you can win marathon medals! ...»

9 Habits Toward Faster Running
I have been busy training for the Augusta half-Ironman for the past 4 months and am glad to bring you this post straight from the murky depths of training stupor. I thought that I would dedicate today's post to running and my thoughts on the subject, observations and stuff I have learned over the last 3 years. Enjoy my post on speed and getting faster! ...»

The Marathon of the Sands - SWR
Founded in Dubai in 2006, SWR has horology at the core of its DNA. Established as Arabia's leading watch magazine, the title has evolved and expanded over the past eight years to reflect the lifestyles of those who collect the watches that are SWR's specialist subject. Packed with stuff worth reading, SWR is about watches and much, much more. A melange of action, culture, current affairs, news, fashion, sports and interviews, its pages pack an informative and entertaining punch. ...»

The Distance Runner
It was the summer of '68. A hot and humid one as I recall. I guess the heat got to a lot of people back then from the way the protestors acted during the Democratic Convention in Chicago that year. ...»

Tips for Novice Runners
Running is a very popular activity, nowadays. Many people have become interested in the activity. This article lists some tips for new runners. With these tips, you can succeed in this exciting sport. ...»

Running Speed and Endurance Training
To develop both speed and endurance is the recipe for how to run faster. Speed is a combination of strength and power. ...»

How to Train for a Marathon?
Learn how to train for a marathon. Establish your weekly mileage, periodize the training, execute a good taper, race and set a PR. ...»

Endurance Walk
"WHEN you feel slightly dizzy or experience a sort of 'detached feeling' from what is happening around you - pour water over your head and at the back of your neck". That was the 'during the race' good advice on the leaflet we received before the race. It was on point and correct but how do you do that when you're almost on top of the mountain and the nearest water point is about one and a half kilometers on both sides and you don't have any water with you? ...»

Ten Benefits Of Morning Running
Although not always easy, the benefits of getting out of bed early and going out for a run are immense. This article discusses ten benefits of getting out and going for a run first thing in the morning. ...»

The Evolution of a Runner / Part Two: All the Pain a 5k Can Bring!
The author shares his personal experience with trying to improve his overall health. A little bit of luck and an enormous amount of motivation changes the author's overall perspective on life! ...»

How to Choose the Best Running Shoes for Women and Men
How do I find the best running shoes? This is a question asked by millions of joggers. If you are an athletic person then you should know how important it is to find the right pair of sneakers that are just for you. ...»

Running Safety - Health Risks Associated With Running
Running is one of the most popular exercises of all time. Unfortunately, many people do not know there are serious health risks associated with running without proper preparation. This article explains the eight most common risks and what you can do to protect yourself. ...»

The Evolution of a Runner / Part One: 5k
Hello everyone! Once again, this is Adam Gonzalez. Usually, I write articles about my own experience I have while training. ...»

How Do You Choose The Best Sneakers?
Sneakers are comfortable and functional in different settings. They are therefore loved by many and are in huge demand today. However, the choice you make when buying your sneakers can determine the experience you get. The market is flooded by shoe collections to choose from and it can be difficult to make a choice fast and be assured of the quality you are getting with your sneakers. However, a few things can guide you to the best shoes to serve the needs you have. ...»

Stretching: What Runners Need to Know
Ever wonder what does stretching do and why is it important? Do you stretch before working out? Health experts recommend stretching each major muscle group at least twice a week for 60 seconds. If you exercise regularly, you should do it more often. Stretching helps you stay flexible and prevent injuries. It also prepares your muscles for a challenging workout. By stretching before working out, you'll move better and relax tense muscles. ...»

Running Tips For Overweight People
If you are overweight and want to slim down by running, then congratulation because you have just made the right decision. Running is one of the best exercises to lose weight because not only it will instantly burn excessive calories and fat, it will also improve your fitness level and lessen the risk of cardiovascular diseases. ...»

Three Important Training Routines For Cross Country Running
In recent years, running has been one of the most popular health and fitness routines that people subscribe to. Some have taken it more seriously by doing cross country running. ...»

How To Rebound From A Race That Sucked
All of us, runners, have been there - we train for months, we do the taper properly and we arrive at race day in our best condition. We feel great on the starting line and once the gun has been shot, we set off with great enthusiasm. ...»

The Benefits Of Plyometrics For Runners And Exercise Samples
Adding plyometrics to your training program can help you develop muscle, which means you will be able to gain more speed and power. However, a little reminder first; plyometric exercises are not suitable if you are a beginner. ...»

Breakfast Tips For Runners - Top Four Morning Meals
Running needs a lot of energy and therefore, it is very important for you as a runner to have your breakfast. In addition, studies show that runners who regularly have breakfast are healthier and leaner than those who skip it. ...»

Dynamic Stretches For Runners
Most beginners in running love to perform static stretches, such as 30-second toe touches, before their running sessions. Well, this is one of the worst possible warm ups for a run because static stretches can reduce maximum force production capacity. ...»

Cross Training Benefits For Runners
Cross training, by definition, is any kind of exercise or sport that supplements your main activity - in this case, running. Whether you are just beginning running or a marathoner with a lot of experience, you can benefit massively from cross training. ...»

What You Need to Know About Chafing and How to Prevent It
Do you feel discomfort under your shirt or between your thighs when running? This problem is known as chafing and affects most athletes. It usually causes a burning sensation or painful stinging under the arms and around the bra line or inner thighs. The good news is that chafing on the run can be avoided, so don't let it slow you down. ...»

Strength Training For Runners - Top 4 Bodyweight Exercises
We all know that strength training offers great benefits for runners. It helps us build strength and muscles so that we can run in proper running form consistently. ...»

Strength Training For Runners - The Kettlebell
If you enter any gym, you might find people in the corner exercising using a metal ball amongst those who use dumbbells and barbells. This metal ball is called the kettlebell and it has risen in terms of popularity among fitness enthusiasts everywhere in recent years. ...»

Nutrition Tips For Runners - Juicing Basics
Nowadays, more and more runners are getting into the habit of juicing. This is not about buying a cold boxed cartoon of apple or orange juice but this is about making your own home made juice freshly extracted from fruits and vegetables. ...»

Winter Running Tips For Beginners
Winter has arrived. The leaves are falling and it is freezing cold to be out. ...»

Five Running Tips For Beginners
So, you want to start running. That's great! ...»

The Importance Of Protein For Runners
As a runner, you know that you need to eat a lot of good carbohydrates but what about proteins? Well, protein is also crucial for runners as it helps muscle recovery after a workout. ...»

How To Run In The Dark Safely
With busy schedules, recreational runners often can only run in the darkness of the dawn or evening. It is true that running during the day is safer but sometimes, we just have other jobs or commitments to do. ...»

Top 7 Carbohydrate Sources For Runners
Carbohydrates are crucial for runners because they are an excellent source of energy and they are filled with countless important nutrients that help your body to function well and grow. However, carbohydrates can also harm your effort especially when you consume poor quality carbs. ...»

Getting To Know The Maximalist Running Shoes
High cushion running shoes or popularly known as "maximalist" appear ready to explode. With more and more of these shoes coming into stores, here are our take on this category, its trend and what is in it for you. ...»

Half Marathon Tips For Beginners
Do you have a plan to compete in your first half marathon? Then lace up your running shoes and start hitting the road because it is now training season. ...»

The Importance of Hydration For Runners
People rarely talk about hydration when it comes to muscle and performance development despite of the fact that water is very important for strengthening your muscle and body as a runner. Water functions include growing and repairing your muscles after a running workout session. ...»

Strength Training For Runners: Full Squat or Half Squat?
There are much debates and confusion among fitness trainers and practitioners on the squat. The argument is one whether squats should be performed in full motion or just half motion. ...»

Strength Training For Runners: The Dead Lift
Runners who want to improve their endurance, strength, posture and health usually incorporate weight lifting exercises in their training program. One of the most common weight lifting exercises among runners is the dead lift. ...»

How Runners Can Stay Motivated
No matter how much we love running, there will be times when we do not feel like doing it at all. We become lazy and less motivated. ...»

Are Your Running Shoes Right For You?
The article that you are about to read will help you in determining the right running shoe for your foot type. We are going to discuss about your foot type, the common anatomy of running shoes and finally help you making a decision. ...»

How To Run On The Treadmill Properly
Runners usually do not like using the treadmill. If they had the choice between running a 5K on the treadmill or through the green pasture of a park, they would certainly pick the latter. ...»

Top 10 Marathons Around Toronto For 2015
These marathons in and around Toronto for 2015 will test runners' limits and push them to beat their personal records. Whether you want to race the full marathons or the half marathons, you might as well start your marathon training program now to get your legs ready to run and run some more. ...»

Elements Of Marathon Training
Other than running, there are many elements of marathon training. By incorporating interval training, strength training, core training and pacing into your program, you will be able to reach your maximum performance on race day. ...»

Proper Nutrition For Runners
The high intensity nature of running requires proper nutrition. Find out how to properly manage your diet for a good run in this article. ...»

Are Sports Drinks Really Good for Runners?
Want more stamina and endurance? Are your muscles sore after intense training? Do you wish to recover faster? If so, consider using sports drinks. These flavor-packed beverages provide electrolytes and carbs to fuel tired muscles. Due to their high content of electrolytes, they keep you hydrated on hot and humid runs. Sports drinks assist in fluid balance and absorption, preventing muscle fatigue. ...»

How Mindfulness Makes Running More Enjoyable
Let me tell you how my thoughts could ruin a perfectly good run, on a perfectly good morning. Last weekend I went for a run along the river. ...»

Carb-Loading: 3 Reasons Why Runners Need to Eat Carbohydrates
You are a runner. You put on your favorite running shoes, pound the pavement, and breeze past people. Music, gel packs, hydration belt, keys - you have all the essentials. But did you remember to carb-load to power up your running workout? Yes, carbohydrates have gotten a considerable amount of criticism over the years for causing weight gain, yet carbs can be beneficial for a long distance runner. Beginning a regimen of carb-loading isn't just about eating large amounts of carbohydrates to run longer distances more efficiently. It's about knowing when and what to eat. Here are my tips on carbs. ...»

Running Form: The Ultimate Guide to Running Better, Faster and Injury-Free
When you go for a run, often times you are thinking about where you are going to run, how fast you want to run, do you have everything, or what songs you want to play. But, what most runners neglect is their running form. ...»

6 Safety Tips for Running at Night
Yes, it's that time of the year when running in the dark seems to happen, whether you are running early in the morning or later in the evening. And with the demands of family life, running times are limited to early mornings before work or late after sunset, so that basically means most of my running happens at night during the winter. ...»

Running the Great Ocean Walk
This article is about running where most people walk. If you are interested in running adventures in a non competitive mode in exotic, off-road locations then this may be of interest to you. This article deals with a run along Victoria's Great Ocean Walk. ...»

What To Do After Your Marathon
A marathon is a great thing to finish! What you do when you finish will determine how well you recover. ...»

How to Clean Running Shoes: 5 Easy Steps
Are you embarrassed by the overwhelming sweaty odor from your shoes? Like many runners, I was not someone who cleaned their running shoes because I feared that they would become permanently damaged. However, as an attempt to keep them fresh I have tried hand washing with soap and water, as recommended, yet I could not get rid of the smell. When I grew tired of the smell, I decided to try giving them a try in the wash machine and they came out surprisingly clean. The best part is the smell was gone and when I went for a run, washing them had not affected their performance. Therefore, I recommend that all runners first try this method on their older running shoes. ...»

Holiday Gifts: 15 Best Gifts for Runners
With the holiday season approaching, do you need a gift for the runner in your life? Honor them with a gift from the "15 Best Gifts for Runners" list. These are items your favorite runner needs and will appreciate. ...»

How to Start Running: 15 Things You Need to Know
With more people wanting to lose weight or get in shape, running has exploded in popularity over the past decade with 42 million regular runners, according to a Runners USA report. Running is a great exercise with many benefits including weight loss, strengthening of your cardiovascular system, and increased happiness by relieving stress. Start running armed with these simple tips-you will build up your running from minutes to miles, whether you're a beginner or getting back in shape. ...»

What Is A GPS Watch? What It Can And Cannot Do
GPS watches can track how fast you are running, swimming, cycling or doing other exercises. Having a GPS watch might not be essential unless you are a professional athlete but it can provide numerous benefits. ...»

The Lonely Pleasure of Long Distance Running
For a long time I never quite understood long distance running. I never got the point of it. Why bother with something so time-consuming, painful, exhausting and repetitive. I also never understood the cult like obsessive nature of it. Always spoken of in reverential tones and the desperate need to do it at least four times a week. To hear the way some people talk, it makes running sound like some kind of quasi-sexual experience. Which, it is not. In any case, I don't mean it that way. No pleasure is derived from running ten kilometers unless you enjoy experiencing pain. In fact, long distance running is a bit like taking a vow of celibacy. It's about denial and sacrifice and spiritualism. Running shoes and heart monitors and pacing your self. That's what I thought until I tried it. ...»

DIscover The Best Way To Train Your Core For Running
Many runners fall in to the trap of doing a variation of a crunch or sit up as a core exercise to help improve their core strength for running. Unfortunately sports science is now showing us that this is the wrong way to condition your core for sport! In this article discover what the re search is telling us and how you should train your core for running. ...»

6 Rules Of Functional Core Training For Runners
Discover that there is more to core training for running than sit ups with these 6 rules all runners should know for effective core conditioning for running. In this article you will learn 6 principles that you should consider when thinking about core workouts for running. ...»

Barefoot Running - Running Like Our Ancestors
As we all know from the heat and humidity, summer is upon New Orleans. And, summertime means OUTDOOR RUNNING. Since 2009, a new training dimension for runners has soared-the phenomenon of barefoot running. ...»

Great Running Routes in Blackrock
After you first decide that you want to lose weight, it is important to make a plan. It is always the case after you set a goal to lose your hope soon after, because you start on that road without a prior battle plan and you are not fully prepared for the obstacles ahead. Many people go through this problem after they make a life changing decision like starting to live healthily and exercise. The reason is simple, they only think about it without taking any immediate action. In order to reach a greater goal, you need to set a few other smaller goals in mind. This is where a well-designed plan could help you. ...»

The Best Core Exercises For Runners
Discover the top 3 core exercises for runners to help prevent injury. Most runners miss out this important first stage of core training that dramatically reduces their chances of injury. ...»

The Marathon Is A Social Event
Running a marathon is tough... real tough. As Steve Moneghetti, the great Australian Marathon runner once said, "I don't care who you are, the last 8km of the Marathon hurts." If we strip away the Elite Runners and the Wannabe's, I believe that we have 6 types of people who run in marathons. ...»

Running Shoes Reviews - Why It's Important to Read Them Before A Purchase
The demand for running shoes has increased. This is because more athletes as well as individual trainers and those with different needs are looking to have the best there is. There is a huge variety of running shoes and hence it can be hard to choose what is best for you. Running shoes reviews can prove helpful in making a choice. When you read product reviews before buying, you will have a better understanding of the shoes and their makers. You will get important details from the reviews including the following. ...»

Running Tips - Exercises For Knee Pain
From time to time runners may experience some pain in their knees. These exercises will help and keep knees strong in the future. ...»

5 Reasons to Run a 5K at Disney World
Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida has 5Ks all the time. It seems as though whenever it's an off-season month for the parks, Disney manages to stick a 5K in there. Maybe you're a runner who's done 5Ks all over your hometown or maybe you've never done one in your life, but why should you run a 5K at Disney World you ask? ...»

10 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Running Shoes for Women
Sometimes it can be a challenge to discover what the best would be in any given situation. When you are looking at the best running shoes for women, several things comes to mind which includes its reliability, the level of comfort you can get and of course the price you have to pay for them. There are many different types to choose from which all offers a different type of functionality to enhance the users' experience. ...»

Ever Wonder Who the Serious Competition Is - Just Look Around the Clues Are Everywhere
Well there I was at the start of a 1/2 marathon race, I was going to run the full 26 miles 385 yards but I realized that I would be busy the following week and it takes a day or two to fully recover, at least the way I run marathons, hint: I don't jog them. Anyway, at the start of the race I was looking around to see who might be in my age group and who the competition might be, it was hard to tell, until I started looking closely and noted how many people were running the race with their smart phones in one hand. ...»

Run Slower, Gain Speed - What?
I can hear it now... "Know wonder they call you a Goof... you are crazy.", "So, if I run slower I will get faster? You are out of your mind." It was not to long ago I used to think the same thing, but as with everything I post, there are reasons and science to back it up. ...»