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Starting a Business

Starting a Business
Posted on : April 16, 2007
Don't Go Looking for Problems: Curing Your Own Pain Points Is a Good Way to Develop a New Product
Instead of looking outward to identify problems to solve and markets to serve, entrepreneurs should focus on their own frustrations. The unique solutions they come up with will have a natural market filled with customers just like them. ...»

Quick-Hitting Publishing Tips From CEO of Viva Glam Magazine, Katarina Van Derham
Business Rockstars sits down with Katarina Van Derham to talk about the publishing business. ...»

Aspiring Entrepreneur? Consider Perfecting Something That's Already Built
A franchise is the fast track to business ownership. ...»

4 Tips for Launching a Successful Business From . . . Your Spare Room
Bootstrapping with existing resources is as American as Abe Lincoln's log cabin. If you're blazing an entrepreneurial trail, hit these four markers along the way. ...»

Staying in Your Lane: Why Startups Must Stay Focused
Your company can't solve every problem for every consumer. Make intentional decisions about which opportunities you'll pursue. ...»

The 10 Things You Must Do From Day One So Your Startup Thrives
Get the basics right and you'll be in good shape for the long run. ...»

Are You Ready to Start a Company? Ask Yourself These 6 Questions.
Do you have what it takes to be a leader? ...»

25 Business Plan Tips From Professionals
To jump-start your business, have a solid business plan. ...»

Don't Try to Find Investors for Your Company Before You Do This
Give your investors a reason to think you'll be successful with or without them. ...»

Is the Legal Marijuana Industry Sustainable for Entrepreneurs? What You Need to Know
Fun fact: The average marijuana dispensary or recreational store brings in about $974 in annual revenue per square foot, about the same as a Whole Foods store. ...»

How I Lost $1 Million by the Time I Was 21 Years Old
Don't make the same mistakes I did. ...»

Why You Can't Be a Perfectionist and Be an Entrepreneur
When combining the traits and expectations of a perfectionist with the stresses and processes of being an entrepreneur, it's not a good mix. ...»

After Serving Time, This Entrepreneur Came up With a Better Way for Inmates to Stay in Touch With Family and Friends
Frederick Hutson saw an opportunity in the slow and expensive prisoner communications system and analyzed the market during his time in prison. ...»

Why America Is Still the Land of Opportunity
The problem is not that the American Dream is dead, it's that people are confused about what the American Dream really is. ...»

The Challenges of Growing a Cannabis Business
This interview can help you understand the economic realities of starting a cannabis business. ...»