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Starting a Business

Starting a Business
Posted on : April 16, 2007
Don't Think Sending Free Stuff to Editors Will Get You Covered
Coverage can't be bought. You can send us stuff if you'd like, but that doesn't mean we'll write about you. ...»

Check Out a New Podcast Hosted by Reid Hoffman -- And Join the Conversation on
The billionaire co-founder of LinkedIn and Greylock Partner is hosting a new 10-series podcast, 'Masters of Scale', one full of ideas worth talking about. ...»

6 Important Factors Venture Capitalists Consider Before Investing
Only about one percent of startups get venture capital money. How can you stand out and be that one percent? ...»

Why a Blog Gets You Further than an MBA
Why pay hundreds of thousands to earn an MBA when $100 a year will finance your blog? (Reality check: You'll still need to put in a lot of effort.) ...»

How to Get Started as a Paid Consultant to Companies
When people realize how much you know they'll want to hire you. ...»

Why the Best Thing Any Entrepreneur Can Be Is Versatile
Wahoo's Fish Taco Founder Wing Lam explains the importance of always learning new things. ...»

How to Pick the Right Team for Your Startup
A 10-step guide to making sure your startup succeeds where so many others fail. ...»

How One Mom Is Empowering Women Through Shoes
After a former digital marketer and shoe aficionado spent two decades sacrificing fit and style in order to find shoes to wear on her narrow feet, she took matters into her own hands. ...»

Why Paramore's Lead Singer Says She's Only Good at Two Things: Music and Business
Hayley Williams has found a second creative outlet with her startup, Good Dye Young. ...»

The 5 Essential Elements of an Efficient Business No Matter What Your Business Is
People and process are more important to your success than that idea that you're in love with. ...»

5 Franchises Animal Lovers Can Start Right Now
If you love pets and want to start your own business, try investing in one of these franchises. ...»

5 Startup Lessons That Could Have Saved Me 5 Years
Want to overcome some of the hurdles of starting a business? These tips will help you reach the finish line faster. ...»

You're Not Crazy: Trading Your Six-Figure Job for Entrepreneurial Freedom Is the Right Move
You're the only one who should determine how much your time is worth. These tips can help you enter the startup world with eyes wide open. ...»

Brand New Technology Is a Double-Edged Sword
Bo Pyskir, president and owner of LEMKO, says when starting a new business you have to remember that what you are doing is meaningful and important. ...»

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming an Entrepreneur
Have you been dreaming about dropping everything and starting your own company? ...»