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Time Management Blogs and Articles

Time Management Blogs and Articles
Posted on : April 16, 2007
Time Management For Students - 10 Tips For Effective Time Management
We are going to cover ten time management hacks, so you can make more time to do what you love, as well as study. All too often we ignore doing the things that we love and take care of ourselves. While studying, this is of particular importance. ...»

Why We Love Time Management (And You Should, Too)
24 hours in a day is all that everybody has. It seems like sometimes that is not enough. The reason why it may not seem as it is not enough because you are not using your time wisely or correctly. Why is it that some people can accomplish so much in a day while other people struggle to accomplish any tasks? The answer better time management skills. ...»

Jump-Start Your Day by Setting It Up the Night Before
Is it a challenge to get yourself going in the morning? If so, you're not alone. ...»

Step Into the River of Time by Embracing Transitions and Changes
How you respond to transitions and changes will, to a very great extent, define how you experience your time and your life. It also has a profound effect on your energy, your focus, and ultimately your productivity and success. ...»

Toxic Fear Is a Poisonous Time-Waster - Here Are Some Antidotes
Fear is the very last thing you need in your life. But how often does it creep up behind you, distorting your thinking, distracting and undermining you? ...»

The Life That Works
Be calm. Be calm and not shocked about anything, and you will handle it better. I know of whence I write about. For, reality for even the most "lucky" of us has its troublesome moments that cause at least a little bit of worry when not dealt with calmly and effectively. ...»

Strong Time Helps You Deepen Into Peace and Calm
Strong Time is a powerful concept that has its roots in the early 20th century. First described by the French sociologist Emile Durkheim, the core ideas about strong time were then expanded upon by the philosopher, teacher and writer Mircea Eliade. ...»

Optimize Your Time With Proactive Communication
If you think you can manage time, look in the mirror. That's what you can manage: your own Attitudes, Behaviors and Activities. If you believe anything else, you might as well try to catch water in a sieve. ...»

What You Can Accomplish With An Extra Hour
Do you always wish you had more time? Whether or not time is scientifically an illusion, our reality is based on time. Specifically, it is based on doing the most we can with the amount of time we have. There are 24 hours in a day, this is a constant, so there is no way to actually get time back, right? ...»

Monday Blues to Rock: Strategies to Overcome Monday Morning Blues
Now it is Friday afternoon, the hectic work week is swiftly ending, and your last two hours of work are filled optimism as you think of a relaxing weekend. Unfortunately, the euphoria abruptly ends when faced with a long list of tasks that are either neglected or incomplete. Despite your best efforts, your weekend ends on a lethargic note as you reflect on ways to prepare for the dreaded day-Monday. If you have experienced this, you are not alone. Millions of Americans experience what is referred to as Monday Morning Blues (MMB) which experts define as a depressed mood that occurs after the weekend. ...»

What Time Is It, Really?
When it comes to certain things, I am quite a bit confused. One thing has to do with time. What I want to know, what time is it? I do not know why time cannot be the same for everybody. After all, everybody is squirming about equal rights. Why can't we have equal time rights? Why do we have to split it up so much? If that is not enough, we have this idea of changing the time. Who in the world came up with such a stupid idea? You turn the clock ahead one hour and then a couple months later you turn it back one hour. What good does that accomplish? ...»

5 Reasons to Plan for the Unknown
When you plan for the future, you may think about positive events such as marriage, starting a family, retirement or grandchildren. Yet there are other life changes such as job loss, illness, disability, or needed to care for a family member, that can take an emotional and financial toll. While it's natural to avoid thinking about these difficult events, it's short-sighted to ignore the possibilities. ...»

Self-Leadership Challenge: The Two Biggest Time-Wasters That Great Self-Leaders Avoid
As an executive coach, I've reviewed the time logs of hundreds of senior managers and executives. In those logs, where leaders track their movements at 15-minute increments for two full weeks, the two biggest and most consistent time-wasters that great self-leaders avoid have jumped out from the page: (1) attending meetings and (2) writing/responding to emails. Does this sound familiar to you, too? ...»

Top 3 Tips to Get Work and Tasks Done Everyday
Everyone in this world has tasks and work they need to do each and everyday and sometimes people need a little guidance on how to make sure it gets done as quickly and efficiently as possible. So here are the top three tips to get your work and tasks done each day. ...»

Patience Is Not Simply Our Ability To Wait, It's How We Behave While We're Waiting
Patience is a virtue, and I'm learning patience. It's a tough lesson because it tests my convictions and priorities, faith and faithfulness patience and resilience, and in the end, my ultimate desires. ...»

Finding Time - Have You Ever Used a Shopping Template?
Do you do your weekly food shopping on the weekend? And is it a chore that you dread? ...»

Find Time for Sleep - It's A Key to Your Well-Being
Finding time to get enough sleep is among the greatest challenges that many people face in this busy world of ours. How many are chronically short on sleep? ...»

Discipline or Rigidity? 4 Tips Help You Sort It Out
Planning is your key to finding time to get everything done. Indeed, if you don't plan, you'll find yourself at sea. ...»

Life Interrupted: Resolutions and Habits
How are you doing with the promises you made so adamantly on New Year's Day? If you're falling by the wayside, I feel your pain! Let me share some of my own issues about following through, OK?" ...»

The Importance of Time Management
As important as money management is, so is properly managing your time. We cannot buy time. And time is something you can't get back. ...»

Time Is As Relevant As You Want It To Be: Your Perception Of Time
Time travel; It doesn't take much research into the topic to realize it's almost an entirely fictitious idea. Although you can't, to our current knowledge, bend space to travel to another time in your life, you can bend your perception of time pretty extraordinarily. ...»

Self Improvement - The Importance of Getting Feedback
When you run a business or any service, the most important thing that you have to consider is the customer satisfaction. Along with this goes the employee satisfaction which is entirely the department of Human Resource management. In fact, if the employee's working in an organization will be happy only then they will be able to keep the customer happy and maintain good relations with them. Since, as industries shift from physical to more administrative level, so does the need for more highly trained staff. ...»

Why Is Time So Elusive?
Have we ever really thought in depth about time, and why it is so elusive to so many? Time to exercise the brain, and do a little deep thinking on the matter. Maybe you'll save some time. ...»

Time Management for Freelancers
It takes time to grow a freelance business; it takes time to establish yourself; and it takes time to make money. All of this can be nerve-wracking and cause countless sleepless nights. ...»

Find Time With a Grateful Pause
Gratitude has a profound effect on our experience of time. Wondering how that might work? ...»

12 Easy Tips On Getting More Done In Less Time
Work is very stressful especially when you own the business. This article provides you with 12 easy tips on how to get more things done in less time. ...»

Healthy Compartmentalization and the Pomodoro Technique
Compartmentalization and the Pomodoro technique are two productivity strategies most people overlooked. This article explains how you can use them to your advantage. ...»

How To Organize Your Household Quickly
Information overload comes when you are living in a cluttered place. This article teaches you how to organize your household quickly and avoid decision fatigue altogether. ...»

Does 'Pre-Holiday Funk' Exist?
Do you have times where you just can't seem to get it together? Might this be seasonal, with changes in time, daylight hours or, maybe, the terror of approaching holidays? ...»

How To Build Your Time Freedom Online
Time freedom is one of the ultimate wants of humans. We all want the ability to choose whatever we like at any given moment. One way to achieve that is to utilize the internet to do so to earn your income, while being physically anywhere you want. ...»

Creativity and Vision - Timely Inspiration From The Time Finder
For artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators of all stripes, creativity is the coinage of the realm. So, how does the creative process work for you? ...»

Time Perspectives
An article explaining why we fail to achieve both long and short term goals. Your perspective on time has a profound effect on your ability to achieve your goals. ...»

10 Easy Tips To Create An Amazing Work Environment
We all are influenced by the environment. If your work environment isn't supportive, you can't produce extraordinary work. This article reveals 10 easy ways to create an inspiring environment to succeed. ...»

How To Recognize A Great Opportunity
Entrepreneurs are good at spotting great opportunities. The ability to do so is a skillset. This article explains 3 guidelines you can use to spot the good ones. ...»

3 Simple Steps To Prioritize Tasks To Get More Results
Becoming a productive person is a challenge to most. If you don't know how to prioritize, you don't get much results. Here's the 3 steps on how to do so. ...»

5 Productivity Apps That Can Change Your Life
Productivity apps are only useful when you choose the right ones. This article reveals the best 5 apps that can change your life. ...»

How To Get Rid Of Time Wasting Tasks
Attention management is the key to eliminate time-wasters. This article reveals 5 tips on how to set yourself up on a path of extreme productivity. ...»

7 Tips To Eliminate Distractions Today
Distraction is one of the most common thing that kills people's productivity. This article teaches you 7 tips on how to eliminate them. ...»

10 Easy Tips To Gain Focus On Your Business
Building successful businesses require focus. This article reveals the 10 most important tips on how to do so. ...»

Time Management Triage
Periodically in life, your daily schedule may call to mind if not a disaster scene then at least a hospital emergency room and leaves you overwhelmed and exhausted. You know that order should be brought to the swirling chaos, so that you can get the most important things done and also preserve mental and physical health, but you lack the time and energy to think things through. Well consider this---if your schedule looks like an emergency room lobby, then why not take charge of it like a doctor would? Doctors are routinely called upon to assess and treat a chaotic jumble of patients. To successfully work through that formidable task, they perform a process called triage, to rank patients according to the urgency of their illnesses and increase the likelihood that all will survive and recover. Prioritizing is the foundation of triage and for that reason, the system may be applied to time management. ...»

7 Quick Hacks For Massive Focus
The ability to focus is key to succeed in any endeavors. This article reveals 7 quick hacks for massive focus. ...»

5 Easy Tips To Beat Procrastination
Procrastination is a disease that we find hard to cure. This article reveals 5 easy tips on how to beat this pandemic. ...»

How To Develop Better Focus
Focus is the key to achievement. This article explains how to develop such skill. ...»

How Your Energy Ebbs And Flows Affect You
In order to become productive, a strong mental discipline is required. However, understanding your energy ebb and flow can also be conducive to your productivity. This article explains why. ...»

Take an Organized Approach to the Holidays
Some advanced planning will help your holidays be more organized, less stressful, and more meaningful. It's not too soon to get started creating the holiday experience you've dreamed of. ...»

5 More Tips To Block Your Time
Time-blocking is powerful to increase your productivity. This article reveals 5 tips on how to do it effectively. ...»

5 Reasons Why You Can't Time Block Effectively
If you find it difficult to time block, there's a problem. This article reveals 5 most common reasons why you can't do it properly and how you can remedy that. ...»

5 Reasons Why You Can't Time Block Well
There are certain reasons why you may find it difficult to protect your time. This article explains the most common whys and how you can correct them. ...»

5 Tips To Block Your Time
Time blocking is a easy-to-use technique to boost your productivity and motivation. This article reveals 5 secrets on how to block your time effectively so you can do things efficiently. ...»

Why You Should Block Your Time
Time blocking is an amazing tool for insane productivity. This article explains 4 massive benefits you can get and why you should start blocking your time. ...»

Finding Time Can Mean Saying No, Even When You're Scared to Death!
Finding time might begin for you, today, with finding the courage to say No. Maybe your schedule and To Do List are jam-packed, and adding one more thing will throw everything else out-of-whack. ...»

Ten Ways to Free Up the Time You Need To Do More Things You Want
If you think that you don't have the time to do more things you like, then try one or more of these ideas. Even little bits of time used consistently and wisely, will produce remarkable results. ...»

Don't Let Time Changes Steal Your Time
There are predictable time changes that confront most of us twice a year. Depending on where you live, the dates that they occur may vary, but in most countries these changes are now a staple. ...»

So You Don't Have Enough Time?
Do you ever wish for twenty-four more hours in each day? The keyword here is time management. Let's take a look at ten time management tools. ...»

Why Practicing Solitude Will Drastically Increase Your Productivity
Productivity cannot be sustained without strategic rest. One of the little known ways to rejuvenate yourself is to practice solitude. This article explains why this daily practice will massively increase your productivity. ...»

How To Create Your Holy Hour For Intense Focus
Our attention is constantly being pulled away in today's society. It's important for you to protect your focused time to get things done. This article explains how you can use the Holy Hour concept to at least double your productivity. ...»

Why Your Ability To Focus Is Your Personal Power
Focus is power. Your ability to concentrate on one thing will be directly relevant to your ability to achieve extraordinary results. This article explains why your focus is your ultimate weapon to succeed in life. ...»

Why You Must Challenge Yourself To Get Into Flow
Getting into flow state is powerful and tricky. One major key is to attain it is to set yourself a good challenge. This article explains why challenges are great for you to get into flow. ...»

Why The Pareto Principle Isn't That Magical
There's a lot of myths around the 80/20 Rule. This article explains why the Pareto Principle isn't that magical as many marketers have proposed over the past few years. ...»

How Do You Know When You're In Flow?
Flow state is a powerful phenomenon for extreme productivity. But how do you know when you are there? This article identifies the 6 common characteristics when you're in flow so you know when you're experiencing this amazing state and how to get in there again! ...»

How To Identify Your Habits In 3 Easy Steps
All habits can be dissected into 3 parts: Cue, Habit Routine and Rewards. This article explains how you can use these 3 simple steps to dig out all your habits so you can change them into healthy ones, one at a time. ...»

Why Getting Into Flow Will Change Your Life
If you want to change your life, you must take massive imperfect action. One of the secret productivity tool is getting into the flow state. This article reveals why getting into flow can change your life in an instant. ...»

Why Habits Are So Hard To Break
Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken, Warren Buffet once said. This article explains the psychological reason behind why habits are so hard to break. ...»

3 Bad Habits That Are Killing Your Energy
Nothing gets done without energy. Instead of looking for ways to increase your energy level, why not eliminating the bad habits that's zapping your energy away? This article explains the 3 most common bad habits that's killing your energy right now. ...»

3 Simple Ways To Automate Your Lifestyle
You may have heard of the term "automating your business", but have you ever used the same concept in your personal life? There are several things you can automate in your household life and this article reveals 3 simple ways on how you can use them this weekend. ...»

3 Funny Shortcuts To Cook Faster And Save More Time
Cooking is a nice hobby to have. But if you just want a quick meal, why spend so much time every few hours to prepare your food? Here are 3 little shortcuts you can use to cook faster and save more time today. ...»

3 Easy Tips To Sleep Better For More Time & Energy
Time management isn't real. All we are doing is managing our attention and energy. This article explains 3 simple tips on how you can improve your sleep to 10x your time and energy. ...»

5 Simple Hacks To Reclaim Your Focus
Internet has brought us massive benefits. But it has almost also killed our ability to focus. This article shares 5 simple hacks you can use today to reclaim your focus. ...»

How To Gain More Value From Regular Chores
We all want more time, but not very few of us know how to wisely utilize their existing time. This article reveals 2 simple yet powerful strategies on how you can gain more value from what you're already doing. ...»

How To Buy Your Time Back
Money is important, time is more valuable. This article reveals little known ways on how you can buy back your time and enjoy true freedom. ...»

Do Some Home Work! Are You Living Your Life? Or Just Passing Time?
I've finally understood what doing my home work really means! I was tired of having to go in to a job 6 days a week, so I went searching for other options. The internet threw up some crazy stuff, but mixed in it all I came across a magic gem! ...»

Break It Down and Get It Done
Having trouble moving forward on things you know you should be doing? The following approach can help you get unstuck and get more done. ...»

7 Top Causes of Procrastination: Deal With It Efficiently
Do you know the reasons of procrastination? These are related to a feeling, belief and the task. Read the 7 Top Causes of procrastination! ...»

How To Strategically Make Your Normal Workday Fun & Lively
An 8-Hour work schedule doesn't really fit most of us. It's tough to go through a day of work before you can reward yourself nicely. What if you can strategically tweak your schedule and fit in some fun in the middle of the day? This article teaches you how to do so. ...»

Missing Life And Suffering With Wrecked Neck?
Is your social life based merely on swiping and pushing buttons these days? Does your smartphone come, uninvited, to every single event you attend? Does it keep flashing and binging 24/7? Read on for some realizations about the effects of constant cell phone use! ...»

Time Management Tips for Students of All Ages
It's a brand new school year, and I am having loads of fun watching and hearing all of the first-day school stories and seeing the pictures of students heading back to school. And while the first few days of school are always fun and exciting for both student and parents it's important to get a jump start on what's important. I have to warn you, that just like that you will look up and half the year is gone. ...»

Common Time Management Mistakes
Time management is a skill and there are many ways to sharpen this skill. Yet, there are certain methods of time management practised that cause your time to slip away unutilized rather than helping in saving it. Here is an eye opening article for some of the most common time management mistakes in practise. ...»

Time Management Tips for Working Mothers
Working mothers truly juggle with a lot of balls at the same time. Being a working individual, the women already has to deal with so many things like and when kids get added to the family it may seem as if you have taken up another job, a job which is supposed to be done round the clock, 24/7. Shopping for kids, dealing with their problems at school and otherwise too, spending quality time with them; there is a possibility that you may miss out on something or the other due to your... ...»

Time Management and Efficiency
The one who is capable of making the best use of the time will have the highest efficiency in the team or a given work force. Efficiency is understood as the amount of work a person is able to deliver under the given set of conditions where deadlines are considered as an important criterion of judgment. Efficiency of every employee in the company is directly connected with the success of the company. ...»

Get to Know Yourself and Deepen Your Journey in Time!
When you make time to explore life's mysteries you're doing something that always enriches you in powerful and, often very unexpected ways. And this kind of in-depth exploration is also, often, the first thing that we set aside when life gets busy. ...»

Five Tips To Keep Errands From Running You
Organizing errands to make the most of your time and minimize travel helps keep errands from sucking up your weekends and free time. This is especially important as the kids head back to school. ...»

Top 7 Ways to Stop Wasting Time
Most of the people who try to make an attempt to manage time confess that sometimes they cannot analyze where exactly is their time getting wasted. In our everyday life a minor or major portion of our time gets wasted. Let us understand the most common ways in which we tend to waste our time and how we can save time. ...»

Quick Ways to Manage Time for Family
Did you know that till the 16th century the word family was used only to represent the household servants? It was only after 1667 that the word family was used to refer to those in blood relations, especially the parents and their offspring. And, we are talking about family in this context in the following article. ...»

Flexible Focus Helps You Find Time When You Need It Most
Finding time to develop flexible focus increases your agility and responsiveness because it helps you select the right tools for each situation you face. If you've wondered exactly where flexible focus can help you, here are some classic scenarios where this skill set can give you a timely boost: Training new employees. ...»

Save Time Using Your Smartphone
They say time is money, but we believe that time is worth more than money. Each second, minute, hour is your life and by each second your life is slipping away from your fingers. ...»

Spend Time With Yourself Everyday
When you are (too) busy, as most people are, spending some time with yourself may be deleted from your to-do list. This article examines the need for people to withdraw from their daily activities in order to spend quality time in reflections on existential challenges and realities about their lives. ...»

5 Things You Should Never Do During Work Which Kill Your Productivity
It's easy to get distracted during our normal workday. Do you know which 5 things you should never do that might kill your productivity? ...»

The Only 2 Places You Should Spend Your Time On For Maximum Achievement
If you want to achieve as much as you can, there are only 2 places you should ever spend your time on. Do you know any of them? ...»

How To Get Into Flow - 5 Conditions You Need To Experience The Ultimate State of Human Immersion
Flow state is the awesome productive state when you're totally immersed in a task with intense focus, involvement and enjoyment. Do you know the 5 conditions you need in order to experience this ultimate state of human immersion? ...»

7 Ways To Beat Procrastination And Start Taking Action Today!
Suffering from procrastination? Use these 7 proven ways to beat procrastination and start taking action today! ...»

Why We Procrastinate - 5 Reasons That You May Not Know
Procrastination is an emotional issue, not a time management issue. Which one of the 5 reasons are you choosing right now to procrastinate on the necessary work you need to do? ...»

5 Body Language Secrets That Boost Your Productivity
Body Language has been a widely popular subject nowadays. But do you know the 5 secrets of body language that can boost your productivity? ...»

Why Time Management Is Actually Attention Management
Why Time Management is actually Attention Management and why marketers are using "AIDA" to control your behaviors... If you're reading this article, I bet you are the kind of ambitious, hungry and self-motivated achiever who wants to get as much done as you can in as little time possible. ...»

Managing The Impact Of Technology On Our Lives And Families
We are inundated with electronic devices with screens from three inches to over 83 inches. Our televisions are capable of offering hundreds of options at any given time. New and fascinating apps are constantly created and offered. That these things attract us everyone sees; that they distract us from some of the more important things of life, however, is sometimes missed. I have written to inspire wholesome thinking on this important issue. And I believe that we can make better choices if we give some thought to the options and the consequences of our choices. ...»

Message From the Universe: Using Your Time More Efficiently!
Time is gold as once it passes by, it can't ever be taken back. When you give time to something or someone, you give a part of you that you can never get back, as it is gone. It is always important to show appreciation to people who invest their time on you, as you need to do the same for others. You need to invest time on people that deserves as many waste time on people that aren't appreciative or feel entitled to it. Stay far away from these kind of people as they will waste your energy as well. Be smart and very selective. ...»

I Gave Myself a Black Eye Today
Many people walk around in conflict to some degree for most of their day. For example, let's say that part of you wants to go to the movies with your kids and spend quality time with them. This part of you knows that they will grow up soon and you enjoy watching them have fun, but the other part of you wants to stay home and get your work projects done. The deadline is coming soon and if your kids were at a movie with someone else, you would have the time to concentrate and be productive. What should you do? Doesn't it seem that if you didn't have to spend this time arguing with yourself you could spend more quality time enjoying your life? ...»

Managing Your Time Effectively As a College Student
Going to college is a challenge for everyone, after all it is a lot of work. How are you going to spend the next four plus years of your life? We all know that it takes dedication and time, but how much is up to you. ...»

Better Time Management - Using A Little Neuroscience
While distractions may be a welcome source of creativity in some lines of work, most of us need periods of focus to be able to do our jobs to the best of our abilities. In the social media age, where the potential for distraction has never been greater, this presents quite a challenge for professionals and their organisations. How do you switch off the 'noise' and ensure that you are diverting all your brain power to where it's needed - at the right time? Neuroscience has some interesting insights that may be able to help answer this question... ...»

Do You Need a Vacation?
Giving ourselves the gift of a vacation is a way of taking care of ourselves. Whether it's time in the Caribbean, laying on a beach on Long Island, or a staycation, taking time off from our busy, stressful, structured lives is vital, and from my perspective, emotionally healthy. Break the Cycle Every day we wake up to a written, or mental, list of tasks we have to complete for our family, our job, and to maintain our household. ...»

It's All In the Timing - Or Is It?
Waiting to pursue your goals and dreams until life settles down? Does the timing have to be just right? Here are some thoughts... ...»