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10 Conversations You Need to Have with Your Children
 By   Shmuley Boteach

Why do I have to repeat everything? Why does every conversation end in an argument? Communicating with our children. Conversing. Connecting. When did it become so difficult? And how do we begin to change it  for the better? This book was designed to help parents answer these important questions. 


It is based on two fundamental ideas: The first is that there are no bad children, and no deliberately bad parents—but that sometimes, despite the best of intentions on both sides, there can be bad relationships between parents and children. The second is that, as parents, we must do everything we can to save those relationships, to reach out and really communicate with our children, because it is only through talking to them that we can create an environment for inspiration and change. 10 Conversations will help you stay connected to your children so that they develop the kind of strong moral character that leads to rich, meaningful lives.