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Becoming a Millionaire Within a Year With no Effort
 By   John R. Colt

Become a Millionaire This Year Without Effort! Is a complete and pragmatic guide to the creation and building of ONE MILLION DOLLARS of wealth effortlessly within a year. It is for everyone who dreams of amassing a solid fortune in a short amount of time. The book leads the reader through three effortless steps: 1. Feel like a millionaire (E-Motion) 2. Think like a millionaire (E-Conomics), and 3. Plan like a millionaire (E-Volution). This process allows the reader to develop the proper understanding, motivation and plans to achieve Millionaire status. This book is extremely timely, given the "Millionaire Fever" that is currently gripping the media as expressed through Internet, stock market and game show interest in the subject.


Remington's first book: E-motion, the technique for becoming a millionaire within a year (The ideas of which are contained in the new book), met with much praise, and received an average of Five-Star Rating (The highest) from readers, who had this to say: "As a result of the insight I've received from what I learned from this book, I'm on my way to becoming a MILLIONAIRE!" "I'm seriously impressed!" "An awesome and effective technique for tapping into your internal guidance system!" "E-Motion, technique for becoming a Millionaire within a year is just what I've been searching for!"

Remington J. Sabongui is a successful Montreal-based entrepreneur who has been starting winning businesses since the age of 16, and assists entrepreneurs and corporate clients in building wealth. Remington holds an MBA as well as graduate degrees in international business and Marketing.