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Branding and Marketing Mastery: A Guide To Getting It
 By   Cheri Alguire, Dawn Andrews, Julie Bartolome, Jane Lee Williams, Kim Lysik Di Santi, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Miriam Reiss, Marilyn Schwader and Judy Winslow

With thousands of businesses opening every year, how does your business stand out from the crowd and become a huge success? Branding & Marketing Mastery shows you how to create more visibility and make your business more accessible. Through their stories, perspectives, and specific tips, the authors provide ideas and techniques that will provide a new perspective on how to promote your business using a foundation of authenticity, creativity, and common sense.


Branding & Marketing Mastery is the 10th book in the Guide to Getting It series by coaches. The chapters in this book combine years of branding and marketing experience with the unique guidance and perspective of Business Coaches.

Wherever you are in terms of building your business, these authors have been there. Whether you are a new business owner establishing your brand, or a seasoned entrepreneur looking for ways to increase visibility, the advice given in these pages will give you new ways to view branding and marketing.

Through their stories and perspectives, the authors guide you to look at creating a branding and marketing strategy from an internal approach, using insight based on values to establish your message in the marketplace. Apply the lessons, and you will build your business in an authentic, inspired way.

As one reviewer said, it’s like getting a marketing seminar in a book!

Chapter titles and authors:

  • Mass Appeal Equals No Appeal: Discovering Your Niche Market by Cheri Alguire
  • Creating A Visionary and Focused Marketing Strategy by Marilyn Schwader
  • Attracting Baby Boomer Women to Your Business by Jane Lee Williams
  • Branding: The Soul of Your Business by Judy Winslow
  • Authentic Branding by Dawn Andrews
  • The Evolution of Loyalty: Five Steps to Branding by Mary Ellen Merrigan
  • The 7 Marketing Archetypes and How to Deal With Them by Dr. Miriam Reiss
  • Networking: The Insider’s Guide to Finding and Leveraging Your Best Opportunities by Kim Lysik Di Santi
  • Quantum Marketing by Jille Bartolome
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