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Dog Training For Dummies
 By   Jack Volhard and Wendy Volhard

A well-trained dog is the result of education – actually, more yours than your dog’s. You need to know what makes a dog a dog: how he thinks, reacts, grows, and expresses himself; what his needs are; and most important, why he does what he does. When you understand your dog, you will achieve a mutually rewarding relationship. Dogs aren't homogeneous. Each one is unique, and in their differences lie the challenge.


Dog Training For Dummies can help anyone who has just brought home a puppy or is thinking of getting one. Even if you have experience with dog training, you’ll find useful information for a wide variety of dog breeds and personalities. This book is also for you if:

  • You want your dog to be well behaved – for his sake as well as yours.
  • You have little or no knowledge of proper dog training techniques
  • You have done some reading on the subject, but have had limited success with your dog.
  • Your dog is partially trained but needs to learn a few more things

Find out what it takes to have a well-behaved pooch by recognizing your dog's instinctive behaviors and determining its personality profile. Understand what your expectations are and know how your attitude affects your dog's training. This handy reference guide also covers the following and more:

  • Dealing with barking and chewing
  • Coping with separation anxiety
  • Housetraining a puppy
  • Walking and heeling
  • Retrieving on command
  • Training for competitive dog titles
  • Teaching your dog to be a Companion Dog
  • Dealing with aggression
  • Understanding your dog's health
  • Going to obedience school

The important thing about dog training is to get started today. The sooner you train your dog to behave the way you want him to, the sooner the two of you can live in peace together, and the more problems you can prevent down the road. So get going! Your dog will thank you for it. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.