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How to Get to the Top: Business Lessons Learned at the Dinner Table

Do you want to get to the top? Do you want to know how to rise above the crowd and become a leader in your field? Then this is the book for you. In How to Get to the Top, bestselling author Jeffrey J. Fox combines his own experience as an extremely successful entrepreneur with lessons learned at the family dinner table by business leaders such as Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks; Tom Chappell, founder of Tom’s of Maine; Leslie Blodgett, CEO of Bare Escentuals; and George Steinbrenner, principal owner of the New York Yankees. The essential guide on how to get to the top -- and stay there.


This compelling book contains hard-hitting advice on independence and self-reliance, management dynamics, and problem solving, including:

--You can’t unsour the milk.
--Speak sweetly: You may have to eat your words.
--Tip as if you were the tippee.
--Act like you own the place.
--You have to know the rules to break them.
--Never be late.
--Always compliment the chef . . . especially at home.
--Teach your girls to whistle.
--Spend the company’s money as you would your own.
--Don’t teach the quarterback to catch.

About the Author
Jeffrey J. Fox is the author of numerous bestsellers, including How to Become CEO and How to Become a Rainmaker, which have been published in 35 languages. A sought-after speaker who lectures to approximately 10,000 people each year, Fox lives in Connecticut.