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Hurdle : The Book on Business Planning

A step-by-step guide to create a thorough, concrete and concise business plan.  Now you can get it done, and get it done yourself, too, without spending thousands on CPA or MBA consulting.  This no nonsense book takes the mystery out of the process, eliminates the jargon and buzzwords, and guides you - step by step.

  • Learn how to develop a complete business plan with text, tables and charts in simple, understandable steps
  • Learn how to understand business numbers with everything you need, from profit and loss to cash flow to balance sheet and ratios, all laid out in simple terms and practical examples
  • Learn how and where to get the information you need, with street-wise tips and simple tricks to research and explain your plan.  What to include, what to leave out and where to go for more.
  • Learn how to manage and implement a plan