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I've Been Rich, I've Been Poor, Rich is Better

As the head of a successful investment firm, Judy Resnick has met thousands of women, many of whom have asked her: Can I learn to take control of my own money--and, in the process, my own life? Resnick's answer is this: You must, because you, and only you, are responsible for your economic survival. She learned this lesson the hard way. Resnick takes women step-by-step through the financial concerns that arise at each stage of their lives, including budgeting, insurance, taxes, investing, and retirement.


Using her own incredible story, and those of other women with diverse life experiences, she helps women take concrete steps toward achieving financial and personal freedom--and gives them the peace of mind that they can provide for themselves and those they love.

Over and over again, the men in her life--father, husband, boyfriends, investment advisers--told her not to worry about money, that everything was under control. In fact, Resnick had never made a single informed financial choice--and never even had a full-time job--until she was forty. In spite of it all, she went on to found her own investment company, empowering women to learn about their finances while she makes money for them through smart investments.

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