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Peeing In Peace: Tales & Tips for Type A Moms

As you try to strike a balance between two very demanding worlds without losing your job, your husband, your time with your children or your sanity, allow us to introduce you to our version of the mother's little helper. Welcome to Peeing in Peace - the perfect play-date for your purse.


Admit it. As much as you look forward to Fridays, to finally having the weekend home with your family, sometimes, you look forward to Mondays even more. Who else, but other busy working moms can relate to the joys of sweet solitude when you finally find yourself back at the office, stealing a moment to yourself behind the doors of a bathroom stall. Between the pages of this book, you will find your community, your confidantes, and often times, co-conspirators. Packed with hilarious stories, resourceful information and side-splitting parenting tips, Peeing in Peace is a must read for any mom who is hungry for advice but even more desperate for a laugh.