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Refuse to Choose!
 By   Barbara Sher

With her popular career counseling sessions, motivational speeches, workshops, and television specials, Barbara Sher has become famous for her extraordinary ability to help people define and achieve their life goals. Now she tackles a problem that millions of people face today in a universe of infinite possibilities. Sher identifies someone she calls The Scanner, someone who frequently has a multiplicity of interests, but finds it hard to create a successful life he or she loves because their passions and abilities are taking them in so many different directions. Sher identifies 7 types of Scanners ranging from the Serial Specialist (someone who learns all about one subject, only to get bored and need to move on to the next) to Sybil (a person with so many areas of interest, she cant finish a thing). Contrary to popular wisdom, Sher tells Scanners that theirs is a unique ability, not a liability. She also states that they must do everything they love, not zero in on one pursuit at the expense of all others. With dozens of powerful techniques Sher has developed to free people from goal paralysis, readers will stop thinking of themselves as dabblers or dilettantes, and find innovative ways to live lives of variety, challenge, and joy.


BARBARA SHER is a business owner, career counselor, and creator of the motivational innovation Success Teams (now operating in career centers, Fortune 100 companies, and entrepreneurial associations around the world). She is the bestselling author of six self-help books, including Wishcraft (over a million copies sold since 1979) and I Could Do Anything If Only I Knew What It Was (half a million copies since 1994). She has appeared on national and local radio and television, including Oprah, PBS, Today, 60 Minutes, and Good Morning America. She lives in New York City.

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