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The Everything Dog Training and Tricks Book
 By   Gerilyn J. Bielakiewicz

Training, tricks, and tips for your best friend! As every dog owner knows, it takes a lot of time and patience to train a dog—and even more to get him to do tricks and show off in front of friends. In The Everything® Dog Training and Tricks Book, Canine University cofounder Gerilyn Bielakiewicz explains how to solve virtually every behavioral issue—from aggressiveness to digging—and guides you through teaching all kinds of feats, whether your dog is in "kindergarten" or has graduated to "circus dog."


Features training tips for . . .

  • Controlling unwanted behavior
  • Housebreaking
  • Introductions
  • Using a clicker
  • Walking on a leash

And amazing tricks, such as . . .

  • Get the phone
  • Kiss me
  • Push a baby carriage
  • Sea hunt
  • Show me your best side
  • Wave and high five