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Thinking in the Future Tense
Much is said these days about building bridges to the 21st century, and savvy businesspeople are constantly on the lookout for ways to make this colorful metaphor into reality. Thinking in the Future Tense: Leadership Skills for a New Age, by author and business lecturer Jennifer James, clearly establishes the framework for a real-world transition. James suggests what conduct might be necessary for long-term success and explains how it should be implemented.
James focuses on qualities she says contribute to better leadership, such as perspective, cultural knowledge and valuing diversity. A Washington urban cultural anthropologist, she concentrates on the impact of social trends and fads in America. She notes that success in business and life requires rapid change, that leadership in the 1990s must be different to be effective. Improvements come from mastering "new forms of intelligence." However, too many glib generalizations and the lack of practical leadership suggestions mar the book. Also, one could ask if good leadership qualities really change rapidly, or if the basic qualities tend to stay the same. First serial to Working Woman.
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