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This Is How We Do It: The Working Mothers' Manifesto

For those who want to work and those who must work for financial reasons (the majority), This Is How We Do It transcends the guilt, stress, and sacrifice associated with working motherhood. Featuring inspiring firsthand accounts of women who are doing it all-all at once-and having the time of their lives, it reveals innovative solutions of how working mothers successfully (and joyfully) balance their careers and families.


Drawing on original research culled from five hundred working mothers and on the wisdom of the magazine's nearly three million readers, its twenty-five-year tenure, and the best practices of the highly competitive and celebrated Working Mother 100 Best Companies list, This Is How We Do It is a must-read for the 26 million moms in America who work-as well as the companies who want to attract or keep them-helping readers make the transition from a work life to a life that works.