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Videoblogging For Dummies
 By   Stephanie Cottrell Bryant

Grab Videoblogging For Dummies and put your videoblog on the fast track. You’ll see how to

  • Gather and use videoblogging tools
  • Decide what you want your videoblog to do
  • Plan content and edit your footage
  • Set up a video hosting account and post your videoblog
  • Create a complete “show”
  • Videoblog safely, without compromising your security or others’ privacy

Have you ever felt the urge to share the entertaining and insightful things that happen in your everyday world? Got a message you’d like to get across to others? A cause you want people to support? A videoblog allows you to share whatever you choose in a colorful, interesting way that gets attention—and furthermore, videoblogging is fun!